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Transcript of NCT Winchester Autumn 2015 WIP - · 2015-09-26 · Chair’s Letter Welcome to NCT...

  • Issue number 147


    Toddler Special

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    ★ Department  store  style  shopping  ★ Items  from  over  80  sellers  ★ Coffee  shop  with  homemade  cakes  ★ Buggy  store  ★ Chip  and  Pin  machines  available  ★ Clothing  up  to  8  Years  

    *for  NCT  members,  non-‐members  from  10.15am  **50p  per  transacIon  admin  charge  

    Top Quality Baby & Children’s Clothes and Equipment at Bargain Prices

    Saturday 21st November 10 - 12pm Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester SO22 5PN

    £1.50 Entry

    Children & Volunteers


    For details go to:

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    In this issue Welcome to the Stork …………………. Page 5 Members News…………………………. Page 7 Directory…………………………………. Page 11 Regular Events………………………….. Page 12 Working With The NCT………………… Page 13 Toddler Special………………………….. Page 16

    You Know You’ve Got A Toddler When……………….. Page 16 Baby wearing A Toddler………………………………… Page 18 Breastfeeding A Toddler (x 2!)…………………………. Page 32 The Playdating Game….……………………………….. Page 34 Your Birth Stories: A Change of Plans…. Page 37

    Relax, Stretch, Breathe…………………. Page 42 Cloth Nappy Library…………………….. Page 43 Valley Cushion Hire…………………….. Page 44 News……………………………………… Page 45 What’s On………………………………… Page 48

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    This Newsletter is distributed to NCT members and prospective members in the Winchester and Andover areas. A copy is also sent out to doctor’s surgeries, plus midwives and health visitors that operate in the Winchester and Andover areas. To receive your own personal copy, you need to be a member. To join, please call the NCT Membership Hotline on 0844 243 7000 or visit

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  • Welcome to The Stork

    Chair’s Letter
Welcome to NCT Winchester and District’s Autumn Newsletter

    Welcome to all our members and babies, new and old!

    This month brings a whole new world to me… My gorgeous little boy, who seems to be way too grown up, has just started school. It’s not a cliché, it really does feel like I am losing my right arm. However, just to make sure I’m not heading too far off into the world of school politics, I have my darling Sophie, two and a half, an early riser (you know the 4.30 kind!!) and a toddler in every way possible; stubborn, wilful and loves Peppa Pig (I know you are all singing the theme tune!). But she’s also at that delicious age where everything she does is pretty much the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Thus turning both me and my husband into putty in her hands, helpless to stop her. Still it’s just another one of those phases as my mum says! As we head towards Christmas (can’t believe I’ve said it!) we will be running full speed ahead to our Nearly New Sale in November. This fabulous twice yearly event has just been awarded Gold Standard but is in danger of having to close as we are so short of volunteers! Ceri has been coordinating the sale for over 3 years and is stepping down after the next sale. It’s such a brilliant thing to be involved in and is great fun, there is plenty of scope of putting your own stamp on the event and the team have been writing a guide to running the event to make it even easier. Read more about how rewarding volunteering with the Nearly New Sale can be. Our fundraising this year has really made a difference to the local area. We run a free antenatal group for women who really need some specialist support and are just about to introduce a new initiative called Baby Bundles – bundles of newborn products, clothes, nappies packaged in a moses basket to give to parents who really need our help in those early days. If you have a moses basket lying around then please let us know – we are willing to buy them or take donations. It could really help a mum in need! If this issue inspires you to get involved, not only do we have Nearly New Sale roles available, we also have our advertising role and membership coordinator up for grabs. So if you are interested please do get in touch, and maybe I’ll see you at the next committee meeting on 17th September? We always love to have input from new volunteers and it’s great fun to meet new parents too. I look forward to meeting some of you around throughout the next few months. Happy Autumn!    Love

    Laura [email protected]

    Laura and team!

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Welcome to The Stork

    Editor’s Letter Hello and welcome to the Autumn Edition of The Stork!

    This issue of The Stork is very close to my heart as our FloraBean turned one this summer. I knew it was coming but looking back over the past 12 months I am dumbfounded at how quickly our little baby has turned into a fully fledged toddler. Not only is she wobbling across the floor with her first tentative steps, she has an attitude! Opinions about everything!

    “Don't put me down! Don’t pick me up! I want to put that on myself! Help me!” And of course she’s not talking but her hands ask questions constantly … point! point! point! It’s the cat I feel for, he’s living in constant fear. Maybe not for his life but definitely for his tail.

    So I laughed like a drain compiling the ‘You know you’ve got a toddler when…’ feature, I recognise so much in there and dread the rest! We also have some fascinating perspectives in this issue.. of Rachel who talks about her unexpected route to breastfeeding toddler… twins!…and Hayley who got married with her toddler strapped to her back - awesome!

    Most importantly though there is a rally cry in this issue for the essential volunteers we need to keep the Winchester NCT going. In particular we are desperate for people to run the fabulous Nearly New Sale which members and non-members alike flock to twice a year to pick up the best bargains since eBay launched. The next one is 21st November - stick it in your diary.

    I first got involved with the NCT when Flora was six months old and I have never regretted it. I have met some awesome women with a real mix of parenting experiences which really helped me while I found my feet as a Mum. It has also been such a rewarding experience editing the magazine…so much so that I realised that this is what I wanted to do full time. So, thanks in part to the NCT, I now have my own copywriting business!

    But don’t just take my word for it, read Helen’s story and find out what volunteering for the past few years has done for her. And if you are inspired…get in touch. We would LOVE to have you!

    See you at the sale!


    Jo [email protected]

    Flora - Toddler Going On Teenager

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Members News

    Welcome to all our new members! If any of the details below are incorrect, or if you have recently joined but are not on the new members list, please contact us on [email protected]

