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2. Oasis Villas Resort Oasis Villas ResortEgypt - Welcomes YouRed Sea Red SeaEgyptFrom desert adventures, water sports, and beach getaways, to the unfolding of ancient history, Egypt will always be a popular destination to enjoy. Many of Egypts most famous world class resorts offer blue sky all year round, a pleasant temperate climate and beautiful sandy beaches lining an amazing tropical sea allowing you to discover the fascinating seaside delights of Egypt.Egypt has been known as the cradle of civilization for centuries as well as an inspiration and the source of many important discoveries andexperiences. The Red Sea offers beautiful coral reefs that are well known by experienced divers as amongst the best diving in the world. Egypts Red Sea coral reefs have treasures and beauty not to mention the amazing coastlines, the white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, shopping, sports, and luxury holidayEgypt is one of the most popular travel and vacation destinations in the world. The history and beautiful landscapes are just the start of resorts with quality, affordable accommodations.describing Egypt. From the amazing archaeological and historical attractions to the unique blend of culture and activities make the entireexperience of Egypt unforgettable. The seabed close to the coast is a gigantic coral aquarium, home to coral grouper, Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, butterfly fish, map angelfish,Egypt the Cradle of Civilization threadfins, and scorpion fish with long, elegant fins. Egypt is the land of the sun, but its coast also offers an exciting variety of entertainment as well such as snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, and yachting Travel back in to the ancient world of the Egyptians by visiting one of the most mysterious standing architectural achievements of the to enjoy! past civilizations of the world. The questions and discoveries that still await archaeologists and scholars may soon be discovered. Recently an amazing new discovery of the underworld city beneath the Giza Pyramid plateau might hold more answers as to why the pyramids were built and what is beneath these fascinating structures. The desert sands could be covering up many important historical treasures and documents that might explain more about the ancient civilizations that have come and gone throughout this region for centuries. Dynasty after dynasty, the Egyptians surpassed many of the other civilizations in the Middle East. One of the greatest achievements was the amazing knowledge that this ancient culture possessed about astronomy and science hasSharm El Sheikh left many wondering how and where did all this knowledge come from and where did it go for thousands of years after the fall of theSharm El Sheikh is one of the worlds most exclusive exotic tourist destinations located empire. The Great Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, & Mycerinus still remain part of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Pyramid ofon the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, an ocean front string of bays resting in front of beautiful Cheops is still the most colossal pyramid ever built.mountain ranges.Ras Mohammad is one of the most famous deep sea diving destinations in the world.Relax under the sun and enjoy the cool Red Sea breeze all year round, Sharm is truly atropical paradise.The crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, vast variety of rare tropical fish, and marinelife are just some of the highlights of Sharm El Sheikh.Activities:Water SportsDeep Sea Scuba DivingSnorkelingDesert SafarisHiking and TrekkingCamel and Horse Back Riding Timeless Desert Adventures And much more...Far from lush banks of the Nile, Egypt consist of a broad ocean of golden dunes and rockylowlands.Sharm El Sheikh is also becoming one of the biggest clubbing destinations. At night theEl Fayoum, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya, and Siwa: the Western oases of Egypt seem to be likecity comes alive with world renowned musicians and DJs frequently coming to enjoy thesmall islands among the timeless span of the Sahara Desert. In the middle of the White desert are worlds most exotic vacation destination.wind sculpted rocks of limestone in strange forms: mushrooms, cones, columns, and trays.From day to night the city never sleeps with its blend of modern and desertAt sunset and sunrise, this moonlike landscape shines with an amazing array of pastel colors. surroundings the experiences travelers have in Sharm make it one of the most popularMany come to admire the Sahara during a safari adventure on camel back. European vacation destinations.Also to enjoy the spectacular views which make the dunes of sand in the middle of the majesticAside from all of the fun activities and culture one of the main reasons Egypt is also aexpanse of the desert an unforgettable experience.popular vacation destination is its sub tropical dry climate, hot summers and mild winters.Winter begins