Braver communication strategy

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Gias Uddin Sajeeb Brand Manager Brand Manager [email protected]

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Braver is non-alcoholic beer its marketing strategy and communication strategy other than the Non-alcoholic sellers.

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  • 1. Gias Uddin Sajeeb Brand ManagerBrand Manager [email protected]
  • 2. Energy Sugar Hi-content carbohydrate Unique Taste, Densely Foam Different Aroma and Mouth feel No Fat Antioxidants 0% Non-alcoholic
  • 3. 20/09/2014 3
  • 4. Empowering our consumers to enjoy the moment Tagline: open your world 4 Tagline: open your world
  • 5. Holstein Positioning their Taste Tagline: Dedicated to good Taste 5
  • 6. Bavaria positioning himself pure taste Tagline: Live for Life 6
  • 7. Coronas position is all about the fantasy that drinking the beer will transport you to a tranquil sandy beach where all your stresses of the modern world are washed away. Tagline: Fun in sun 7 Tagline: Fun in sun
  • 8. Kingfisher positioned itself as a brand for successful & professional individuals who are always ready to take a break, party or just chill out. 8 It has positioned itself as The King of good times.
  • 9. Unique Taste for enjoyment though the experience what you want to do, do it now Proposed Tagline: 9 Proposed Tagline: Everything Possible
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