    Aisling  Carroll  &  Derek  Gilby  

    Lis  &  Andrew  Fle7  

    Harriet  &  Tom  Woolman  

    Anne-‐Marie  &  Ryan  Mariner  

    Cara  &  Ian  Taylor  

    Amy  &  Dave  Moore  

    Nina  &  Steve  Robinson  

    Stacey  Copeman  &  Andy  Ho  

    Bri7ni  Baynes  &  Angel  Sedgwick  

    Adeline  Rush  

    Lisa  Laudemann  &  Mark  Goebel  

    Anna  &  Darren  Co7am  

    Bekky  Mitchell  

    Molly  &  Edward  Robinson  

    Laura  Pearson  &  Ma7hew  Horton  

    Aran  Mas  Badia  &  Rob  Collier  

    Elizabeth  &  Michael  Quaye  

    Megan  &  Tristan  Cooper  

    Verity  &  Dan  Houghton  

    Natasha  Inzani  &  Piers  Heelis  

    Carlee  Darton  &  John  Campbell  

    KirsPe  De  Vere  &  Richard  Hobbs  

    Anna  &  Dan  Menday  

    Sarah  &  Ian  Bond  

    Victoria  &  Rhys  Davies  

    Jessica  Titherington  

    Gill  &  Andrew  BouQlower  

    Clare  &  Chris  Briggs  

    Fiona  &  Adam  Maskill  

    Natalie  &  Tim  Brown  

    Amy  &  Andy  Watkins  

    Carly  &  Robert  Simpson  

    Vicki  &  Edward  Mckeown  

    Liv  &  Ma7  Whitehead  

    Lyn  Elle7  &  Rupert  Goodman  

    Charlo7e  &  John  Gibson  

    Lucy  &  Darren  Golbourn  

    L  &  A  Stevenson  

    Georgina  Davey  &  Jeremy  Chiari  

    Olivia  &  Dominic  Jones  

    Sarah  Dexter  &  Lex  Harris  

    Rebecca  Cooney  &  Daniel  Bunyard  

    Fiona  &  Andrew  Boyne  

    Charlo7e  Hasaka  &  Lee  Mcgra7an  

    Bernade7e  Bland  &  Stephen  Bendall  

    Susan  Burke  

    Kate  Howard  &  Alex  Quick  

    Lynn  &  Toby  Briant-‐Evans  

    Lauren  &  Simon  Eatwell  

    Rachel  Harrington  &  Olly  Bray  

    Gemma  Cripps  

    Katy  &  Stuart  Morton  

    Kathryn  &  James  Lanham  

    Rosanna  Coppen  &  Mathieu  Castano  

    Fiona  Mowbray  &  Ma7hew  Bull  

    Rosada  JusPce  

    Chloe  Montague  &  Dafydd  Ifan  

    Cara  &  Chris  Lang  

    Kelly  &  Brendan  O'Ceallaigh  

    Nina  &  Simon  Allard  

    Joanna  &  Nick  Lockhart  

    Suzanne  Maclachlan  &  David  Whit

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    mailto:[email protected]

  • Members News

    Stork Deliveries
Congratulations to all our new Mums and Dads! Best wishes on your new arrivals, from NCT Winchester and District branch.

    Kathryn & Matt Rowe - Ben on 30th January≈

    Storm Cosserat & Thomas Curson - Arabella on 4th MarchMichelle Beck & Mark Collins - Jared on 20th MarchCatherine & William Henry - Josh on 26th MarchCorning and Shane Masterson - Erin on 27th MarchGabrielle & Lee Harfield - George on 30th MarchCarla Logan - Jackson in April

    ≈Laura and Tom Crofts - Charlotte on 11th AprilVicky & Ross Garfitt - Remy on 25th AprilJessica & Luke Bilcliffe - Isobel on 25th AprilHannah and Kirby Sinclair - Tala on 30th April

    ≈Leanne Williams & Nick Drew - Lilly on 7th MayLaura Silk - Elise on 15th MayHayley Griffith - Martha on 19th MayCatherine and Mike Kidd - Imogen on 29th MayGemma Hay & Adam Galfskiy - Ava on 31st May

    Rebecca Pouting - Samuel on 5th JuneVicky & Rhys Sanchez - William on 8th JuneBea Jacobs had Silvio on 11th JuneClaire and Phil Szakowski - Olivia on 17th JuneShanaz Sibhan-Jones - Elana on 18th JuneCharlotte & Ian Kavanagh - Verity on 18th JuneBeth & Philip Kick - Freddie on 24th JuneJill Summers & Rob Thompson - Matilda on 25th JuneAshleigh Jarrett & Matt Beleck - Isla on 27th JuneAndrina Hayden - Evangeline on 28th June

    ≈Kasia Patolleta - Adam in JulyJo Sheehan - Finley on 2nd JulyAlexis and Paul Nutter - Olive on 2nd JulyKirsty and Antony Gillmore - Toby on 2nd JulyLaura Adams - Ella on 24th JulyGemma Wheeler - Caden 29th JulyClare Gary - Rose 30th July

    ≈Rebecca Baxter - Archie in AugustGemma Watts - Martha in August Jenny Guerreri - Leo on 1st AugustJenny Mitchell - Alice on 30th August

    Alice Landon - Viola in September

    ��� 8

    To contribute birth announcements, thoughts, stories, poems, & photos to The Stork please email them to me at:

    [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Members News

    Branch Vacancies Laura Skilton - Chair

    We still have loads of volunteer opportunities to get involved if you are interested. The Winchester branch relies completely on mums who have used NCT and associated services themselves and join the team to help to ensure that support continues to be available for other parents in the future.

    I have detailed below all the roles we are looking to fill in order of priority for the Winchester branch. None of the roles should take more than a couple of hours a week, responsibilities are split to ensure that busy mums can get involved and keep the NCT branches running successfully and supporting other parents.

    Nearly New Sale Coordinator - our sales will stop running next Spring if this role is not filled. The sales raise over £1000 for the local area each time they are held. Ceri has perfected a lot of the set up so you'll have something to work with and loads of support from existing nearly new sale committee members and from me!!

    Nearly New Sale Vendor Coordinator - another essential role for the sale committee, if you and a friend fancy doing something together then these roles can be shared too!

    Bumps and Babies hosts - whilst we have a fantastic venue now we are really struggling to host Bumps and Babies mornings so we need a coordinator and some volunteers to give up one morning a month (an hour and a half) to host this drop in service and improve it

    Advertising coordinator - to work in conjunction with our Stork editor Jo we need someone to help grow our existing advertising and come up with packages for sponsorship for local businesses

    The branches of the NCT are set up to ensure that we can fundraise and run services and events at a local level. If you have any time at all to give and are considering volunteering then please get in touch. All our roles can be done jointly with a friend which is a great way to get involved.

    Nothing we do is profit driven, everything we raise for the area is spent on the area, including our amazing breast feeding drop in, bumps and babies, sling library, nappy name a few.

    If you are interested in finding out about any of the roles please contact me, Laura Skilton at [email protected]

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    Andover Bumps & Babies & Beyond Spring Meadows Children’s Centre, Smannell Road, Andover Friday 1pm to 2.30pm (term-time only) £1.50 per family session (preschoolers welcome) For more information contact:

    Adelle Kott on 07817 765126 or Tina Andrews on 07525 452836

  • Directory

    Winchester & District NCT Directory Branch Team


    General Information - [email protected] or 0844 243 6327

    Courses, Support & Services 


    Chair Laura Skilton [email protected] Lucy Wolverson &

    Karen [email protected]

    Parent Support VACANT [email protected] 0844 243 6327New Fundraising Rebecca Witcher [email protected] VACANT [email protected] 0844 243 6327Secretary Helene Pellary [email protected], Web & Social Media VACANT [email protected]

    Editor Jo [email protected] Naomi [email protected]

    Nearly New Sale Ceri [email protected] 0844 243 6327Open Air Theatre Lucy Wolverson [email protected]

    NCT Helpline (For breastfeeding support, option 1, 8am - midnight)

    0300 330 0700

    Breastfeeding Helpline 9.30am-9.30pm 0300 100 0212Cry-sis Daily, 9am - 10pm 08451 228669Family Lives (previously Parentline) 7am - midnight 0808 800 2222Association for Post Natal Illness Monday - Friday, 10am - 2pm 020 7386 0868Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Daily, 9.30am - 10.30pm 0300 330 5453Twinline (multiple births) Daily, 10am - 1pm & 7pm - 10pm 0800 138 0509

