Oregon Communication Strategy

The Oregon The Oregon Communications Strategy Communications Strategy A Strategic Change A Strategic Change Initiative Initiative

Transcript of Oregon Communication Strategy

The Oregon The Oregon Communications StrategyCommunications Strategy

A Strategic Change InitiativeA Strategic Change Initiative

The PurposeThe Purpose

To develop a process that provides for To develop a process that provides for effective communications throughout effective communications throughout Oregon.Oregon.

The VisionThe Vision

Create a model that will allow for Create a model that will allow for communication, both vertically and communication, both vertically and horizontally, across the reporting horizontally, across the reporting lines of the organization.lines of the organization.

The Communication The Communication CourseCourse

The Key for this strategy is…The Key for this strategy is…

Staying the CourseStaying the Course !! !!

Tools of CommunicationTools of Communication

Communication Communication Website(s)Website(s)

Oregon Oregon Communications OnlineCommunications Online

Other Departmental Other Departmental Communication Sites…Communication Sites…

Employee Newsletter(s)Employee Newsletter(s)The Oregon The Oregon


Big Picture Big Picture TrainingTraining

New Process/Product New Process/Product ChecklistChecklist

E-mail EtiquetteE-mail Etiquette

Telephone EtiquetteTelephone Etiquette

Voicemail EtiquetteVoicemail Etiquette


““What gets measured…What gets measured…gets done”gets done”

Staff EvaluationStaff Evaluation

Mgnt. Mgnt. Evaluation Evaluation

Who Really Makes it Who Really Makes it Happen?Happen?