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Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation FOUR ELEMENTS FOUR ELEMENTS Zen Says

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Page 1: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

Issue 02 • February 2017


fiz;adk xka/kh

The Zodiac

Nakshatra Meditation


Page 2: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation


Dear Friends, wondering which is the real one, the one through

the computer or the one which you had been In the age of digitalisation it has become

seeing in reality. Some scientists have done imperative for all of us to raise our

research and firmly believe that this is a virtual communication or transaction through this

world and is the creation of computer. They medium only because it is a thought of now or

also believe in the future the computer can reality. If we don't think now of paperless world

create a virtual world which will look real then our generation will be deprived of trees

including rivers, seas, animals, mountains and which are primarily the source of creating

human beings. Indic philosophy has been saying papers. The world as it is has been over polluted

right from the time of the Vedas that this world by ambitious human beings throughout. Pure

is an illusion or Maya. We have also tried to oxygen has become an issue of urban class

create certain images in the following articles around the world. If you really want to breathe

which themselves speak volumes of the content good oxygen then the only option left is to go to

which you read by and by.jungles, mountains, safari or other places where

you can repair your lungs which have been devoid Elections are taking place in five states in the

of good oxygen due to bad ecology of this world. coming months. Modi government is half way

down and it is very important for the central Artificial intelligence has added another

government to keep its dominance in the core of feather in the cap of intelligence because now

the country by winning all these states. Out of man can use artificial intelligence in different

these five states, Uttar Pradesh is the most fields of creation just by sitting in front of his

prominent one but Punjab being very close to computer screen. A lot of effort is required to

Delhi has a lot of value for BJP government at create a picture, symbol or diagram and to get

the centre because it is a partner with Akalis in the desired image used to be a very big task.

running the State for the last decade. UP's Computer has started this journey by just a

election are spread over two months – February small programming which has taken a quantum

and March and results of all States will be jump and now you can create the image of any

declared in March only. There is still time to go living or non-living objects. Sometimes it looks

but Punjab election will be over in one day, better than the real one and you may start

therefore we thought we will talk of Punjab now

Page 3: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

Editorialand shall cover UP next month. It is difficult to then one can know the past, present and future

decipher whether it is Priyanka Gandhi's aura or of that person. Nakshatra meditation is a new

her background that makes her keep surfacing technique by which one can experience

in all the elections ever since Sonia Gandhi transcendence from many entanglements which

joined politics. We have tried to interpret the are difficult to understand otherwise. Saturn

rajayogas which will compel Priyanka Gandhi to has fascinated me right from the time I became

come upfront despite her being confined in two interested in astrology. My first article was also

constituencies of Uttar Pradesh which are on Saturn which was published in 1980. I was on

fought by her family members. We see her role Jain TV way back in the 90s and it was the first

is expanding in politics in the coming days. television program on astrology ever in this

country, a daily program. The hype of the Nakshatra Meditation is a new technique

program was so appealing that all new channels altogether which has been invented by me and I

followed and started their daily programs on wrote books on this new subject a few years ago.

astrology. My theme of Saturn was that Saturn Nakshatras are the passive fields of heightened

is the only friend of humanity and later on I energy which get ignited the moment birth time

wrote a book also called – Manavta ka ekmatra Moon touches it for that person for the rest of

Mitra Shani. Before Saturn's program on his life. If Sun made life possible in this universe

television there were few ancient temples on then Moon dominates our planet earth for all

Shani in this country but after that you can find good or bad reasons. It has been said in Vedas,

many ancient temples of Shani in one single town. Upanishads and other texts that this world is

The basic difference of Saturn's philosophy is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is considered the

as I said, Saturn is the only friend of humanity mind of the earth and we say 'Ye Dunia Man ka

because he gives results of your karmas. If you Sansar hai'. It cannot be accidental that Moon

have done good karma then it will reward you rules 70 percent of water on earth and in our

otherwise he will punish you heavily. But a new horoscope Moon represents 70 percent of our

theme came out by creating these temples that personality. Your birth nakshatra, sign (Moon),

Shani is the friend of a man but actually Shani is first alphabet of the name, dasa, mahadasa,

a friend of Manavta or humanity.Moon chart, marriage, all are decided by birth

time Moon and nakshatra. If we calculate then There are few more articles on different

Moon controls 70 percent of our life and rest 30 aspects of astrology and they will also intrigue

percent can be assigned to Rajayogas, you. I shall appreciate in this world of

permutation and combinations. digitalisation if you enlighten us with your

opinion. Don't hesitate to write back to us. Nakshatras are also the custodian of our

