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2. Trabaho ba hanap mo? 3. Are You A Mom? 4. Great News! 5. Great News! Is here to change our lives! 6. Great News! 7. The Founders Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our company that we hope makes it easier for you to do business with us. Prudencio R. Caquista Jr. CEO/Marketing Specialist Shella Mae Zielonka COO/Marketing Online Specialist 8. The Legalities 9. The Office 10. Why Us? Easiest & Fastest, Money-Making Machine! Work's for EVERYONE regardless of experience!!! We pay-out weekly! Fast Cycling 2x2 Power Matrix Free Automatic Re-Entry Back Into The Matrix Receive $10.00 every time you get direct referral. Receive $50.00 You Complete your 2x2 Power Matrix.. This program is very simple and easy to use. It can generate huge sums of cash in commissions in a very short amount of time. 2x2 Means With Just 6 Members You Cycle NO MATTER WHO REFERS THEM! Cycle Several Times A Day And Earn Unlimited Payments 11. The Program Powerlineglobal Network(PLG) Developed by in April 25,2013, Powerlineglobal Netowork has already helped thousands of people find financial success right within the comforts of their homes. 12. The Program Powerlineglobal Network(PLG) The PLG: Power Pay Plan System is the masterpiece of Powerline World Online Marketing, and will be its flagship system for the long haul. 13. The PLG Product The Powerlineglobal Library PLG developed a massive library whose resources can teach you the practical principles, secrets, techniques, and strategies on how to build and maintain wealth. The Powerlineglobal library now contains hundreds of titles and resources. They are in the form of ebooks, videos, audios, scripts, graphics, templates, modules, icons, fonts, and other media formats. 14. The PLG Product Below is a very small selection of our wealth ebooks. Just these ones below are already worth over US$100 in value. You can verify how much each book costs in your local bookstore. 15. The PLG Product and here, the few about marketing in general. There are many more in the library not shown in this presentation. And remember, these are not merely ebooks. The library has some of step-by-step video and audio tutorials for easy viewing or listening. 16. The PLG Product It is said that Knowledge is Power. So the Powerlineglobal can be a source of great power for you. 17. The PLG Product PLUS! Many of the products inside the Powerlineglobal library have Resale Rights, so you can even sell them individually. They even have their very own attractive sales pages! With all these features, value, and content, one would easily think that the Powerlineglobalglobal Library costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It does not You only pay And though you just pay ONCE, we will keep on adding new products to the library that you can access anytime! 18. The PLG System The Power Pay Plan System APPROACH #1 is simple. When you purchase the Powerlineglobal Library, you will be entered into our marketing system, and youll be given your own website. Just consistently share your PLG website to as many people as possible. And the system will do the rest by rewarding you with both quick and long- term residual income. 19. If you carefully study and faithfully put into practice the powerful knowledge that you will find in the Powerlineglobal Library we guarantee 100% that you will surely find the financial success that you are looking for! Thats how confident we are of PLG power system in helping you attain financial freedom and independence. 20. P--P--P$$ Make the Right Decision 21. The Company Business Plan 22. The PLG Pay Plan 23. $10$10 You earn $20 Your DR1 & DR2 could be your family or friend Direct Referrals (DRs) 24. $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 You earn $60 Total Earnings $60 Your Level 1 & Level 2 could be your relative, friend or your additional account ( if with multiple accounts) For 6 DRs Unlimited Direct Referrals 25. $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 Scenario 1 If you invited 6 people (DIRECT REFERRALS) who joined you or you purchased 7 VIP accounts including your main account $50 Total of $130 26. One Complete 2 level Matrix with 7 HEADS = POWER cycle Bonus of $50 $10 $10 $5 $5 $5 $5 Scenario 2 You invited 2 people who also got their 2 DRs each. $50 Level 2 DR Bonus ($5 x 4) = $20 Total of $90 Level 1 DR heads Bonus = $20 27. DR1/1 DR2/1 DR1/2 DR2/2 DR1 Spillover From Sponsor DR2 Spillover From Sponsor One Complete 2 level Matrix with 7 HEADS = POWER cycle Bonus of $50 $5 $5 $5 $5 Scenario 3 You only purchased 1 VIP account with 2 SPILLOVERS $50 Level 2 DR Bonus ($5 x 4) = $20 Total of $ 70 NOTE: There will be no income from Spill over because the $ 10 goes to the one who invited him/ her. The member can only get $5 each from the invites of the spill over as Level 2 DR bonus. 28. DR1/1 DR2/1 DR1/2 DR2/2 LEVEL 3 of 2x2 FORCED MATRIX D R D R D R D R D R D R D R D R In this case, YOU have $0 income in LEVEL 3 because it is already outside your matrix. BUT you will start earning again since you will be automatically be re-entered and start forming another matrix with your DRs or from the invites of your spill over or spill under. 29. DR1/1 DR2/1 DR1/2 DR2/2 One Complete 2 level Matrix with 7 HEADS = POWER cycle Bonus of $50 $10 $10 $5 $5 $5 $5 DR1 completed a 2x2 Matrix gives you an additional $10 $50 Level 2 DR Bonus ($5 x 4) = $20 Level 1 DR heads Bonus = $20 D R D R D R D R Every time your DR1 completed a matrix you will earn an additional $10 From $90 it becomes $100 30. The PLG 31. PAYMENT OPTIONS Account No: 0466588632 Account Name:: MARIANITA D. CAQUISTA Account Branch: TARLAC CITY Account Name: Prudencio R. Caquista JR. Account Number: 2780692649 Branch: Paseo, Gil Puyat, Makati UnionBank Account Name: MARIANITA D. CAQUISTA Account Number: 109452590449 Over the Counter or Bank Transfer Method 32. For the following payment methods below, use the following details as recipient: Name: GINA C. ANTONIO Address: BAGONG BARIO,CALOOCAN CITY Mobile Number: 09067275302 (Just ask us for the Account Details before sending your payins) PAYMENT OPTIONS Name: SARAH D. DUYA Address: METRO BAMBAN SUBD. BRGY. ANUPUL BAMBAN,TARLAC Mobile Number: 09476938705 33. The Inspirational Quotes 34. The More Information Visit US: