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Webinar presented by Mark Sutton or Artez with This presentation shows how non-profit organizations can use person to person fundraising.

Transcript of Person to Person Online Fundraising

  • 1. How individual supporters use online fundraising pages to make a difference
    Presented by Mark Sutton
    President, Artez Interactive US

2. Individual Fundraisingwith Social Media
What is social media and why is it so hot these days?
What this means for you as a non-profit
How to put this to work for your organization today
3. 4. Grass Roots Fundraising
Many small online donations
More donors than ever before
Self organized
Ability to act upon passions
Enabled not directed
Peoplegive to People
5. Social Media
3 Aspects of Social Media
6. Social Media Publishing Tools
7. Web 2.0 & Social Mediayoure not the center of the world
8. User ratings
9. Different Perspectives and Opinions
10. Blogs The post is just the beginning
11. Breaking News Discussed not Consumed
12. User Behavior
13. User Recommendations
14. What all this means for youas a fundraiser
15. ...the more they are the same
People dont have time
People do better in groups
People give to people...particularly online
Good stories make people act!
Its all about the ask
16. Catalysts & Connectors
Natural Disasters
National/Global News
Awareness Months
Social Networkers
Mavens & Moguls
Personal pictures & videos
Personal connections & communities
Personal stories
Personal reasons
Personal passions
17. Your organization
18. with some key supporters
19. each one recruiting donors
20. A Local Event
21. Fundraiser Distribution
22. Donors Nationwide
23. Even Chickens can Fundraise Online
Its easier to connect to more peopleonline and easier to ask online
Average number of online friends people are connected to = 164
How long does it take tomake 164 phone calls?
24. Harps Fundraising~8,000 + Raised - Over 120 donations - Howd he do it?
Very simply,
Harp made the asks

  • He deliberately compiled an email list

25. Asked everyone 26. Asked them again 27. It worked, no huge gifts, pure diligence, passion and commitment~30% of emails sent are answered with a donation
28. Not all digital fundraisers are equal
80% of funds will be found by 20% of the people
Identify them early
Treat them differently
29. Find your sneezers
Epidemics teach us that disease is spread unevenly
Some individuals are particularly contagious, named sneezers
What if instead of a sneeze the action is an ask
30. Case Study: Sneezer Metrics
31. Sneezers surprise you
1 million
Swam the English channel
32. 33. Board Member Fundraising
34. Your Communitys Sensibilities
35. Appealing to communities
people from the past or far away
Family and
close friends
Other friends/
Broader Community
36. Appealing to broader communities

  • Social networks

37. Blogs 38. Mass mediaBroader Community
Some supporters will have access to powerful communities
39. Blogger Case Study
Blog Based Fundraiser

  • Over $85,000 in 3 weeks

40. Online community 41. >1,700 donors 42. >700 blogs linked to Pim's fundraising pageMy personal message: Every year, Food Bloggers from all over the world join together for a fundraising campaign. We call it 'Menu for Hope'. Last year, we raised $60,925.12 for the UN World Food Programme.This year Menu for Hope 4 again raises funds to support the WFP. Specifically, the amount we raise will go to support the school lunch program in Lesotho, Africa.
43. Awareness Month Example
44. People & Projects
45. Pages for people in your community
46. Non-Profits of any size
Annual Budget of $11k online
47. What all this means for youas a fundraiser
48. How to put this to work for you today
Embrace grass roots fundraising
What does it mean to your organization?
Get out of the way
Invite people to support you
Web site, news letters, programs
Identify the social fundraisers
Who has a blog, FB page, runners
Share examples with your supporters
49. Test, measure and adjust.
Test, measure and adjust.
Test, measure and adjust.
Figure out the formula for your organization
50. Tip:
Set Realistic Targets
51. It is NOT about the TECHNOLOGY.
52. It is about
letting your supporters tell your
53. Thank you!
Mark Sutton
President, Artez US
Twitter: @marksutton