Karmas of past births. If one can decipher the Take care.

correct interpretation of the birth nakshatra

Page 4: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

by Dr. Ajai Bhambi

Page 5: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

izdk'k flag ckny vkSj NVs ?kj esa ikap xzg lw;Z] 'kfu] eaxy] cq/k vkSj dsrq cSBs gq, gSaA }kn'k Hkko esa pUnzek vkSj jkgw gSaA bldk vFkZ

vdkyh ny izdk'k flag ;g gqvk fd dqaMyh ds lkr izeq[k xzg vkil esa dusDV ckny ds efLr"d dh mit gS gksdj ,d izeq[k jkt;ksx Hkh cuk jgs gSaA NVk Hkko la?k"kZ blfy, budh dqaMyh ls vkus ls fot; fnyokrk gSA eq>s ;kn vk jgk gS fd bejtsalh okys pquko esa budk D;k gksus ds fnuksa esa izdk'k flag ckny Vªd Mªkboj cudj iatkc okyk gS ;g crk;k tk ldrk ls vklkuh ls fudy x;s Fks vkSj ogka dh ljdkj bUgsa gSA oSls Hkh dgrs gSa fd gkFkh <wa<us esa vlQy Hkh jgh FkhA budh dqaMyh esa iape esa ds ikao esa lcdk ikaoA izdk'k 'kqØ vkSj n'ke esa c`gLifr fo|eku gSA flag ckny dk yXu feFkqu gS

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fiNys ,d n'kd ls vdkyh ny vkSj chtsih dh ljdkj iatkc esa ,dN= jkt dj jgh gSA ,d n'kd fdlh Hkh ljdkj ds fy, oks fyVel VsLV gksrk gS tgka ls oks vklkuh ls vxys n'kd esa izos'k dj tkrh gSA xqtjkr] e/; izns'k vkSj vU; jkT;ksa esa ,slk gh ns[kus dks feykA chtsih dh ljdkj dsUnz esa gS vkSj cM+s ncax rjhds ls ujsUnz eksnh viuh ;kstukvksa dks iwjs ns'k esa ykxw djrs vk jgs gSaA chtsih dh ljdkjsa n'kdksa rd jkT;ksa dks pykus dh egkjr Hkh izkIr dj pqdh gSaA ,sls esa iatkc dk pquko vxj vdkyh&chtsih thrrs gSa rks chtsih dk opZLo ns'k esa vkSj c<+sxk vkSj vdkfy;ksa dks u;k thounku feysxkA vxj mYVk gqvk rks vdkyh rks <g tk;saxs vkSj chtsih dh jk"Vªh; jFk ;k=k esa reke ifg;ksa esa ls ,d ifg;k fudydj ckgj gks tk;sxkA vkbZ;s&fofHkUu ikfVZ;ksa vkSj muds usrkvksa dh dqaMyh ls ;g tkuus dk iz;kl djrs gSa fd vkdk'k D;k lksp jgk gS\

Nakshatra Brahm • 5

Page 6: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

Hkkjrh; turk ikVhZ dk feFkqu yXu gS vkSj dqaMyh esa xzgksa dh fLFkfr bl izdkj gSA r`rh; Hkko ¼flag jkf'k½ esa 'kfu] xq#] eaxy vkSj jkgw fojkteku gSaA NVs Hkko esa uhp dk panzek] uoe Hkko esa cq/k vkSj dsrq vkSj n'ke esa lw;Z vkSj }kn'k esa 'kqØ fLFkr gSA

Hkkjrh; turk ikVhZ dh dqaMyh esa vizsy 2012 ls N% o"khZ; lw;Z dh egkn'kk py jgh gSA mYys[kuh; gS fd r`rh; Hkko esa pkj xzg & 'kfu] xq#] jkgw vkSj eaxy feydj ,d izotz jkt;skx cuk jgs gSa vkSj n'kkukFk viuh jkf'k ls v"Ve cSBk gqvk gS vkSj n'kkukFk ;kfu lw;Z ls lkjs xzg NVs esa gSaA r`rh; Hkko dk laca/k ijkØe ls gksrk gSA dqaMyh esa lw;Z dh egkn'kk ds lkFk gh Hkktik iwjs ns'k esa Nk xbZ vkSj ujsUnz eksnh uk dsoy chtsih dk cfYd iwjs Hkkjr ds ,dek= fodYi gksdj mHkjs vkSj iwjs ns'k us ujsUnz eksnh dks gkFkksgkFk fy;kA

orZeku esa izdk'k flag ckny dks 'kqØ dh egkn'kk esa 'kqØ dh varnZ'kk py jgh gSA 'kqØ dkQh cyoku gS vkdk'k lnSo gh euq"; ls vyx vkSj Li"V lksprk gSA ysfdu mls dqaMyh esa vkSj xzgksa dk lg;ksx ugha fey dHkh & dHkh ge mlds ladsr i<+ ikrs gSa vkSj tc Hkh jgk gSA mPpdksfV dh larku gksrs gq, Hkh larku budks vius ladsr vkdk'k dks nsuk 'kq# djrs gSa rc vkdk'k bl le; viuk lg;ksx iznku djus dh voLFkk esa ugha ladsr ugha ysrk cfYd viuk fu.kZ; lqukrk gSA lw;Z ls gSA vkt Hkh buds dkj.k budh ikVhZ vkSj ljdkj dk bl jkt;ksx esa fLFkr xzg ,d ,axy ls NVs gSa vkSj nwljs ncnck gSA 'kqØ dqaMyh esa vPNk gksus ds ckotwn Hkh ,axy ls v"VeA bldk eryc ;g gqvk fd jkt;ksx bruk lg;ksx ugha iznku dj jgk gS fd ;s ikVhZ dh vkSj n'kkukFk esa dksbZ Hkh dusD'ku ugha gS ,slh voLFkk esa lk[k cpk ik;sa] gkykafd budh viuh lk[k cuh jgsxhA ljdkj pykus okys vius vR;f/kd mRlkg esa turk ls

dusD'ku [kks nsrs gSa vkSj [kqn dks Fkksius dk iz;kl djrs gSaA 'kk;n bl Hkwy dk ,glkl Hkktik dks bu pquko esa gksxkA iatkc mldh ,d egRoiw.kZ dM+h gSA

vke vkneh ikVhZ dk yXu edj gS vkSj xzg fLFkfr bl izdkj gS% pUnzek & es"k] dsrq] xq: & o`"k] cq/k] 'kqØ] 'kfu & rqyk] lw;Z] jkgw & o`f'pd vkSj eaxy /kuq jkf'k esa fLFkr gSA

vke vkneh ikVhZ dk edj yXu gS vkSj n'ke Hkko esa rhu egRoiw.kZ xzg & 'kfu] 'kqØ vkSj cq/k fojkteku gSa ;kfu rhuksa f=dks.kksa ds Lokeh n'ke ;k jkT; Hkko esa fLFkr gSaA prqFkZ Hkko esa pUnzek vkSj mlls ;s lkjs xzg lIre gSaA ;g ,d izcy jkt;ksx gSA blds dkj.k vke vkneh ikVhZ ns[krs gh ns[krs [kkl gks xbZ vkSj ns'k dh

Hkkjrh; turk ikVhZ

vke vkneh ikVhZ

izdk'k flag ckny

Hkkjrh; turk ikVhZ

6 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 7: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

jkt/kkuh fnYyh esa bUgksaus viuh ljdkj cuk;hA tc ls ;g gqvk fd ;g jkt;ksx pUnz vkSj yXu nksuksa ls curk ns'k vktkn gqvk gS 90 izfr'kr ls T;knk lhV ysdj gS vkSj tc Hkh dksbZ jkt;ksx yXu vkSj pUnz ls curk gks dksbZ ikVhZ ugha thrh] 'kk;n ;g fjdkMZ Hkh vke vkneh rc ,d lk/kkj.k lk bade VSDl vkWfQlj ,d izns'k dk ikVhZ us gh cuk;kA ;g jkt;ksx dk Qy gS vkSj vHkh rks eq[;ea=h cu tkrk gS vkSj jk"Vªh; ikVhZ dk dafouj 'kq#vkr gSA gksdj viuk >aM+k iwjs ns'k esa Qgjkus dh fQjkd esa gSA

tc dHkh yksx eq>ls iwNrs gSa fd jkt;ksx dk Qy D;k gksrk gS rc eSa blh rjg ls mnkgj.k fn;k djrk gwaA

vke vkneh ikVhZ vkSj vjfoUn dstjhoky dh dqaMyh esa c`gLifr dh egkn'kk dstjhoky ,d nwljs ds iwjd esa pUnzek dh varnZ'kk vizsy 2017 rd py jgh gS tks gSaA vke vkneh ikVhZ dk cgqr menk gSA vke vkneh ikVhZ dh dqaMyh esa 'kqØ dh lksprs gh vxj dksbZ lcls egkn'kk esa eaxy dh varnZ'kk py jgh gSA 'kqØ rks edj igys psgjk tgu esa mHkjrk gS yXu dh dqaMyh esa ;ksxdkjd gksrk gS vkSj n'ke Hkko esa rks oks vjfoUn dstjhoky dk cSBk Hkh gqvk gS ysfdu eaxy ftldh varnZ'kk gS oks ,d & Vksih vkSj eQyj yxk;s rks }kn'k esas gS vkSj uoeka'k esa Hkh }kn'k esa gS vkSj uhap gq, psgjk fnekx esa vkrk gSA dk gks x;k gSA bu lkjh x.kukvksa dk vFkZ ;g gqvk fd ykbykt fn[kus okyh [kkalh vke vkneh ikVhZ dks cgqr vPNh lQyrk feysxh vkSj dks rks mUgksaus uspwjksiSFkh ls vjfoUn dstjhoky dk ns'k dh jktuhfr esa opZLo c<+sxk

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vjfoUn dstjhoky dk yXu o`"k gS vkSj xzg fLFkfr bl izdkj gS % pUnz & o`"k] eaxy & ddZ] lw;Z] cq/k] 'kqØ] xq# & flag] dsrq & dU;k] jkgw & ehu vkSj 'kfu es"k jkf'k esa dsIVu vejsUnz flag dk yXu /kuq gS vkSj yXu esa pUnzek] fojkteku gSA yXu eas fLFkr pUnz ls pkj xzg prqFkZ Hkko f}rh; esa 'kqØ] cq/k] r`rh; esa lw;Z] dsrq] NVs esa 'kfu] esa cSBdj ,d ikojQqy jkt;ksx cukrs gSA bldk vFkZ eaxy] xq# vkSj uoe esa jkgw fojkteku gSA dsIVu

vjfoUn dstjhoky

dsIVu vejsUnz flag

vke vkneh ikVhZ vjfoUn dstjhoky

Nakshatra Brahm • 7

Page 8: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

vejsUnz flag dh dqaMyh esa nks folaxfr;ka gSa ftlds dkj.k budk jktuSfrd thou dkQh folaxfr;ksa ls Hkjk iM+k gSA yXu esa v"Ve dk Lokeh pUnz fojkteku gS vkSj yXu dk Lokeh c`gLifr NVs Hkko esaA bldk ,d vFkZ ;g Hkh gqvk fd bruh mPpdksfV dh

csdxzkmaM gksrs gq, ;kfu ifV;kyk ds egkjktk gksrs gq, Hkh budk jktuSfrd thou mRFkku] iru vkSj mnklhurk dh ;k=k esa jgk gSA budh csdxzkmaM dks ns[krs gq, tks leL;k,a budks Nwdj ugha tkuh pkfg, Fkh ,slh reke leL;kvksa ls budk jktuSfrd thou Hkjk iM+k gSA vkdk'k dh ea'kk ds vkxs vkneh rks D;k

vkSj n'ke esa 'kqØ fojkteku gSA bUgha nksuksa dh n'kk 11 jktk&egkjktkvksa dh ea'kk Hkh ugha pyrhA tuojh 2017 ls 'kq# gqbZ gSA ftlds QyLo:Ik vkus okys pqukoksa esa dkaxzsl ds izHkko esa vfr'k; o`f) gksxhA

dkaxzsl dh dqaMyh n'kkZrh gS fd iatkc esa bl ikVhZ dks cgqr vPNh lQyrk feyuh pkfg,A vejsUnz flag dh dqaMyh Hkh ,sls gh ladsr nsrh gSA

dkaxzsl dh dqaMyh bl izdkj gS % yXu & ehu] dsrq & ehu] c`gLifr & feFkqu] eaxy & ddZ] 'kfu & flag] pUnz] jkgw & dU;k] cq/k & o`f'pd vkSj lw;Z] 'kqØ /kuq jkf'k esa fojkteku gSaA dkaxszl dh dqaMyh esa [kkl ckr ;g gS fd pkjksa dsUnz Hkjs gq, gSa ftlls ;s dqaMyh dkQh l'kDr cu iM+h gSA prqFkZ Hkko esa c`gLifr fojkteku gS


ds- vefjUnj flag

dkaxzsl ¼vkbZ½

ifj.kke% vdkyh vkSj chtsih dk izHkko bl pquko esa cgqr de gksuk pkfg,A vke vkneh ikVhZ vkSj dstjhoky dk izHkko iatkc esa c<+sxkA dkaxzsl ikVhZ vkSj vejsUnz flag ds flrkjs cqyan gSaA laHkkouk dkaxzsl ds ikWoj esa vkus dh gSA laHko gS mls lg;ksx ysuk iM+sA