    Working Mothers Group Lisa [email protected] 07931 756069Home Birth Group Kayt 07901 653818Twins Club Jo [email protected] Fran [email protected] Felicity [email protected] 01962 736019

    Course Bookings Tara Hamilton [email protected] 0844 243 6912Breastfeeding Counsellors Jennie: 07502 213811

    Jane: 07824 375871 Jenny G: 07748 787337

    Paula: 01256 892938 Kat: Rachel:

    [email protected]

    Breast Pump Hire Caroline Allan 0844 243 6327First Aid Courses Jen Andrews [email protected] Cushion Hire Claire Welland 01962 885670Bra Agent Rachel Matthews 01264 338831Sling Library Hayley Halford [email protected] Library Katie & Stephani [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Regular Events

    Winchester & District NCT Diary

    All of our events are open to non-members For regular updates, sign up for our e-news by emailing [email protected]

    Mondays 10am-12pm Bumps and Babies Branch Coffee Morning Theatre Royal, Jewry Street, Winchester. £1.50 entry. Just turn up! For more information please contact [email protected]

    Wednesdays 9.30am-12pm B.A.B.I.E.S. Breastfeeding Support Lanterns Children’s Centre, Bereweeke Road, Winchester

    Tuesdays 10am-12pm Andover Breastfeeding Group Spring Meadow Children’s Centre, Smannel Road, Andover SP11 6JP Tel: 01264 336718

    Thursdays (term-time only)

    10am-11.30am Relax, Stretch, Breathe Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, Winchester

    Wednesdays (term-time only)

    1.30pm- 3.30pm

    Free ante-natal group (term-time only) Lanterns Children’s Centre, Bereweeke Road, Winchester

    Fridays 1pm-2.30pm The Breast Start Peer Support Breastfeeding Group Spring Meadow Children’s Centre, Smannell Road, Andover SP11 6JP. Tel: 01264 336718


    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Working with the NCT

    My Volunteering Story Helen

    It started as a way to jump the queue and bag the best bargains but 3 years on Helen Howell has found that volunteering with the NCT has brought rewards she couldn't have imagined; a fabulous sense of achievement, a bunch of new friends and a coveted blue apron!

    Like most people, my introduction to the NCT was through antenatal classes. At one of the early sessions our class leader mentioned there was a Nearly New Sale that weekend. At 7 months pregnant with our first baby we needed a long list of clothes and kit so we thought we'd go along. Suffice to say we bagged quite a few bargains! So when I heard there was priority shopping for volunteers I was keen to put my name down to get ahead of the queue for the next sale!

    My son was about 5 months when the next sale came round and I first donned my volunteer apron. I had really enjoyed my time on maternity leave but was, naturally, finding looking after a baby full time pretty tough work. As a fairly career-minded woman, I particularly missed being able to actually tick completed tasks off my list! Spending a day volunteering was a revelation. Beyond the priority shopping (which was awesome), by far the best part of the day was working as a team again with the other volunteers. After that first sale I was hooked.

    By the next sale I was back working full time, and this time I found volunteering allowed me to meet new people. There are very few classes and mum meet ups at weekends and, as we had just moved to Winchester, working on the Nearly New Sale introduced me to a whole new parent network.

    I work in finance and so was assigned to the back office (I think someone assumed I'd be

    good with counting the money!). It was great to have an overall view of how the sale worked and meet most of the other volunteers. I really looked forward to the sale weekends every 6 months and by now was pregnant with my second baby, my daughter, so valued the early entry even more!

    ��� 13

    Helen in her blue apron!

  • Working with the NCT

    When the email came in September 2013 recruiting for the Nearly New Sale committee, I thought I'd just go to the meeting to see if I could help a little. Working full time with a 2 year old and pregnant with the next I didn’t think I would have much time, but I thought I could maybe do some emails in the evenings...

    Well, I left the meeting as vendor coordinator! I’ll be honest, my husband was not best pleased. But, a pleasant surprise to us both, I found the role really did not take very much time. It was easily manageable with some computer time after my son was in bed. What's more the key requirements were being organised and good with spreadsheets - two of my natural skills!

    Every so often the emails would peak and I would have a busy evening, but it was so rewarding. It gave me an immense sense of achievement to help organise a very successful sale with more vendors and shoppers than ever before and to raise over £4000 for the NCT. Meeting with the rest of the committee to overcome our various challenges on the run up to the sale also proved to be great fun - plus I got to wear one of the blue aprons, which made me feel oddly proud!

    It was also great to be able to help vendors with their questions, and to hear comments about how well the sale had been run. And yes, I did pick up the a whole bunch of amazing bargains through priority shopping!

    With my second period of maternity leave fast approaching I was keen to keep volunteering on the committee, although I wasn’t sure how I would have the time. I had ideas about ways we could improve things, plus the idea of regular adult conversation not SOLELY geared around babies was appealing and something I knew I would otherwise miss on maternity leave. In the event the timing of the sale worked well. My daughter arrived 12 days late and then anaemia meant I was stuck at home a lot for the first few weeks. The sale gave me something to focus my mind on and vendors were easily able identify me as the person taking breaks during registration to feed!

    A year on I am still a volunteer, even while being back at work and from time to time I represent the Nearly New Sale at the NCT Winchester Branch committee meetings. As a Nearly New Sale team we have continued to improve the sale - coping with challenges and recently successfully winning the Gold Standard Mark. I've made some good friends and have helped raise over £14,000 for the NCT while providing a valued service to help new parents access baby clothes and equipment at a cheaper price.

    ��� 14

  • Working with the NCT

    To anyone thinking of volunteering I would say go for it! It can fit round work and full time parenthood, and you will meet new people, laugh a lot and reap unexpected rewards, as well as knowing that you are making a real difference to new parents in Winchester. I did and I’ve never regretted it.

    If you are interested in volunteering for any roles please contact Laura Skilton at [email protected]

    ��� 15

  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    Revenge of the Toddler

    At NCT, we know that the First 1,000 Days matter. For more than 56 years we have delivered a trusted service to parents across these First 1,000. Not only does this include preparation for birth, feeding and the early days, but also support for parent and child as they move to solid food, take their first steps and maybe even begin to talk!

    To kick off this Toddler Special we asked some of you parents for some real world views on what having a toddler actually felt like…

    ��� 16

    You’re constantly finding shoes in the saucepans ...or in the bin….

    For some reason the humble (& very dirty) tea towel is suddenly the must-have item to carry everywhere.

