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  • 8/2/2019 Polyhedron 011


    POL JlBBDBONTM $2.00Nelff8zine'ssue II

    RPG :AETWORK, Ise3T9RHobblel,lnc,AIIRlllhItRluflld

  • 8/2/2019 Polyhedron 011


    ContentsCover Story

    10 Encounters - Jastafuhrer Leutnant Walter Blume instructsyou to escort a Rumpler through enemy territory, by Mike Carr

    Special Report16 Escalation and Blackmail - Problem areas in Fantasy Role

    Playing Games, by Gary GygaxFeatures

    5 The Knight-Error - A cartoon, by Ron Shirtz6 The Allegory of the Party- Meet Problem players, Kaye Autic,

    Loyal Justin, Avid Dyer, Prudence Canny, Max Odius andMusby Myin, by Mary Kirchoff

    7 Getting Started: A DAWN PATROlTM Game Feature- by Mike Carr

    8 Dispel Confusion - by Frank Mentzer, Allen Hammack,Mike Carr, James Ward, Mark and Jaime Acres,Merle Rasmussen, and Dave Cook

    11 Notes for the Dungeon Master - Deities #2, by Frank Mentzer12 Mapping from Square One - Mapping made easy,

    by Frank Mentzer14 Under Construction - Discover the remains of a crashed

    escape shuttle, by James M. Ward15 Spelling Bee - Druid Spells, by Frank Mentzer22 MATTEl ElECTRONICS DUNGEONS & DRAGONSTM Computer

    labyrinth and MATTEl ElECTRONICS DUNGEONS & DRAGONSComputer Fantasy Pocket Games - Reviews.

    24 Rune ScryDepartments

    3 Notes from HQ - What's new at TSR? Here's what!4 letters - To vary or not to vary - that is the question, AD&D

    game merchandise discounts for RPGA'M Members, and more18 Tournament Scoring System Part II:

    Rating Judges and Players23 TSR Role Playing Game Modules - An update on

    module information24 White Rabbits25 Judges and DM's Needed - Are you a good OM

    - really good? Then RPGA HQ wants you!26 Treasure Chest - More new and exciting merchandise from

    RPGA HQ2 Issue #11

    POL YHEDRONNewszine

    Volume 3, Number 2Issue #11

    Publisher: E. Gary GygaxEditor: Mary KirchoffCover Courtesy ofSteve St. MartinContributing Artists: Keith Parkinson(pg. 14)Jim Holloway(pg.16)Steve Sullivan(pg.24)Other Credits: Photos pages 7 and 1courtesy of Steve St. Martin.

    The POLYHEDRON'" Newszine (the off icialnewsletter of TSR's ROLE PLAYING GAMEASSOCIATION' Network) is published bimonthly by TSR Hobbies, Inc. The mail ing address is POB 509, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, telephone number (414) 248-3625.The POLYHEDRON Newszine welcomes unsolicited submissions of written material and artwork. However, no responsibil ity for such submissions can beassumed by the publisher in anevent. No submissions wil l be returned unlesaccompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope of sufficient size.The POLYHEDRON Newszlne is mailed free tall RPGA' Members. Membership rates: 1 yea$10: 2 years $18; 5 years '$40. All prices are subject to change without not ice. Changes of address for the delivery of subscriptions must breceived at least 30 days prior to the effectivedate of the change in order to insure uninterrupted delivery.All material published in The POLYHEDRONNewszine becomes the exclusive property of thpublisher upon publication, unless special written arrangements to the contrary an;)made prioto publication. .DUNGEONS &DRAGONS,D&D,ADVANCEDDUNGEONS &DRAGONS,ADVANCED D&DBOOT HILL, GAMMA WORLD, and TOPSECRET are registered trademarks owned bTSR Hobbies, Inc. "TM" designates othertrademarks owned by TSR Hobbles, Inc. ROLEPLAYING GAME ASSOCIATION', RPGA', andGEN CON are service marks owned by TSRHobbies, Inc. 1983 TSR Hobbies, Inc. AlRights Reserved.

  • 8/2/2019 Polyhedron 011


    For months now,members have been writ ing toRPGN" Headquarters and asking for informationconcerning upcoming TSR'" products. Conse-quently I'm going to use this space to fill you in onwhat's upcoming from TSR Hobbies. In the marginyou'll notice TSR's new logo. What is importantabout this one is its duality. Although it resemblesa maze in structure (which credits TSR's f irst love- FRPG's), it does not limit us to one concept. Itprovides room for interpretation and expansioninto other areas. In 1983, TSR Hobbies will beexpanding in the Toy and Hobby f ields. There willnot only be numerous module releases (more onthat in a minute), but also large plastic articulatedfigures for collectors, a line of metal minatures,and more.Immediate releasesTSR's first translation - a French version ofD&D Basic Set wil l be available this year.Starspawn of Volturnus, a novice level modulefor the STAR FRONTIERST"game by Mark Acreswill be available soon. This is the third and finalmodule in the Volturnus series.Mark has also finished Tomb of the Lizard King,an AD&DT" module for levels 5-7.Beyond the Crystal Cave - an AD&D modulefrom our TSR-United Kingdom branch.Oasis of the White Palm - A module for theAD&D game system, levels 6-8, concerning theabduct ion of a shiek's son, by Philip Meyers andTracy Hickman.Blizzard Pass - Our first invisible ink module,