8 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 9: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

fiz;adk xka/khc Hkh ns'k esa yksdlHkk ;k jkT;ksa ds eksnh dks ;w-ih- esa Ndkuk gS rks dkaxszl ikVhZ dh pqukoksa dk ftØ gksrk gS rks fiNys dbZ okbcjsaV vkSj ;qok usrk fiz;adk xka/kh dks de ls de to"kksZa ls dkaxzsl ikVhZ esa jktho & lksfu;k mRrj izns'k esa rks [kqydj vkuk iM+sxkA iz'u ;g gS

xka/kh dh dfj'ekbZ csVh fiz;adk dk cksyckyk gj Vh- fd D;k fiz;adk xka/kh dkaxzsl dh ek= enn dj jgh gSa oh- fMcsV vkSj ns'k ds reke v[kckjksa esa jgrk gSA ;k bl pquko ds ckn ,d l'kDr jk"Vªh; usrk cudj tc yksdlHkk ds pquko gksrs gSa rc ns[kus&lquus esa mHkjsaxhA ncax fiz;adk xka/kh xqelqe vesBh vkSj jk;cjsyh esa eka

fiz;adk xka/kh dk tUe 12 tuojh 1972 dks 13-59 vkSj HkkbZ dk [kqys fny ls izpkj djrh gSa vkSj mlds

cts fnYyh esa gqvk FkkA buds tUe ds le; iwohZ ckn vius nk;js esa fleV tkrh gSaA

f{kfrt ij o`"k yXu mfnr gks jgk FkkA 'kfu&o`"k] bl ckj mRrj izns'k dk ekgkSy vyx gSA igys dsrq&ddZ] pUnzek&o`f'pd] lw;Z] cq/k] c`gLifr&/kuq] ;kno ifjokj esa egkHkkjr gksrh jgh vkSj ml jkgw&edj] 'kqØ&dqEHk vkSj eaxy ehu jkf'k esa egkHkkjr esa Vhiw lqYrku cudj mHkjs vkSj dkaxzsl ds fo|eku gSA lkFk lektoknh ikVhZ dh lkaBxkaB rks igys ls gh Fkh

fiz;adk xka/kh dk yXu o`"k gS vkSj mlesa oØh 'kfu vkSj ckn esa xBca/ku Hkh gks x;kA dkaxzsl ikVhZ

fojkteku gSA n'ke Hkko esa yXus'k 'kqØ dqEHk jkf'k esa xkts&ckts ds lkFk cksy jgh gS fd vxj iz/kkuea=h

by Dr. Ajai Bhambi

Nakshatra Brahm • 9

Page 10: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

fLFkr gSA 'kfu vkSj 'kqØ ds e/; ,d xzg ifjorZu izHkkfor djus dh {kerk j[krk gSA fiz;adk bafnjk jkt;ksx cuk gqvk gS tks cgqr gh menk gSA tc Hkh xka/kh dh iksrh gSa vkSj jktho xka/kh dh iq=h gSa tks dHkh yXu vkSj n'ke Hkko ds e/; LFkku ifjorZu mudh vkyk fojklr dks c;ku djrk gSA ;ksx gksrk gS vkSj oks nksuksa xzg fe= ;k dkjd gksa rks

uoe Hkko esa jkgw vxj vPNk gks rks nks izdkj ds ;g ,d mPpdksfV dk jkt;ksx gksrk gSA

fjtYV nsrk gS vkSj vxj [kjkc gks rks fQj HkkX; esa yXu dk laca/k O;fDrRo ls gksrk gS vkSj n'ke Hkko vDlj ck/kk,a izLrqr djrk gSA HkkX; LFkku esa dk ysuk&nsuk jkT; ls gSA 'kqØ ;gka ij yXus'k gS cyoku jkgw Hkh HkkX; dks vklkuh ls iwjh rjg izdV vkSj 'kfu dkjdA bldk lh/kk lk vFkZ ;g Hkh gqvk ugha gksus nsrkA ,d vyx fdLe dh jgL;e;rk ;gka fd fiz;adk xka/kh ds ;s nksuksa xzg mls dksus ls ns[kus dks feyrh gS vkSj vxj yXus'k vkSj n'kes'k fudkydj lRrk ds l'kDr gksa rks jkgw e/; esa [kM+k dj nsaxsA izcy HkkX; iznku ;wa rks fiz;adk ds xzg djrk gSA fiNys dbZ o"kksZa ls