    It’s the day after Christmas and you realise your small person has put most of the toys Santa delivered in the bin as Santa had gone slightly ‘off list’ and got it wrong (the bin man had already been by the time we realised)

    You pull a half-eaten dinosaur-shaped cheese out of your handbag in a meeting…

    When you say "beep beep" instead of "excuse me" to a stranger in a shop

    You say things you never imagined like 'no you can't go out to the shops dressed in just one Wellington boot and nothing else’

  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    ��� 17

    "ARE YOU GOING TO GET YOUR WINE, MUMMY?" is said at full volume at 9:30am in Waitrose, to a handful of disapproving looks 

    They turn into an ironing board at the earliest hint that we might be planning to leave soft play/a birthday party/grandma's house

    Going to the loo is no longer a solo activity

    You have to make very sure to check whether it's a squares or triangles day before cutting up


    You have nothing of any value below 3 feet high in your house

    You arrive at nursery to see your them playing happily... until they see you and burst into tears and reach out for

    you (as if they've had a terrible time)

    They're all clean and in their bed-clothes and smelling delicious and snuggle their faces down into your neck and the little warm, fat hand pats you on your shoulder and they whisper that they love you and you realise

    that despite the hideousness of the day, and the inevitable repeat performance that will follow tomorrow, that it is all worth it.

  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    Babywearing With A Toddler Hayley

    I’ve been running the Winchester Sling Library for several years now, so you won’t be surprised that I am a huge advocator of baby wearing. As my daughter grew I didn’t want to lose the closeness that we had carrying from carrying her as a baby, so we have adjusted the slings and continue to enjoy the fantastic freedom that ‘toddler wearing’ can bring!

    There are huge advantages to carrying your toddler, here are just a few;

    • It is so easy to carry a sling around or keep it tied around your waist whilst toddler walks. When their little legs get tired you can pop them in the sling and you haven’t had to push an empty pushchair.

    • As your child starts to develop independence babywearing offers a rare opportunity to connect with each other.

    • At this age your child’s speech is developing and it’s amazing to be able to chat about what you see as you go about your day, teach each other new things and have lots of laughs.

    • Your child is starting to be more aware about the world around them, which at t i m e s c a n b e a s c a r y p l a c e . Babywearing offers your child comfort and a chance to feel safe whilst exploring new things. Toddlers are also unpredictable and you never know when you may need to carry them! Carrying a toddler around on your hip is hard work, it’s so much easier in a sling.

    • A sling can be a great way to manage and help to calm down the extreme emotions of toddlerhood. A tired toddler who refuses to nap will often sleep in a sling.

    • You can go anywhere! Places I have been with Finnella in a sling include the beach, country walks, the zoo, Glastonbury festival, art galleries, museums in London, airplanes, trains, on a donkey (probably not recommended in the safety manual) and our wedding!

    ��� 18

    Hayley and Family on her wedding day!

  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    • Around the house it makes everyday life easier e.g. cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.

    • Wearing promotes positive attachment between parent and child especially when Mum might be returning to work, and gives Dad some precious bonding time too.

    • It’s great exercise for you!

    • Think of the cuddles!

    Duncan, my husband, also loves baby wearing. He says ‘Even when everything is a NO, my daughter still wants to go on my back and have cuddles’. He did struggle to get the hang of back-carrying but he says that he had to persevere with different techniques until he found the one that works for him and Finnella. In the end, he has found using a ‘superman toss’ the most effective but it can invite many shocked looks from onlookers!

    I have always loved wearing Finnella but it has become even more of a special thing for us now she is a toddler. I find the chance to interact with her in our own little bubble incredible. We are on the same level and can see the same things, have the same experiences and share so many magic moments together. How she learns amazes me and I feel privileged that I have been such a close part of that. I now have a fascinating, bright and independent toddler who asks to be carried and even choses which sling she wants to go in!


    It’s never too late to start. Why not visit Hayley at the Sling Library, the first Friday of every month from 10 to 11.30am at Carroll Youth Centre, Somers Close , Stanmore, Winchester SO22 4EJ

    Entry is just £1 per family. There’s no need to book, just turn up and enjoy!

    ��� 19

  • Promotion

    ��� 20

    B.A.B.I.E.S (Babies and Breastfeeding, Information, Encouragement, Support)

    Providing breastfeeding support and help to new mums in the Winchester and District area.

    Our counsellors are fully trained and updated. They are not medically qualified, so please take any

    medical questions to your health professional.

    This is a free service that is funded almost entirely by Branch fundraising.

    Donations are always welcome!

    B.A.B.I.E.S is open between 9.30am and 12pm on a Wednesday morning

    at the Lanterns Children’s Centre on Bereweeke Road.

    It’s not necessary to make an appointment. Just turn up.

  • Promotion

    ��� 21

  • Promotion

    ��� 22

    A prep school for girls aged 3-11and boys aged 3-7

    Places now available in the new junior school

    01962 [email protected]

    Please contact us to book an individual visit

  • Promotion

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  • Promotion

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  • Promotion

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  • Promotion

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    Providing a bespoke childcare service to families across Hampshire and Dorset

    Nannies Babysitters Mothers helps Emergency childcare

    We recognise that every family is different, their children have different needs and, most importantly, they all want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with

    knowing that reliable, professional childcare is taking care of everything. Polkadot nannies and sitters is a specialist, professional nanny agency that’s run for

    nannies and families, by nannies with a world of experience and attention to detail. Lucy - 07766243213 Clare- 07766252322

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    ��� 29

    As a highly respected law firm working with both local and national clients, we understand that for many parents choosing and instructing a solicitor can be a confusing process. We’re here to make that process easier.

    Wills, Inheritance Tax Planning, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship, Trusts, Cohabitation Agreements, Pre & Post Nups, Separation, Divorce,

    Child Contact, Buying and Selling Houses, Employment Law

    Parenting can be a challenge. Choosing a solicitor need not be.

    Tel: 01962 841484 Email: [email protected] St Thomas Street, Winchester SO23 9HF

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  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    ��� 31

  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    Breastfeeding Toddlers (x 2) Rachel, Rosa and Jacob I had decided before my twins Rosa and Jacob were born that I would breastfeed exclusively but just until they were 6 months old….and then stop! Little did I know that at two years old they would still both be feeding regularly and I would be loving it.

    Back then I had no clue that so many things I decided about how I was going to bring up my children would be distant memories long before their first birthdays. No TV! No sugar! No sleeping in my bed! Yet I have been joined in bed by at least one child every night since Christmas and as I write they are currently smearing chocolate buttons on my iPad…

    When they were first born I felt under massive pressure to breastfeed exclusively. I had not been prepared for my tiny, premature babies, who could only feed though tubes and seemed to have no interest at all latching on.

    Winchester Hospital's Neo Natal Unit and the BABIES group were amazing and after nearly 3 weeks, Jacob was feeding reasonably well and I was able to express and bottle feed Rosa. But it was an exhausting, round the clock job and by the time they were 10 weeks old I was shattered, permanently tearful and even fainted in Boots because I was so tired.

    I made a wall chart to count down the days until they were 6 months old. This day, the 1st of February 2014, was circled in red and surrounded by smiley faces saying "NO MORE BREASTFEEDING!" I had thought about moving to formula, but Jacob never really got the hang of bottles, and even when he would drink from them, considered that they were the starter to breastfeeding's main course. Feeding from bottles also made Rosa so windy that she would arch and scream for hours and she was eventually diagnosed with reflux. At three months, her medication was changed and she finally learnt to latch on. She changed from being permanently distressed and exhausted, into a baby who could smile and feed without pain. After months of stress, trying to get her to breastfeed, she now loved to cuddle in to me and peacefully chug away.