in November and usually ends in March with warmer days, and coolerMany also enjoy the day under the shade of a palm trees next to a relaxing oasis then spend thenights.night camping and have tea with the local Bedouins. Also there you can relax with therapeuticsulfur hot water spas.In winter temperatures stay around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and barely drop below 40.Summer begins in April or May with low humidity and with temperatures around 80 to 100These are just some of the great experiences the Sahara offers while taking an amazing adventuredegrees Fahrenheit. Sharm is perfect to enjoy the relaxing serenity and amazing views asto discover the secrets of the desert...well as snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, and yachting. 3. OasisVillasResortYour homeaway fromhome 4. Oasis Villas Resort The Oasis Villas Resort is the perfect location for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty and surroundings overlooking the Red Sea, Tiran Island, and the beautiful Sinai Mountains. Fresh green landscapes and state of the art design along with blending many charmingLive in Luxury elements together that makes it a perfect home to live in luxury. The Resort has a unique layout of lush gardens and lakes; a home owners dream come true. 5. LuxuryOasis Villas ResortDetailsState of the Art Luxury Design The romantic green landscapes cover over 80% of the resort. Oasis also has a large club house and communal pools.Own a piece of Paradise There are five different villa layouts and sizes with an exclusive high standard of finishing and design.Oasis Villas Resort is an exotic paradise, a new five star luxury villa resort development in Nabq Bay.The architecture and design is very cosmopolitan with a lot of wide open rooms and large full length windows.Only a 15 minute drive from Sharm El Shiekh, the villas are located in the heart of the Nabq Bay region. The Oasis Villas will be delivered ahead of schedule with high class standards.The great sub tropical climate and panoramic views all year long make Oasis the perfect vacation getawayfrom the cold winters. We can also assist you in adding custom Jacuzzis, spas, and steam bathrooms.With 93 villas this prestigious resort stretches over 50,000 square meters in the middle of exotic scenery.Also we can help you in putting together the perfect interior to make you feel at home.Truly the Oasis Villas are the best Sharm has to offer.The natural surroundings, fresh sea breeze, year round sunshine, soothing sounds of the Resorts cascadingLocation Facilities WeatherMaintenanceActivitiesExotic Scenery All InclusiveSun All Year Round Great ServicesWide variety of Funwaterfalls and the beautiful timeless Red Sea will make your dreams come true.In designing this state of the art luxury development, no details were overlooked, and this all inclusiveresort brings the vision of fusing together natural, contemporary, fashionable elegance, and comfort toeach and every villa.Built with the highest quality reinforced concrete and faced with hand carved natural stone, and treatedwood, the Oasis Villas are the perfect rendezvous.Large glass windows offer breathtaking scenery of the historic Sinai Mountains, Tiran Island, and theglittering Red Sea.Outside or inside each villas patio, balcony, and private landscaped garden provide an exotic lifestyle, idealfor enjoying the Red Sea breeze. 5 minute drive to the 3 Large Pools & Childrens Sharm is known world 24 Hour Security Water SportsEach Villa has its own private pool that will fulfill everyones dream getaway vacation.Airport poolwide for its tropicalInvestment, second home, retirement, or rental property Oasis has all the best features that will benefit Garbage Collection Deep Sea Divingweather. It is a great 15 minute drive to Each Villa has a privateanyone looking to own a piece of paradise.destination for those Communal lightingSnorkelingNaama Bay poolwho enjoy beaches, Gardens Care Desert Safaris 5 minute drive to the Open Air Jacuzzi water sports, diving,Golf Club and lots of sun. Pool ServicesHiking and Trekking Wi Fi Satellite 5 minute walk to Metro Temperature Ranges Pest Control Camel Riding Private Beach AccessSupermarket between 21 - 32 De- Maintenance of all Horse Back Riding Private Terrace & Rooftopgrees Celsius ( 70 - 84 3 minute drive to Nabq utilitiesTerrace Degrees Fahrenheit )NightlifeBay National Park Blue Lakes 5 minute walk to NabqBay Center Gym 5 minute walk to the Red Sea, Tiran Island, &Beach Sinai Mountain Scenery 10 minutes from Soho Cable & Central TVSquare Parking 1 minute from the New Childrens PlaygroundCity Stars LuxuryMall RestaurantAlso there will be many Spa & Health Clubrestaurants, shops, and Business Centrecafes on the resort andnearby. Housekeeping & LaundryServices 24 Hour Security Customer ServiceElegant Style Shuttle Bus Hotel Management &Rental Option 6. Elegant StyleLuxuryDesign 7. Oasis Villas Resort Oasis Villas ResortA Luxury Cosmopolitan DevelopmentFeaturesSharm El Sheikh Real EstateSharm El Sheikh Real EstateSophisticated Design