orZeku esa fiz;adk tksj ekj jgs Fks ysfdu

xka/kh dks 'kqØ dh fdUgha vKkr dkj.kksa

egkn'kk esa c`gLifr ls oks viÝaV ugha gks

dh varnZ'kk py jgh jgh a Fkh ysfdu

gS tks vizSy 2019 rd T;ksfr"k ds tkuus

pysxhA 'kqØ n'ke okys ekurs gS fd tc

Hkko esa vkSj c`gLifr xzg izcy gksrk gS rks

v"Ve Hkko esa cSBdj fQj O;fDr ls oks og

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vPNk la;ksx cuk jgs ftlds oks fufeRr gSA

gSaA uoeka'k esa 'kqØ lIre Hkko esa uhp dk vius ?kj dk gS vkSj pUnzek vkSj lIre xq# es"k jkf'k esa fLFkr Hkko dk Lokeh eaxy gSA bldk vFkZ ;g ,dkn'k Hkko esa fojkteku gSaA lIre Hkko ifr dks gqvk fd vkus okys o"kksZa esa fiz;adk dk vfLrRo c<+sxk fjizstsaV djrk gS vkSj jkscVZ OkkMjk ij dbZ rjg ds vkSj oks cM+h lknxh vkSj bZekunkjh ds lkFk vius vkjksi yxrs jgrs gSa tks izkbe&,&QslkbZ ns[kus ls HkkbZ jkgqy xka/kh ds gkFk etcwr djsxh vkSj blh t?kU; ekywe iM+rs gSa ysfdu vHkh rd okMjk dks izfØ;k esa fiz;adk xka/kh 2019 dk yksdlHkk pquko dksbZ uqdlku ugha gqvkA ;g eaxy dh ,dkn'k Hkko vkus rd dkaxzsl ikVhZ dh ,d etcwr] l'kDr] esa fLFkfr ds dkj.k laHko gqvkA gksugkj] vkstLoh] larqfyr vkSj nwjn`f"V okyh usrk

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fiz;adk xka/kh

10 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 11: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation


Tosotsu made three barriers:

"Getting rid of your illusions and penetrating into the truth is done by

seeing into your nature. At this moment, where is your nature?

When you realize what your nature is, you are free from life, free from death. When

the light of your eyes is falling, how can you be free from them? If you have freed

yourself from life and death, you know where you are going. When the Four Elements

separate, where are you off to?

Word Trap


This or That

No Mind

As soon as a monk stated, "The radiance of the Buddha quietly and restlessly illuminates the

whole universe," Ummon asked him, "Are you reciting the word of Chosetzu Shusai?" The

monk replied, "Yes, they are." Ummon said, "You are trapped in words!"

The National Teacher called the attendant three times, and three times he answered. The

National Teacher said, "I thought I had transgressed against you, but it seems that you have

transgressed against me."

Joshu asked Nansen, "What is the way?" Nansen answered, "Your ordinary mind is the way."

Joshu said, "Does it go in any particular direction?" Nansen replied, "The more you seem

after it, the more it runs away." Joshu: "Then how can you know it is the way?" Nansen: "The

way does not belong to knowing or not knowing. Knowing is illusion. Not knowing is lack of

discrimination. When you get to this perplexed way, it is like the vastness of space, an

unfathomable void, so how can it be this or that, yes or no? Joshu came to a sudden


A monk asked Nansen. "Is there a truth which no one has taught?" Nansen replied, "There is."

What is the truth?" asked the monk "which no one has taught so far?" Nansen answered, "It

is not mind, it is not Buddha; it is not things."

Nakshatra Brahm • 11

Page 12: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

'kfuHkwfedk% mRrj%



T;ksfr"k ,oa vk/;kRe dk vkil esa xgjk laca/k gSA ;fn T;ksfr'k dk laf/k foPNsn fd;k tk;s rks gksrk gS T;ksfr $ bZ”kA vFkkZr ;g bZ”oj dh T;ksfr gS] izdk”k gS ftlls tgka ,d vkSj nqfu;koh leL;kvksa dks gy djus dh fof/k;ka gSa ogha nwljh vkSj vk/;kfRed Åapkb;ksa dks Nwus ds lksiku Hkh gSaA ;wa rks c`gLifr o vU; xzg /keZ] vk/;kRe dh vksj bafxr djrs gSa vkSj O;fDr ds ckjs esa dqN tkudkjh nsrs gSaA ysfdu “kfu gh ek= ,d ,slk xzg gS tks /;ku] riL;k vkSj vuq”kklu vkfn O;fDr ls djokrk gS vkSj ;fn O;fDr tUe o e`R;q ds jgL; dks tkuuk pkgrk gS rks xqRFkh lqy>kus okyk xzg Hkh “kfu gSA