    So by the time Rosa and Jacob were 6 months old, things were going well. I had happy healthy babies and decided to not give up breastfeeding after all. I thought I would just carry on until they

    ��� 32

  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    lost interest themselves. I guessed would be some time around 18 months or perhaps a bit later, maybe just having a feed before bed.

    As it turns out, they had other ideas. Their first birthday came and went and I noticed people stopped congratulating me on breastfeeding twins and started asking when I was going to give up. And now they have just celebrated their 2nd birthday, they still feed several times a day and often at night. The months of worrying about whether they would ever latch on are long gone. In fact, both are experts in a practice I have come to call "boob aerobics", where they both try to feed in the most gymnastic ways possible. Not only can they assume the 'downward dog' yoga position, they can simultaneously play a game of kicking each other, while trying to poke their fingers up my nose.

    Needless to say we don't tend to feed in public. Although now they are talking, that doesn't mean that they don't ask. Loudly. At the checkout in Sainsbury's for example. I do feel a bit awkward when my child shouts "Mummy! Want num num boobs!" as I'm trying to enter my PIN number. Fortunately following an incident during my pregnancy when I accidentally vomited on the shoes of a door-to-door sales person, I have developed a complete inability to be embarrassed!

    So now they are toddlers, it isn’t just them that I am feeding,.. well, in their minds! They like to play at giving their toys milk, and often bring me a parade of things to feed. This morning I fed a purple sparkly unicorn and some Lego.

    Sometimes, particularly at 2 o clock in the morning, it drives me mad. But there have been times when I have been really grateful that breastfeeding worked out for us and that we are still doing it. When they are hurt or even having a tantrum, it has helped them feel better or calm down. And when they are sick it has helped give them nutrition and get them to sleep. Sometimes it has felt a bit like having magic boobs that can solve all ills.

    Looking back, I wish I hadn't put myself under so much pressure when they were small to do what I thought was the perfect thing. I've come to think that pretty much whatever parenting decision I made would have worked out fine, not only about breastfeeding but about all those other sometimes controversial baby topics like sleeping and weaning.

    So, although it wasn't my plan, and it wasn’t how I thought it would be and although it can sometimes be maddening… when we are looking into each other's eyes, and I know that I am nourishing them and comforting them, I love it.

    I really hope they stop by the time they go to school though!

    ��� 33

  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    The Playdating Game

    As your child gets older, you may be invited to playdates, or begin organising them yourself. Here we look at the benefits and practicalities of playdates with your child

    If you’re invited to a friend’s place for dinner, there are usually a few things to think about, such as

    what to bring, what to wear, or what’s on the menu. So, while playdates with your child and another

    parent can be fun, there is also just as much to think about! Even more!

    Child’s play

    Natalie Maltby, from Cheshunt and Broxbourne NCT branch, and mum to Imogen, six, and

    Cameron, four, says: ‘Children learn to socialise and share at playdates, which is particularly

    valuable for those who don’t have siblings at home from whom to grasp these skills. It helps them

    to navigate the world and learn about different social behaviours and boundaries. And the parents

    can chat too.’ Child development researchers agree.

    In From Birth to Five Years, author Mary Sheridan

    says: ‘Through active participation and guidance

    from people more skilled than themselves –

    adults and children, familiar and unfamiliar –

    children develop an understanding of the actions,

    intentions and feelings of others.’

    Even from a young age, babies are fascinated by

    other babies, so it’s never too early to start. Mary

    pinpoints certain stages later on in the

    development of friendships too – at 18 months

    babies show awareness of other children’s

    distress; at 20 months there’s mutual imitation;

    and at two years they have preferences for



  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    Fair share

    Yet playdates aren’t always plain sailing. One issue that parents face is squabbles over toys and

    games. To avoid arguments, try having more than one of the same toy, such as cars, or activities

    the children can do together. If you’re hosting a playdate, encourage the visiting children to bring a

    toy so everyone shares and, likewise, take something yourself to a playdate. Where possible, try

    to leave little ones to sort out their own disagreements. ‘If you fight your children’s battles, then the

    dynamics with the parents change,’ says Natalie. ‘I would never discipline another child in the

    same way as my own. There’s a fine line and, if you cross it, you risk the friendship with the

    parent.’ Plus, everyone has different attitudes to discipline so only intervene if you feel you really


    Location, location, location

    Breakages and minor accidents can be another potential pitfall of playdates. You’ve probably tried

    to accident-proof your home for your own child, but take extra care to ensure everything is safe

    when you have other children over. They may be stronger than your child and less familiar with the

    new surroundings. Natalie recalls a damaged wall after a child pulled a coat hook down, for

    instance. If you're worried about mishaps, hold playdates in neutral locations such as the park or

    soft play area. Many parents find they frequently host playdates, but the invitation isn’t returned. It

    could be for all manner of reasons – the other parents having younger children to contend with or

    worrying they’ll be judged on their home. Equally, some parents just don’t want the responsibility of

    looking after other children. So, try to focus on why you’re having a playdate, not where, and the

    benefits for your child. Also, be prepared to be open-minded – for example Natalie recalls being

    asked to disinfect all the toys before a playdate.

    Playdate practicalities

    Knowing whether to accompany your child on a

    playdate is tricky – and each parent will feel

    differently. Natalie has the following tip: ‘If the parent

    has invited my child, but not me, I explain my son or

    daughter may not settle and suggest I stay to make

    sure they’re ok.’ Natalie also ensures other parents


  • Growing Up: The Toddler Special

    feel welcome to come on playdates at her house. Wherever your playdate is, choose the time of

    day carefully, considering your children’s nap and meal times and what works best for them. If you

    think your child will feel anxious, bring a familiar item, such as a blanket, to reassure them.

    Elizabeth Duff, NCT’s senior policy adviser, says: ‘Very young children take time to learn how to

    socialise and share. Particularly if the child is a first baby, or doesn’t have a sibling close in age, it

    is puzzling and even stressful to take on board this new way of doing things. It may be best to start

    playdates with just one other child, keep the visit short, and offer praise when your child does

    make an effort to play co-operatively.’

    Working it out

    Many parents say the key to playdating success is communication. If the playdate is being hosted

    at your home, encourage openness by asking the other parents about likes, dislikes and allergies.

    And, if you would rather your child didn’t watch television at someone else’s house, explain at the

    outset. Also, talk about what you want, or don’t want, your child to eat up-front since food can be a

    tricky area.

    Natalie points out the tribulations of playdates are easier to handle if the parents are friends – then

    the awkwardness disappears. ‘When you’re not as close as parents, you’re more guarded in terms

    of how the children behave.’ She adds: 'You're mixing with people with different ideas about

    parenting – sometimes this works out fantastically, other times it doesn't.' Remember, not every

    playdate will result in a long-lasting friendship for your little one, or for you, but they do teach

    valuable skills. Most of all, playdates are meant to be fun, so enjoy!

