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** All missing videos can be found at http://www.ogilvylabs.co.uk/inspire-me/client-case-studies/ ** Net Prophet was started in Cape Town, South Africa by the RAMP Foundation – a non-profit entity created by the RAMP Group as a means for social investment within the local Internet based economy. With government backing education and development in the areas of science and technology, RAMP Group recognised the need to build a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly in the area of web-based business, essentially aiding those with the right aptitude for ‘Making business Sense of the Internet’.

Transcript of Ogilvy Labs _London Net Prophet presentation

  • The story of an intrepreneur @nicoleyershon
  • @nicoleyershon
  • Technology is changing the future To change course we need to see what is possible the Labs are built to explore and break new ground @nicoleyershon
  • 1) Freedom to test and learn - budget
  • www.OgilvyLabs.co.uk Pic of physical space Educate, Inspire, Innovate @nicoleyershon
  • The Physical Lab Space @nicoleyershon
  • @nicoleyershon 4 back office Lab staff 1600 people in the UK Group 10 Group companies 8 Specialist Divisions & @nicoleyershon
  • @nicoleyershon What Labs Does:
  • 2) The 6 Rs
  • Measuring Success Revenue Reputation Recruitment Retention Relationships Responsibility @nicoleyershon
  • @nicoleyershon Semesters of Learning 24 week semesters Semesters culminate in a Lab Day Most recently: I. Behaviour Change II. Big Data III. Storytelling IV. Music V. Shopper in Store
  • 3) Collaboration & relationships
  • New Partnerships and Disruption @nicoleyershon
  • 4) Get out of your comfort zone
  • Will at IBC Inspiring Creativity @nicoleyershon
  • 5) If you can see it and touch it, it feels real
  • #ogilvychange @nicoleyershon
  • 6) Work with the right people
  • The Rough Diamond @nicoleyershon
  • 7) A little success leads to attention
  • Beta-testing Product @nicoleyershon
  • 8) The art of giving
  • Responsibility Alphasphere Bristol @nicoleyershon
  • 9) Put money behind non-traditional advertising events
  • Sponsorships @nicoleyershon
  • Thoughts to leave you with 1. Educate, educate, educate - Myopia and fear of change 2. R&D needs autonomy and budget find the middle ground 3. Define your measurement of success 6 Rs 4. Achieving a 80/20 split 5. Prove by doing 6. Hire hunters @nicoleyershon
  • www.OgilvyLabs.co.uk @Ogilvy_lon_labs // @nicoleyershon Thank you and good luck!