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  • Volume No. 81 MH/MR/N/200/MBI/12- 14 Issue No. 8 Pages 74 August 2014 Rs. 75.00


  • P L A S T I C S N E W S A U G U S T 2 0 1 43

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    15...... AIPMA At Work... MSME-Meeting

    ... Meeting with Shri Ananth Kumar, Hon'ble Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers, GOI at Hyderabad

    ... IPLEX 2014

    ... Srilanka Plast Exhibition on 14-16 August 2014at Bmich, Colombo

    ... Meeting to chalk out Growth Path for Plastic Industry and Road Map Ahead to remove setbacks for processing & converting industry, plastic machinery and the polymer industry held on 19th August,2014 at AIPMA House

    21...... Interview23...... Company News27...... Features... Battenfeld-cincinnati Foshan reworks to offer higher

    energy ef ciency

    ... Liquiform- New technology molds plastic with consumable liquid

    ... Nordsons new Extrusion coating technology for low melts strength polymers

    ... Thermoforming producing disposable plates

    ... Temporary tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat

    ... Is 100% recyclable exible packaging possible?

    ... Plastivision Arabia to be held in January 2016

    ... Walk the Talk with Team SPE

    48...... International News52...... Business News56...... Product News64...... Technology68...... In the News71...... Events

    MH/MR/N/200/MBI/12-14 August 2014Volume 81 No. 8

    Chairman - Editorial Board Mr. Anandilal Oza

    Hon. Editor Mr. Ajay Desai

    Members Mr. A. E. Ladhaboy Dr. Y. B. Vasudeo Ms. Poorvi Desai

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    The Offi cial Organ of The All India Plastics Manufacturers AssociationEstd. 1945

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    P L A S T I C S N E W S A U G U S T 2 0 1 49

    India celebrated its 68th Independence Day this month and we are all proud to be a part of it. Also it was after so many years that we had had the Prime Minister addressing the nation (and not reading) through the extempore speech. The Prime Minister made it clear that he is all geared to change the state and revive the economy of the country. His call come on and is all centered on the growth and development of India. Not merely in physical terms, but also trying to create a new paradigm for development. He has urged manufacturers to work on Zero Defect so that the Indian products (exports) are not rejected and more over their manufacturing do not affect the environment in any way (i.e Zero Affect). I think he has shown us the way forward.

    Keeping its promises the new government has also taken some new initiatives for the industry. The department of chemicals and petrochemicals proposes to set up chemical and petrochemical complex in overseas countries to ensure the availability of primary chemicals raw materials exclusively for the Indian companies. The feedstock complex will be set in a special economic zone to be set up by Indian government in these countries, part of which will be utilized for establishing the petrochemical and chemicals feedstock. According to of cials, two countries that have been identi ed for this purpose are Iran and Myanmar with whom it proposes to start the dialogue for setting up such chemical feedstock complexes. This endeavor is aimed at making India a export hub for processed and nished chemicals and not producer of basic chemicals. For Iran and Myanmar, it will bring in foreign investment and employment.

    Team AIPMA had recently met Shri Ananth Kumar, Honble Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers, during IPLEX-2014, Hyderabad. The minister has said on record that he will personally request Finance Minister for raising the Excise Exemption limit for SMEs from the current 1.5 Crores to 5 Crores.

    Keeping the trend of Acche Din alive, a new aater bottling plant at Ambernath near Mumbai was inaugurated by Minister of Railways Sadanand Gowda, earlier this month. A century-old water dam at Ambernath, near Mumbai, had been lying unused since 1997. As we know the tenders were already oated in last December by the Railways.

    The full-fledged bottling plant include a water treatment facility, rinsing, lling and capping, coding, labelling and packing machines, besides conveyors, chillers and a cooling tower with storage facilities for four to ve days' production. This is the Indian Railways' fourth such bottling plant and the rst in the western region - the other three being those located at Nangloi (Delhi) in the north, Danapur (Patna) in the east, and Palur (Chennai) in the south The plant will produce about two lakh bottles of one litre capacity per day, which will be around 16,667 cartons with each having 12 bottles.

    Well, it seems good things are working for the industry

    Anandilal [email protected]

    The Acche Din Effect

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  • P L A S T I C S N E W S A U G U S T 2 0 1 411P L A S T I C S N E W S 11


    A U G U S T 2 0 1 4

    The Plastic additives market is expected to reach US$15.9 bln in 2019. The plastic additives market was valued at US$11.16 bln in 2012, and is expected to reach US$15.90 bln by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2013 to 2019, according to latest ndings by a Research group.

    The Plastic additive is a diversi ed industry with various types of additives; it is set to demonstrate a high growth rate over the next few years. Interestingly we have two things to discuss: one, a revolutionary anti-bacterial additive for variety of applications and second, new masterbatches formulations with almond shell that helps to reduce the weight of the nal product.

    BSafe, is the new Revolutionary anti-bacterial additive brand developed by Aquatech Technologies, that offers an active and long lasting bacterial-killing layer to the surface of polymeric materials for variety of applications. An anti-bacterial additive forms part of the mono lament used to the make a yarn from which the nets are manufactured and provides a permanent solution for sheries, anglers and conservationists. Working collaboratively with Biomaster, Silvergate Plastics developed a bespoke bacterial-killing additive in a masterbatch that can be engineered into yarn. The anti-bacterial additive works for the lifetime of the product, when wet or dry, to stop the transfer of disease between sh and sheries. The technology has been comprehensively tested by an independent laboratory. Comprehensive testing against ve key bacterial pathogens prepared by CEFAS showed a greater than 99% kill rate was achieved for each bacteria within 24 hours.

    The New masterbatches formulations with almond shell have been successfully achieved on standard

    The Additives Marketthermoplastic matrixes in the framework of a research project. These formulations have been effectively applied in two demonstrators: toy and auxiliary furniture with interest ing aesthet ic and mechanical properties tting the focused applications. With these new masterbatches, the weight of the nal product can notably be reduced, and with their large-scale introduction in the market, the consumption of plastic coming from non-renewable sources can be signi cantly shortened, thus reducing the dependence most of the countries have on oil.

    Also, you would agree that the transportation costs will be also reduced to the minimum while reducing the weight. The developments obtained have solved some of the problems arising in injection at industrial scale, which constitutes a most simple and reproducible technique to inject additives and colour pieces to create more attractive and lighter products, processed in a more effective and ef cient way which, additionally, will save painting and nishing costs. There are not almond shell-based masterbatches in the market that provides the products with natural aesthetic characteristics which resemble wood, what constitutes a great novelty.

    This implies a great novelty and technological level as it will contribute to medium-term sustainability and enhance the competitiveness of the toy and auxiliary furniture industries in particular, and t