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These are slides for a panel discussion (starting with two slides praising a couple of journalists).

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  • 1.NewsroomTransformationSteve ButtryTexas APMEApril 6, 2013#txapme

2. RIP, Roger Ebert 3. Go, Bob! 4. Read more about it @stevebuttry 5. Priorities Set the example from the top (changewhat you do & say) Change how your newsroom works Change your meetings & budgets Change org, but dont let org chart drivethe change; org should follow action Support change with training 6. Set the example Are you actively & visibly using socialmedia, especially Twitter? Are you learning along with staff? Do your questions & demands reflectyour stated priorities? Are you discussing ethical issues relatedto change? 7. Change newsroom workflow What are you covering live? Where do social media, video, data (&other digital work) fit in workflow? What have you decided to do more of? What have you decided to stop doing?Do less of? Automate? Where do you accept a lower standard? 8. Meetings & budgets Is morning meeting about tomorrowspaper? Or todays news-coverage plans? Do you critique morning paper? Ordiscuss whats generating traffic orconversation on site & social media? Does news budget reflect digital work &priorities? 9. Change the org chart New org chart wont bring about changebut should reflect change Do the things youre doing more of needpositions or teams to lead the effort? Whos doing the things youre doing lessof? What else should they do? Do work shifts reflect digital platforms? 10. Possible position changes Engagement/social media leader Consider breaking-news team Do you have data specialist, team? Do you have video specialist? Webcastproducer and/or anchor? What beats & positions need to change? How do editing & design need to change? 11. Training is essential Social media Video Data Multimedia Time management Visual journalism Writing & editing 12. Read more about it @stevebuttry