    Find a playmate; Meet other parents at Bumps & Babies. Mondays, 10 - 12am Theatre Royal, Jewry Street, Winchester. £1.50 entry. Just turn up! For more

    information please contact [email protected]

    A longer version of this article originally appeared in NCT Matters, Winter 2011


    mailto:[email protected]

  • Your Birth Stories

    A Change Of Plans - From Home to Theatre

    Collette and Dahlia For as long as I can remember I'd always planned to give birth at home in a birthing pool. But our baby had other ideas and gave me the ride of my life before finally making an appearance.

    I had a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy with no high blood pressure and no swelling, for which I

    was very grateful.

    At week 34 I was on holiday in Spain with my husband and the in-laws getting some well-deserved

    R&R before the baby was due. Mid-week we had a bit of a scare when I stopped feeling

    movements for about 6 hours (resulting in a brief and unsettling trip to a Spanish hospital) before

    returning to normal patterns. On the day we flew back the same happened, so in the evening we

    rang the labour line. We went into hospital and, although baby had begun to move again, we were

    strapped up with monitors. The heart rate was very high. Although it settled after a few hours we

    were asked to come back in the morning for an ultrasound.

    These tests showed us that our baby was very little; just 7th percentile which, to a 5’8” Mumma and

    6’ 3” Daddy, was quite a shock. With my waters showing very low as well, it seemed that the team

    wanted to keep a close eye on us so we became regular visitors to the antenatal department over

    the next few weeks.

    At 37 weeks and 2 days, I was told my

    hopes of a home birth were out of the

    window and, after a long wait to see the

    consultant, it was recommended they induce

    labour… in two days! I was immediately

    given the first of two steroid injections to

    help with baby’s lung development. It

    seemed we were nearly there!

    ��� 37

  • Your Birth Stories

    The day before the big day I popped into work to finish up and went on to meet with my wonderful

    midwife. As I had been planning all along to deliver at home, I had no birth plan for hospital at all,

    so she squeezed me into her busy day to talk me through what was going to happen. I quickly

    realised my plan had to be about doing what was best for my baby.

    The day arrived. I woke up at 5am and

    immediately woke my husband. I was

    incredibly nervous and decided absolutely,

    completely the best thing to do would be to

    clean my house from top to bottom. And

    that's exactly what I did. Less than 12 hours

    from inducing labour and with a 38 week

    bump, I c leaned above, below and

    underneath, cupboards, carpets, shelves and

    surfaces, roping the poor man in as well. We

    finally finished 5 hours later. The house had

    never been so clean (and now we have a

    baby never will be again!). Finally, unable to

    sit and rest with the nerves, we decide to just

    go into hospital about half an hour early.

    After meeting the midwife, and having the most tremendous wee after weeks of being unable to, I

    was settled into a room and strapped up to those all-too-familiar monitors. The first of the induction

    gels were inserted. I had been told I may need up to 3 of these, no more than 6 hours apart. It was

    like a bad smear test, uncomfortable, with a cold tingling sensation inside. I started to panic that I

    was allergic to the gel. 'Well we can't take it out now' said the midwife with a wry smile (I think she

    knew it was unlikely!).

    After all the rushing it was then a case of waiting, and waiting, and waiting. And I kept weeing, and

    weeing and weeing! We played a lot of solitaire. We watched Netflix (no idea what of course!) and

    then sometime after the midwives shift swapped over, I decided I would like a bath. I had been

    having small twinges and 'tightenings' by this time but nothing too painful. Although my husband

    ��� 38

  • Your Birth Stories

    was mortified by the small tsunami I created getting in, the next hour past uneventfully and the

    bath did little to help progress.

    Around 10pm the midwife checked but my cervix hadn't moved forward, so I was given my second

    gel pessary and told to get some sleep. However, when you have straps around your belly, a

    machine by your head printing out results and the midwife coming in every 20 minutes to check

    the results and contractions, sleep can be elusive! It also seemed our baby was getting a little

    distressed, so I was being monitored quite closely. Every time the midwife came in I woke up from

    my very light doze. Each hour that passed the

    contractions came on faster and with more

    intensity. By around 4am the baby's heart rate

    wasn't settling down and they decided we

    needed to be moved to the labour ward for one-

    to-one monitoring. By this time my contractions

    were fast and heavy. I'd had a couple of

    paracetamol earlier in the evening but no other

    pain relief so they set up gas and air for me. I

    just took a little 'sip' on the next contraction but

    they told me to really breath in and out through

    the next. So I did. It was horrendous. I felt sick,

    dizzy and very drunk - not in the pleasant way. I

    quickly ditched the gas and air and my husband

    took over, holding a hot water bottle in the small

    of my back.

    At just before 8am, almost 24 hours since we had come in, I was re-examined by the doctor, and

    my cervix still hadn't moved forward. Baby’s heart rate was really dropping with each contraction

    and anxiety seemed to be filling the air. At one point the midwife ran out the room to the doctors as

    my baby’s heart rate stopped altogether. At 9am the doctors told me they wanted to do a C-Section

    as they were concerned about her well-being. We agreed and everything kicked into action.

    The next hour was a blur. Paperwork and meeting the surgical team, and being talked through the

    next steps, and suddenly I was being wheeled into theatre. I shouted to my husband to bring the

    ��� 39

  • Your Birth Stories

    iPod as I was still adamant I wanted our wedding playlist to be playing when our daughter was

    born. I sat on the edge of the bed for the spinal block to be administered and, as I swung my legs

    back up my waters broke!

    There was a paper screen above my chest, my

    right arm was strapped to a table with a blood

    pressure monitor, I was completely numb from

    my chest down and my arms started the

    tremble uncontrollably as the anaesthesiologist

    checked the block was working with ice and

    spray. This was the most exciting time since

    arriving in hospital. I knew I was going to be

    able to see and hold my baby very soon. It was

    amazing how quickly the surgeons had cut me

    open and were asking me, was I ready to have

    a baby?

    We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, so it was only as they pulled her out and showed

    her to us, we saw we had a little baby girl! Who promptly weed all over me. What an entrance! She

    was taken off to be weighed and checked over; 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes, a tiny little thing at

    only 5lbs 5oz but perfect in every way.

    My husband cut the cord, she was placed on

    my chest while I was being put back together,

    and I had skin on skin with my baby girl. But I

    had a number of fibroids and one was bleeding.

    They had tried to cauterise it but it wouldn't

    stop. I asked my husband to take our daughter

    (our daughter!) back into the labour ward and

    have skin on skin with her himself while they

    got the bleeding to stop and sewed me up.

    ��� 40

  • Your Birth Stories

    I was wheeled back into the labour ward and looked for my husband. I saw him sitting alone in a

    chair. I panicked. 'Where is she?' I asked. He pulled his scrubs forward and pointed into the top,

    'She's in here'. And there she was, curled up on her daddy's chest sleeping. My heart melted!

    I was still trembling from the effects on the spinal block so I had to wait to hold her. The surgeon

    came to see me. He knew I had really wanted a natural labour, so wanted to tell me that the

    decision to have a C-Section was the right choice. Our daughter’s placenta had been really very

    small, even for the size of her, and wasn't functioning as it should have been. Having a C-Section

    may have saved her life.