;fn “kfu vk/;kRe dh vkSj ys tkus okyk xzg gS rks ;g tUe ls e`R;q dk jgL;] LFkwy ls lw{e dk jgL;] nq[k ls lq[k dh ;k=k dSls djokrk gSA

tc dq.Myh esa “kfu ftl jkf”k esa cSBrk gS rks ewyr% og jkf”k vkSj u{k= ;g r; djrs gSa fd vkneh bl tUe esa vk/;kRe ds eeZ dks tkuus dk iz;Ru djsxk ;k lqij¶ywvl jgsxkA ;g ckr O;fDr dh dq.Myh r; djsxh ysfdu “kfu ds ikl ,d vkSj rjhdk gSA og gj O;fDr dks viuh fxj¶r esa ys ysrk gSA izR;sd 30 o'kZ ds ckn gj O;fDr ds Åij “kfu dh lk<s+ lkrh vkrh gSA blh vof/k esa O;fDr dks prqFkZ o v'Ve~ “kfu dks Hkh >syuk iM+rk gS pUnzek eu dk xzg gS vkSj “kfu O;ogkj] izsfDVdfyVh dk xzg gSA lk<+s lkrh dh nks voLFkk,a gksrh gSaA ,d ftlesa O;fDr vius Hkhrj >kaddj ns[krk gS vkSj ;fn Hkhrj ls ekxZ u feys rks nwljh voLFkk esa vKkr dh jkg ij py iM+rk gSA

iafMr th] vkidh ckr ls nks ckrsa Li'V gks x;h

by Dr. Ajai Bhambi

12 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 13: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

fd ,d rks dq.Myh esa “kfu O;fDr ds O;fDrRo dks nwljk O;fDrxr ysoy ijA izksQs”kuy ysoy ls rkRi;Z fu/kkZfjr djrk gS vkSj nwljk vkdk”k esa “kfu ?kwerk gSA gS fd jksth&jksVh] O;olk; vkfn esa fnDdrsa vkrh gSa vkSj xkspj dk “kfu O;fDr dks iw.kZr% izHkkfor djrk gSA “kfu O;fDrxr ysoy ij mlesa vkilh laca/kksa esa vyxko dh egkjkt dSls & dSls izHkkfor djrs gSaA fLFkfr ns[kus dks feyrh gSA D;k ;g lc “kfu dh lk<+s

lkrh esa gksrk gS\ tUedkfyd “kfu D;k & D;k djrk gS bl ij

ge ckn esa ppkZ djsaxsA ijUrq xkspj dk “kfu gj O;fDr gekjh dbZ vknrksa esa ,d vknr ;g Hkh gS fd dks vyx & vyx dk;Z rks ge djrs gSa] rjhds ls izHkkfor baVsal Hkh gksrs gSa] ijUrq djrk gSA tc ge “kfu flalh;fjVh nwj & nwj ds ba¶yw,al esa ugha gksrs rd ugha gksrh vkSj tc vFkkZr tc u rks lk<s+ Hkh flalhlfjVh dk lkrh gksrh gS vkSj uk vHkko gksrk gS rks ogka gh v'Ve~ ;k prqFkZ dk ;g leL;k,a vkrh gSaA “kfu gksrk gS rks ge ,slk fcYdqy ugha gS mUeqDr rjhds ls fd “kfu dh lk<s lkrh thou thrs gSa vkSj esa gj O;fDr ds lkFk viuh lkjh ;kstukvksa ,slk gksrk gS fd mldh vkSj dk;ksZa dks Hkfo'; ukSdjh pyh tkrh gS ij NksM+ nsrs gSa vkSj lk laca/k [kjkc gks vkt ls T;knk lcd tkrs gSa cfYd tgka ugh a y sr s ] , slk flalh;fjVh gS ogka vf/kdrj yksx djrs gSa “kfu iq[rk ;k mRre vkSj “kfu tc viuh fjtYV nsrk gS vkSj izHkko fn[kkrk gS rc vkilh laca/kksa esa gksrk og vkneh ls iwNrk gS D;k gS fd tc vkneh fd vkius D;k & D;k deQVsZcy gksrk gS rks xyfr;ka dhA D;ksafd viuksa dks gh gs; n`f'V tc mUeqDr rjhds ls ls ns[kus yxrk gS ft;k tk;sxk rks u ogka ftlls mlds bxks dh vuq”kklu gksxk vkj u rqf'V gksrh gSA tcfd gh flLVe vkSj dk;ksZa ,slk gksuk ugha pkfg,A dks isafMax esa Mkyus dh dksbZ O;fDr vkxs c<+ vknr vkneh esa ?kj dj jgk gS rks vPNk lkspuk ysrh gSA ;g ge lc tkurs gSa fd fdlh Hkh dk;Z dks pkfg, vkSj nwljksa ds lkFk xyr djus dh vko”;drk T;knk le; ds fy, isafMax esa ugha Mkyk tk ldrk vkSj ugha gS vkSj ;fn ,slk og djrk gS rks lk<s+ lkrh esa “kfu og xzg gS tks vkidh [kcj ysrk Hkh gS vkSj nsrk Hkh mldks vius deksZa dks Hkqxruk iM+rk gSA gSA