    by Dave Cook. For use with the D&D Basic Set,and designed for both group and solo play.We're also offering the new and improvedGAMMA WORLD game. It's cleaner, clearer,deadlier, and definitely superior to past editions.I've had a chance to see galleys of this before itwent to press and the Dave Ritchie revision of theclassic Jim Ward and Gary Jacquet game willreally impress both novice gamers and old vets.This should be available by summer.The STAR FRONTIERS game will also feature acompanion game for spaceship combat calledKnighthawks, which can even be played separatelyfrom a STAR FRONTIERS campaign.In addition, around 16 new modules will be com-ing out before the end of summer, which shouldtell you why '83 will be the year for role playinggamers.PublicationsThe very popular ENDLESS QUESr" Books arerolling right along. Two more books based on theD&D game have been writ ten by Rose Estes:"Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons," the sequel to"Pillars of Pentegarn," and "Revolt of theDwarves." Future releases this year wil l branch outinto the TOP SECRET, STAR FRONTIERS, andGAMMA WORLD games, in addition to more in theD&D game genre.In addition to producing the excellentDRAGONT" Magazine, Dragon Publishing is alsopublishing AMAZINGT" Science Fiction Stories,

    N O T E S F R O M HQAREST"Magazine, and STRATEGY & TACTICSMagazine for the historical simulations gamer.FiguresTSR Hobbies will be making their own 25mmmetal f igures in the future. Off icial sets of AD&D,STAR FRONTIERS, and GAMMA WORLD gameminiatures will be released throughout '83, includ-ing sets to represent the party used for the AD&DOpen Tournament this year at GEN CON XVIGame Fair. Large plastic AD&D game figures willalso be available this year from both TSR Hobbiesand LJN for those who like big encounters.Long awaited goodiesIn Issue #10, Frank Mentzer mentioned therelease of the D&D Basic Set revision as occuringsometime in 1984, and then went and cast a lit tlemagic of his own. It now appears as though theBasic Set will be available by GEN CON XVI GameFair. The revision will be slanted toward introduc-tory and solo play.The really exciting news is the expected releaseof the AD&DMONSTER MANUAL" Book, sche-duled for release at GEN CON XVI Game Fair inAugust. I'd love to give you hints, but I really can't- well, maybe just one: ever heard of a Pyroisk?You know what pyro means and you know what abasil-isk can do - let your imagination go fromthere.RPGANetwork itemsRPGA Network Members have even more to lookforward to. Our module schedule has been revisedto offer 5-6 releases this year. R4 and RPGAModule 1 are in the catalog sect ion of this issue.RPGA Module 1:Rahasia, a D&D game Modulefor 6-8 players, levels 1-3. Rahasia's her name.Beauty's her curse. The Rahib, an amulet, andfreedom are your goals.RPGA Module 2: The sequel, Black Opal Eye,should be available this summer. Both are byTracy and Laura Hickman.R-4: Doc's Island, an AD&D Module by FrankMentzer for 5 players, levels 6-10. This 32 pagercontinues Frank's "R" series, and even has a littlehistory of the lands you are in for good measure.An intriguing module which presents a questwithin a quest. First, brave an overland/water jour-ney to deliver the famed Egg of the Phoenix to themysterious "Doc." But another quest awaits - ifthe party lives long enough to learn of it!We are currently hoping to release part of BobBlake's AD&D Open in late August. This meansthat not only will the "party" be available from TSRHobbies in 25mm. figures, but the adventures runthere will be available for you to run at home, evenif you can't make the convention.Other itemsCollector's cases, gaming accessories, more fan-tasy apparel, and individualized items are amongthe continued premiums we will offer to fur,/members. And perhaps a surprise or two~


  • 8/2/2019 Polyhedron 011


    "Do you have outfits like D&D gamecharacters wear, such as tunics, boots,cloaks, swords, shields, etc.? Do youknow of any places that would sell suchitems, especially swords?"- Dave Engler, Omaha, NEFrankly Dave, TSR does not encouragethe wearing of fantasy garb of any type.All of TSR's role playing games arestrictly games of the imagination. Peopleshouldn't try to emulate the charactersthey play - those characters are purelyfictitous anddo not reaNy exist.Confus-ing fantasy and reality can be very dan-gerous, especially when it includes usingweapons like swords. - Mary"In your directory you give the namesand addresses of fellow Members andwhat their gaming interests are - all thisis very nice, but Ijust found out that six ofthe people that I wrote to in my area arebetween the ages of 9 and 13. The prob-lem with this is that I am 33 years old.Could you please print the ages of theplayers aswell? This seems like it wouldsave a lot of t ime and trouble."- Thomas Collins, Darby, PAAn unfortunate situation to be sure. I'm

    sorry, but to