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IMPORTANCE OF ORAL COMMUNICATION Oral Communication Presentation Junaid Zamir (SP06-BB-0010 Tariq Ali khan (SP06-BB-0022

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Oral CommunicationPresentation

Junaid Zamir (SP06-BB-0010)Tariq Ali khan (SP06-BB-0022)

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What is communication & why do we communicate?

What is Oral Communication? Difference between Oral & Written

Communication Types of Oral Communication Importance of Oral Communication Conclusion

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“The brain starts working the moment youare born and never stops until you stand up and speak in public”


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What is Communication & why do we communicate?

the activity of conveying information Medium of exchanging Sharing Knowledge and ideas Expressing Feelings

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What is Oral Communication

communication by word of mouth The ability to speak clearly and


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Difference between Written and Oral Communication

Instant Feedback Spellings and grammar are not included No paper work involved

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Types Of Oral Communication

Non Verbal Communication Verbal Communication

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Verbal Communication

It is the interaction between people. Communicate to people face-to-face. Key components of verbal

communication are sound, words, speaking, and language.

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Use of body actions and vocal qualities that accompany a verbal message

It shows response of people

Non Verbal Communication

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Importance in Business World

Business and industry employers must be effective communicators

It plays a great role in global marketing and sale strategies

To gain the competitive edge in business

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It makes you think before you say it It helps in understanding the message of

the speaker Vital in building confidence

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