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Pacific Debt Inc offer debt settlement services for individuals struggling with unsecured debt. All of our interactions with them have lead us to believe that they could be a very good service provider for consumers. We really like what they have to offer. If you're interested in learning more, you can find their full review on at the link in the slides.

Transcript of Pacific Debt Inc Review

  • Pacic Debt Inc!
  • With a decade of experience under their belts, and high customer service scores, Pacic Debt Inc is committed to giving you the best debt reduction experience possible. 93.5% of their clients felt that their debt settlement program Met or exceeded expectations, based on their overall experience.! Who They Are!
  • Debt Settlement is the main service they offer.! They also offer a wealth of education to help consumers learn about their debt and how to get out of it.! ! Services and Resources ! Offered!
  • BBB ! AFCC Seal of Approval ! BSI Certicate of Registration! Membership Associations!
  • Blog! Newsletters! FAQ section including some of the following questions:! What type of debts do you handle?! What effect will debt negotiation have on my credit rating?! How does this compare to consumer credit counseling?! Is your service the same as debt consolidation?! Can you stop creditor harassment?! Why shouldnt I le for bankruptcy?! Why should I use Pacic Debt?! And more! Do They Offer Debt! Management Resources?!
  • Workbooks ! Handbooks ! Articles! More Resources!
  • This is an accredited business since 2010.! A+ Rating! There have been 16 complaints closed in the last three years with 3 closed in the last twelve months.! 2 complaints were for advertising and sales issues, 4 were regarding billing and collection problems, while 10 were for problems with product or service.! BBB Rating!
  • For the state of Utah, on a scenario of $10,000 in debt, we were quoted fees of 17% on the total debt at time of enrollment. Be advised that every state has different amounts that companies like this can charge you. On $7,000 to $10,000 of debt for a 24-36 month period, the lowest payment they can guarantee is $250 per month. ! What Do They Charge?!
  • You are allowed to stop either the settlement program or the consolidation program any time you choose with no fees issued. Refunds will not be given for months prior to your resignation from the program. ! ! If you cancel the program, your creditors are no longer held to their agreements with the company on your behalf. Pacic Debt is interested in making sure you have a pleasant and successful experience with them so they will do what they can to resolve your issue and keep your business.! Do They Have a Refund! Policy?!
  • Facebook ! Twitter! ! They are not active on their Twitter account; the last tweet was in 2011. The last Facebook post was October 2013. ! Are They Active on Social! Media?!
  • You get access to an online community to further your education on debt management, and get questions answered by others. You can:! Read and comment on the blogs.! Ask the experts.! Join in the forum.! Share your own stories.! Other Ways to Connect!
  • Their fees seem comparable to other companies in the industry.! They had some education resources for clients.! The BBB rates them high.! Customer service was informative, direct and friendly.! The Good!
  • The Bad! Not quite as much consumer debt education tools as compared to other companies. ! No other debt management solutions are offered.!
  • The Bottom Line! Pacic Debt is denitely a company you should consider doing business with. There are no red ags on our end and it would be worth comparing their prices very closely and monitoring their customer service for yourself. ! ! Customer service was great in our experience and in many others weve heard about. !
  • Interested in Learning More?! You can learn more about Pacic Debt Inc by visiting the following link on! ! settlement/pacic-debt-review/!
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