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  • 1.No More Scraps of Paper on the Floor
    An Introduction to Glogster and VoiceThread
    By Bruce DuBoff, Librarian, Pennsauken Public Schools

2. What is this web 2.0 stuff anyway?

  • Term coined in 2005 by publisher Tim OReilly

3. Collaborative online applications at least partially defined by the ability to share them 4. The network is the platform; for all of you linguistics fans, its like Marshall McLuhans The medium is the message. 5. Applications get better as more people use them 6. Creativity plus mixing and remixing 7. Our students are digital natives 8. Media and gadgets common throughout everyday life 9. Enjoy media and carry it everywhere 10. Internet is center of revolution/paradigm shiftubiquitous 11. Multitasking is a way of life 12. Ordinary folks can be artists, directors, musicians, publishers, storytellers using Web 2.0 apps 13. Everything will change even more in coming years!Our students are daring us to tread on their ground. Lets accept!
14. What standards Do web 2.0 apps meet?

  • Language Arts Literacy: In order to build Web 2.0 content, Students must:

15. Read other material (3.1) 16. Write and create original material (3.2) 17. Talk into a mic, in front of the class, or both (3.3) 18. Listen to other content and presentations (3.4) 19. Construct meaning through media (3.5)