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Examples of portrait artists

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  • Face To Face

    Photography Project

    Start date: Thursday 10 November 2011

    Final deadline: Thursday 15 December

    6 week project

  • Task: Self/Other

    Research 1 historical portrait photographer and 1 contemporary portrait


    In your own work you can either photograph yourself or a friend.

    Produce a mind map of all your ideas - write about facial expression / clothing /

    props / lighting and what message you want to communicate. For this task you can

    also sketches your ideas ( if you do this you will need to photograph/

    photocopy your sketches and add this to your Powerpoint presentation).

    Plan and prepare a studio photo shoot - state the date and time you have

    booked the studio for / what props and/or models you plan to use and any

    Equipment (lights/tripod etc) you plan to use.

    Take a set of professional studio portraits.

    Using Photoshop edit between 6 and 8 photographs

    Evaluate your own photographs

  • When planning your portrait photographs consider the following

    Facial expressions and what message(s) you want to communicate

  • Camilla Akrans


  • Irvin Penn

  • Clothing / props / make-up and what message(s) you want to communicate

  • Richard Avedon

    Sean Penn

  • QuickTime and aBMP decompressor

    are needed to see this picture.

    Composition and viewpoint

  • The background in the studio. Will you have a plain white or black

    back drop or will you use a different background to compliment the model?

  • Lighting and how you might illuminate or hide parts of the face