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On Best Works of Mr. Abdul Rehman Naseem

Transcript of Online spy 555

  • Read The Life Story of the Youngest and Biggest Spy in the History of the World.
  • Few years before, I receive a phone call at home from a Native language Spy. Who has some true information about me. Abdul Rehman Naseem (The Batman) meets his best friend Mr. Mansoor (Saudi) and discuss this situation.
  • One day I look at a mad man in Riyadh. I remember my childhood friend at that time who told me that mad people are also detectives. I observed that somebody is reminding me my Old Life but Who was He or She, It is a Voice. But what was Secret From me ? Dr. Mohammed Abdul Aziz who is a well-known Saudi Psychiatric Doctor suggests me (The BATMAN) to do a job to get back into Normal state.
  • I was Jobless from years and years, One day on the Internet I saw World War II Declassified Information which really, Increase my Interest. I start my Own Job which is unauthorized means not Officially Given by any Government Organizations to me. Word Like Spy is unknown to me and I also have no interest in doing a Spy Job. I visited different Chat rooms recorded their chats translates them into Arabic Language and Published on Blogger to Aware the Arab World ! in my Free Time.
  • Somebody:- Somebody till present is trying to help me, He is a Voice which reminds my Past Life very accurately and Perfectly. I think that in the Past I was a very Big Criminal. The Voice, the Criminal People and Advice of Dr. Muhammad Abdul Aziz helps me a lot. Honestly, I wants to Help Saudi's who Help me to survive at my Bad time I also realize that in Bad Conditions no one help me out of my Friends. Still Somebody The Voice memorize me such things that I was in the training of Pakistan Navy.
  • I Worked very hard day and Night, I gathered too much Files in my Computer (Me) The Batman loves his Duty and finds no difficulty in doing his Job. But What is my Job ? This is THE BATMAN Classified.
  • Later I get a very big Victory over my Enemies with the very big support of Saudi Friends. I become successful in my Mission and become little better after the Medical treatment of nearly 7 to 8 years. I found Mr. Mansoor (Saudi) here and there but after very hard struggle he Finally met me, and One day he leave me Forever till now. but he is still alive.
  • Life Story by A not Suspicious Spy THE BATMAN Special Thanks to Allah Thank you for Reading Best Written.