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Bill Brandt - In many of Bills photos his lighting is very dark and mysterious. The lighting is so dark that at times you may have to really look at the picture to figure out whats going on at that moment.

In other pictures he makes you really use your imagination. These pictures can even make you ask yourself What the heck? Such as this picture

Irving Penn - He had a fascination with theater and those who created shows. I recognized people that he photographed such as Tennessee Williams.

His pictures of theatre dancers and actors made the people look smaller than life. Where in other pictures not involving the theatre everyone looks realistically sized.

Arnold Newman - His pictures were fun and showed that he really enjoyed capturing moments. No matter what the moment includes, he really captures reality, such as this strong picture of convicts by a noose.

Other pictures were often kind of crazy, but gave the audience a smile.

And a favorite of mine from Newman really captured the love that this man has for music and playing his piano. Newman captured even the detail of his cigar smoke

which really drew my eyes in.

Duane Micheals - Each picture that I looked at of his had some sort of creepy expression on the subjects face.

Even in his own self portrait, he had to take a creepy turn to it.

Gordon Parks - Each of his pictures that caught my eye seemed to show some kind of disappointment or sadness. In the picture of the girl walking away with people staring back at her, she seems to be ashamed. In the picture of Ali, he seems tired and sad. To me his style is attracted to misery.

Philippe Halsmann - His true style is to just capture real people in real places. Even the famous picture of Albert Einstein that he took, just really made me feel like I knew him. He thrived to capture true emotions from his subjects, and it is definitely shown in his photographs.

Robert Mapplethorpe - When I browsed through his gallery I really feel like his way of taking pictures works around what will make people really look at the picture and be offended or really confused. His work was very sexual and suggestive. Especially the one of the women holding a large penis statue.

Other pictures often involved latex and fetish like scenery/ props.

Yousuf Karsh - When looking at this final photographers gallery, he out of everyone really just concentrated on getting the beauty of the persons face. Even if all the features arent the most appealing, such as a larger nose.


What qualities do you think make up the essence of a good portrait? Explain with examples. >> To make a portrait truly special I believe that you, as the photographer, should follow your heart and capture the person in the way you want to, the way you envision this portrait to come out.


Which portraits tell you the most about the subject? Explain with examples. >> The picture that really shows the most about the subject was taken by Arnold Newman. He you have this man in a

warehouse just sitting there playing the piano and smoking a cigar. Truly enjoying life. This is most likely what Willie did after his shift to calm down and relax for the rest of the night.

I didnt answer questions 3 and 4 because they confused me slightly and I felt that I had answered them in each critique as I went along.