    Finally the trembling faded away and I could hold her, and feed her. It was the most incredible

    moment, the oxytocin took over and the amount of love I felt in that moment was overwhelming.

    My little girl was here and safe and just perfect.

    ��� 41

  • Support

    Relax, Stretch & Breathe

    A Note from Vicky

    As well as being one of Winchester’s NCT Ante Natal Practitioners I also run Relax, Stretch, Breathe classes on Thursdays at 10 -11.30am at the Discovery Centre in term time, and I absolutely love doing it. It’s an incredibly social class, we have great fun and we often gather in the café for coffee afterwards.

    The classes are suitable from 12 weeks right up until you have your baby, and also are great for twin mums and anyone who knows they will be having a C-section. The class is centered around yoga-based exercises but you absolutely do not need to have done yoga before. The focus instead is on breathing techniques, relaxation, positions for labour, active birth and increasing your confidence as your due date approaches. Each week we have a theme where we concentrate on specific topics such as how to increase hormone production. Although these are important and valuable tools, we have a lot of fun especially when we do work in pairs.

    Relax, Stretch and Breathe is a great way of meeting people as well as building those tools to help you in birth. You will leave equipped with exercises and relaxation skills that will not only help you in labour but also once your little one arrives, and the fun really starts!.

    Please come and join us. It absolutely doesn’t matter whether this is your first or fifth baby, everyone benefits from a bit of relaxation, socialising - and maybe tea and cake!

    Vicky Rodd

    If you would like to find out more please contact me, Vicky Rodd [email protected]

    ��� 42

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Support

    Winchester Valley Cushion Hire Claire Welland Winchester & District NCT offers a number of postnatal services to local parents. One of these is the not-very-glamourous Valley Cushion Hire service.

    The Valley Cushion is a postnatal cushion aimed at a new mum who has had a tricky vaginal delivery. It supports her buttocks, while taking pressure away from the areas that are usually causing discomfort due to stitches, bruising or haemorrhoids.

    If you're pregnant and you've read this far, you're doing well. Most of the pregnant women I have spoken to, at ante natal classes, or a Bumps & Babies, are in blissful ignorance of the potential for postnatal discomfort. And for most women, it's not a problem. But for those few who have had an episiotomy, a tear, haemorrhoids, or other problems, the cushion can make a big difference to those early days.

    I have been involved with Winchester NCT since I moved to Hampshire in 2009, when my children were very small. I took on the role of Valley Cushion volunteer in 2010 because I see how offering this service helps our local mums when they're at their most vulnerable, just like BABIES and the Breast Pump Hire.

    In the last 5 years, 65 women have hired a Valley Cushion. Not all of these were young mums: it’s also been hired for post-surgical discomfort. Most find out about the availability of the Valley Cushion through NCT, through referral and through our website. However, a large number of women are referred by friends of theirs who have also used the cushion.

    Although I am primarily responsible for making the cushions ready, showing new mums and dads (and sometimes grandparents) how they work, and arranging hire, I also think it's important to try to raise awareness of a service that makes most people want to cross their legs when I start talking about it.

    So if you are reading this, please store this information in the back of your mind, or tear out the page and save it. And if you, or a friend, or a co-worker has a baby and is finding it difficult to sit down, please let them know that we're here to help!

    Winchester & District NCT has 3 Valley Cushions available for hire, plus a demonstration model available for antenatal teachers to borrow. 5 days' hire is £15, additional days are charged at £2. Concessions are available

    To find out more or to hire a cushion call me, Claire, on 01962 885670.

    ��� 43

  • Support

    Cloth Nappy Library

    Have you ever considered the cheaper, greener and cuter alternative to disposables?

    We have several different types of nappies which will allow babies of all ages to test our cloth nappies. So, if you are interested in cloth please get in touch no matter how old your baby is.

    Typically we loan 16 nappies at a time so you can test out what it’s like to use cloth full time.

    We work by appointment, so for any nap questions or to make an appointment to view the nappy library contact us on:

    [email protected] or call Katie on 07958 351921

    We also welcome donations of cloth nappies and accessories, so please do email us if you have any.

    ��� 44

    Teddy modelling some of the wonderful range available to try

    from the Nappy Library[email protected]

  • News

    Nearly New Sale Achieves Gold Standard

    We are very proud this year that our Nearly New Sales have been recognised with the NCT Gold Standard for excellence. Come and see why at Kings School, Winchester on 21st November 10 - 12pm.

    We have been running Winchester Nearly New

    Sales for many years. If you haven never been

    to one, put the date in your diary now! This is

    where NCT members and non-members alike

    sell on their pre-loved baby clothes and

    equipment, and find amazing bargains for the

    next stage.

    This past year the sales have gone from

    strength to strength and we have now met the

    stringent criteria set by the NCT to be

    recognised as a Gold Standard Sale.

    Not only does the Gold Standard mean that the Sales make a significant contribution to the branch

    funds, and are run incredibly efficiently by the way, but also that the Sales have a significant reach.

    Gold Standard means that the Sales reach over 600 parents and involve at least 40 volunteers,

    demonstrate a high standard of service and have a wide variety of products at each sale.

    We are particularly proud of the recognition

    that we are committed to recycling, saving

    tonnes of children’s clothing and toys from


    The phased entry means that, although

    demand is fierce, it’s not the scrum you might

    be afraid of. If your legs are flagging and your

    throat is dry, there are loads of delicious

    ��� 45

  • News

    homemade cakes to snack on to keep you fuelled up for the


    Ceri Lawson and her team of volunteers have worked

    incredibly hard to make the sales work so well. Now Ceri is

    stepping down from her Nearly New Sale responsibilities and

    passing the baton on, we would like to thank her for her

    amazing work, and celebrate the fabulous achievement of all

    the volunteers and customers who make the Nearly New

    Sale such a success. Thank you Ceri, and thank you


    Well done! See you all in November!

    ��� 46

    Saturday 21st November 10 - 12pm Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester SO22 5PN

    Top Quality Baby & Children’s Clothes and Equipment at

    Bargain Prices

    Ceri taking a well earned water break!

  • News

    TAKE NOTE! Sling Library Changes Day and Venue

    The fantastic sling library which meets every month will now run on the first Friday of every month with October and November sessions confirmed at The Carroll Youth Centre, Winchester from 10 - 11.30 am

    The Winchester Sling Library is now well established with more than 20 different slings available for try out and hire. From stretchy wraps and close caboos, mei tais, ring slings, wraps and soft structured carriers, there are options for children from birth to 4 years.

    Hayley Halford, who runs the library, is a fully qualified Babywearing Consultant and has the support of a volunteer Peer-to-Peer supporter and three other sling enthusiasts.

    The sessions run for an hour and a half and get really busy so be sure to get there in good time.

    The Sling Library isn’t just there to help you chose a sling, “We are very happy to help people who have already got their own sling and just want advice as the best way to wear or fit it” says Hayley. “It’s really important to have your baby sitting in the right position, both for her and your well-being! With some simple adjustments we can make sure you are getting the most out of your sling and staying comfortable”.

