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PhotographyPhotography Gordon Parks Slide 2 Was a Photographer Slide 3 Biography Gordon Parks was born the youngest in 1912 in Kansas to a poor, African- American family of 15 children. His mom never let him use his race as an excuse because she had very high expectations for him. She always believed that Black people were equal to White People. Slide 4 A Hard Life His mom passed away when he was young, so he went to live with his older sister. His sisters husband kicked him out because they didnt like each other. He slept in trolley cars, hung around pool halls, worked as a piano player, and was a waiter on a luxury train. Slide 5 Gordon Parks He bought his first camera when he was 26, when he saw some pictures in a magazine about poor workers. Photo by Dorthea Lange Slide 6 Time Line 1950s1930s1960s2006 1912 1970s Slide 7 Gordon Parks He is most famous for his portraits. This one is his most famous. Does it remind you of another art work? American Gothic, 1943 Slide 8 American Gothic by Grant Wood, 1930 American Gothic by Gordon Parks, 1942 Slide 9 Gordon Parks He endured much racism, but he never forgot what his mom told him. He got a job doing fashion photography for Vogue magazine Paris, 1950 Slide 10 Gordon Parks He liked photographing beautiful models in beautiful places, but he wanted to tell stories with his camera. Ingrid Bergman, 1949 Slide 11 Gordon Parks One of the stories he wanted to tell was that of the poor. Beggar Woman and Child, Estoril, Portugal, 1950 Slide 12 Gordon Parks He also wanted to show racial discrimination and injustice during the Civil Rights Movement. Department Store Birmingham, Alabama, 1956 Slide 13 Malcolm X was a leader during the Civil Rights Movement. They became great friends. Malcolm X Addressing Black Muslim Family Rally in Chicago, 1963 Slide 14 Time Line 1950s1930s1960s2006 1912 1970s Slide 15 Gordon Parks He also told stories of other African- Americans during a Americas cultural revolution. Muhammad Ali, 1970 Slide 16 Gordon Parks He did everything from photography to writing, music, and making movies. Shaft, 1971 Slide 17 Gordon Parks When he was old, he started making abstract photography and paintings. He passed away in March 2006. A Memory, 1993 Slide 18 What is Photography? Its Art using a camera and film. Slide 19 Photography In photography, the camera is like the paintbrush, and the film is like the paper Slide 20 Photography When the camera put the picture on the film, it makes a negative. The real picture shows up when you print it on paper. Slide 21 Composition In Art, its important to think about where to put everything in a picture. Artists use the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design to compose an image. Slide 22 Elements of Art Photography has: Line Form Space Value Color Slide 23 Photography has Lines Line is a dot that moves from one point to another Slide 24 Photography has Lines What kind of lines do you see here? Photo by Gordon Parks Slide 25 Photography has Form Form is a 3D closed area. Slide 26 Photography has Form What kind of form do you see? Slide 27 Photography has Space Space is the area around Photo by Andy Goldsworthy Slide 28 Photography has Value Value is light and dark. The Fontanelle Family Bessie and Kenneth, Little Richard, Norman Jr. and Ellen at the Poverty Board in New York City, 1967 Slide 29 Photography has Color Slide 30 Photo by Gordon Parks, 1962 Slide 31 Principles of Design Photography uses: Emphasis Movement Slide 32 Photography uses Emphasis Emphasis is the strongest area of the composition where all the attention goes Ethel Shariff in Chicago, 1963 Slide 33 Photography uses Movement How can a photographer create Movement? Photo By Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1932 Slide 34 Conclusion Photography is a new Art form Gordon Parks was a Photographer who painted important stories during important times during American History He used the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design to create is Photographs