    To hire a sling is just £5 per month plus a fully refundable cash or cheque deposit of the retail value of the sling, so make sure you bring your purse and cheque book.

    Remember, sessions are now the first Friday of every month from 10 to 11.30am at Carroll Youth Centre, Somers Close , Stanmore, Winchester SO22 4EJ

    Entry is just £1 per family. There’s no need to book, just turn up and enjoy!

    ��� 47

  • What’s On

    In and Around Winchester This Autumn

    Courtesy of Mums In The Know - Winchester

    SUPERWORM TRAIL, MOORS VALLEY COUNTRY PARK, Moors Valley Country Park, Nr Ringwood, BH24 2ET, on 13 March 2015 - 31 October 2015 A new super-sensory family trail will open at Moors Valley Country Park, near Ringwood, on 13 March. Incorporating up to 10 stops, each offering activity ideas and questions, it will use its fun format to help children use their super-senses to connect with the forest environment around them. Special packs with additional things to do, including a sticker sheet, activity leaflet, string to make your own Superworm and a limited edition Superworm mini-book will also be available to buy in the Visitor Centre.

    Children’s Trail: Fossils Rock! Winchester Cathedral, Cathedral Close, Winchester, on 25 May 2015 - 01 November 2015 Winchester Cathedral is supporting the Hampshire Cultural Trust’s big theme for 2015 – Dinosaurs! A brand new fun family trail will lead you through the Cathedral to discover the stories within the stones. The Cathedral has stood for nearly 1000 years but the stone used to build it is millions of years old, created during a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This super trail calls for you to take on the role of a Time Detective and discover the unimaginably ancient history of Winchester Cathedral. Available during normal visitor opening hours, Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 5pm and on Sunday 12.30pm - 3pm. Cathedral entry fees apply. Free for annual pass holders (£7.50 adult annual pass, free entry for children under 16 visiting with family).

    SeaCity Museum, Southampton, SO14 7FY, 10am - 5pm, on 13 June 2015 - 27 September 2015 This exhibition brings you face to face with lifelike animatronic dinosaur models from the Natural History Museum. See the powerful jaws on the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex up close, have a go at uncovering fossils in the mini dig pit or see how your foot compares to a real dinosaur footprint. Normal admission prices apply.

    Longstock Village Fete, Longstock Recreation Ground, Longstock Road Longstock , Stockbridge, SO20 6DR, 12.30pm - 4pm, on 12 September 2015 - 12 September 2015 The community from the picturesque village of Longstock nestled in the heart of the Test Valley are coming together again on September 12th 2015 for their 249th Village Fete at the Recreation Ground in the centre of the village. This year like many before it promises to be a wonderful afternoon for all the family with many stalls and attractions to suit all ages. The doors open at 12.30 pm and the entertainment continues through to 4.00pm. All the usual stalls will be there including Gladiators, Toss the Bale, Licensed Bar selling the latest creations from the Local Upham Brewery, B-B-Q, Book Stall, Bottle Stall, Bric-a-Brac, Face Painting, Flowers & Produce, Pony Rides, Tea & Cakes & Ice Cream, The Judging Tent FREE

    Taste of Wickham, The Square, Wickham, Hampshire, PO17 5JG, 10am - 4pm, on 13 September 2015 - 13 September 2015 For the second year in a row, the Square in Wickham will be closed to traffic and instead filled with market stalls selling local produce, gifts and food and free entertainment including cookery demonstrations, a bouncy castle, children’s crafts and live music. A free park and ride will run from Westlands Farm all day so why not make a whole day of it!

    Here be Monsters, Winchester Theatre Royal, Jewry Street, Winchester, SO22 6SE,, on 19 September 2015 - 20 September 2015 Join the villainous Captain Cut-Throat and his fearsome crew as they set sail through monster-infested waters in search of a mysterious island crammed with jewels and gem stones. A thrilling new musical adventure, performed by five talented actor musicians. Recommend for 3+ years.

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  • What’s On

    Worthies Festival - Family fun Day, Church Green, Kingsworthy, 2pm - 6pm, on 19 September 2015 - 19 September 2015 Lots of activities for all the family including: Games and activities from the Scouts and Guides, Bubbles Toddler group - respite stop and play opportunities for the little ones. Tubbies toddler group and Kings Worthy Pre-school will be there with a tombola and second hand toy stall. The Church will provide refreshments in the Church Rooms and traditional games on Church Green including a Children's trail in and around St. Mary’s (Toilet facilities within the Church Rooms will be accessible). Other attractions include Teacup and other rides, courtesy of Reg Day, Juggling Jake will be there in his lovely tent to entertain us and share Circus Skills. There will be a Mobile real coffee truck (essential in our opinion!) – Coffee Cruisers: www.facebook/coffeecruiseruk Kings Worthy Primary PTFA are bringing along their coconut shy, The Brownies will have a sweet stall and for the more grown up amongst us the Parish Council will have their Pimm’s stall.

    Horrible Histories, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1AP, on 23 September 2015 - 27 September 2015 Incredible Invaders and Groovy Greeks look like being BSC’s best Horrible Histories theatre shows yet – designed to both entertain and educate their audiences from ages 5 to 105! Goggle at the goings on of those Groovy Greeks and let the Incredible Invaders ignite your imaginations to learn more about our island’s early history.

    Mini Mudder, Matterley Bowl, Winchester, SO21 1HW, on 26 September 2015 - 27 September 2015 Dubbed “probably the toughest event on the planet,” Tough Mudders have been a huge success around the globe– seeking to test toughness, fitness, strength, stamina, mental grit and teamwork — and this year the kids will also get to join the action with the launch of Fruit Shoot Mini-Mudders. The high-energy events will take place at all existing Tough Mudder and Mudderella events across the UK, Ireland and US challenging 7-12 year olds (who are at least 1.1m tall) to get down and dirty in the name of a challenge and teamwork.

    Hollywood Special Effects Show, Portsmouth Kings Theatre 7pm, on 08 October 2015 - 08 October 2015 The Hollywood Special Effects Show at the Kings Theatre is a brand new interactive and explosive family production that takes audiences behind the scenes of their favourite movies to see how incredible special effects are created for the screen. For families and movie-buffs alike, you’ll feel the heat from spectacular explosions, get up close with gruesome sci-fi monsters, be blown away by apocalyptic weather and possibly star in your own high-octane stunt sequence. The show is a great way to get kids inspired by science, with a few surprises along the way! Tickets for the Autumn 2015 UK tour have just gone on sale so don’t miss out.

    Dinosaur Zoo, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1AP, 11.30am and 2.30pm, on 11 October 2015 - 11 October 2015 Back by popular demand, DINOSAUR ZOO is about to embark on its next Autumn UK tour with its impressive cast of prehistoric creatures, now introducing one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk the earth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, live on stage! The shows lasts approximately 1 hour (with no intervals) and is suitable for ages 3+. There are two showings at 11:30am and 2:30pm and tickets cost £13.50 each.

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