vius Kku dh ,d vkSj fLFkfr Hkh gS fd dbZ ckj izR;sd O;fDr dks nks Lrjksa ij leL;kvksa dk ,slk ns[kus esa vkrk gS fd dksbZ vkneh lcdh ckr ekurk

lkeuk djuk iM+rk gSA ,d rks izksQs”kuy ysoy ij vkSj Fkk] lqurk Fkk] lcls laca/k vPNs Fks] jksth&jkstxkj esa Hkh



iafMr vt; Hkkach dk T;ksfr"k “kkL= dks ,d u;k eqdke iznku djus dk iz;kl vrqyuh; gSA T;ksfr"k dks dEI;wVjkbZTM djus dk Js; bUgha dks tkrk gSA T;ksfr"k dks Vh oh ij izpkfjr vkSj izlkfjr djus dh “kq#vkr Hkh bUgksaus gh dh FkhA tSu Vh oh ij iafMr th dk ,d izksxzke ^T;ksfr"k vkSj ge* izfrfnu izlkfjr gksrk Fkk tks 1999 ls 2004 rd fuckZ/k #i ls VsyhdkLV gqvkA bl izksxzke esa os fofHkUu eqn~ns mBkrs Fks vkSj dbZ vU; T;ksfrf"k;ksa vkSj fo}kuksa ls Hkh bl izksxzke esa ppkZ djrs FksA blh izksxzke esa mUgksaus “kfu ds fofHkUu vk;keksa ij okrkZ dhA iafMr HkkEch us “kfu dh ppkZ dk bruk izpkj & izlkj fd;k fd blds ckn iwjs ns”k esa “kfu eafnjksa dh LFkkiuk dh ck<+ vk xbZA

iafMr th dk ekuuk gS fd “kfu oks xzg gS tks jktk dks jkT; ls] jkT; dk turk vkSj izR;sd tu dk fut ¼Lo;a½ dh okLrfod fLFkfr ls Bhd ls tksM+rk gSA bruk gh ugha] “kfu izR;sd O;fDr dks blh thou esa mldh dfea;ksa] dfBukbZ;ksa vkSj ladVksa dks ckjhdh ls le>us dh vkSj muls ÅHkjus dh rjdhc crkrk gSA [kaM & [kaM esa caVs gq, ekuo dks igys tksM+rk gS fQj ,d izdk”kiqat cudj iSB tkrk gSA /khjs & /khjs ;s izdk”kiqat QSyus yxrk gS vkSj fQj O;fDr oks ugha jgrk tks igys FkkA tks xzg bruk vkewypwy ifjorZu dj ns oks gh flQZ ,d ek= ekuork dk fe= gks ldrk gS vkSj ;g xzg gS vkidk viuk & “kfuA

u{k=&czã esa izfr ekg fofHkUu fo"k;ksa ij “kfu ij gqbZ ppkZ ds va”k izdkf”kr dj jgs gSaA ;s ys[k] iz”u vkSj mRrj ds QksjesV esa gksaxsA ;s ys[k “kfu ds dbZ fNis igywvksa dks vki rd igqapk;saxs vkSj blesa vkidh :fp Hkh cuh jgsxhA

lkHkkj & ^ekuork dk ,dek= fe= “kfu* iqLrd lsizdk”kd & Mk;eaM cqDl

Nakshatra Brahm • 13

Page 14: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

vPNk FkkA lMUuyh lk<s+ lkrh vkrh gS mlds LoHkko esa mRrj% lsVuZ bt , xzsV bDosykbtjA “kfu le xzg gSA ifjorZu vkrk gS] og lcds f[kykQ pyrk gS vkSj ubZ og tc ;g ns[krk gS fd O;fDr tcjnLrh gkbZ&QkbZ gks vkbfM;ksyksth ysdj pyrk gS] ogka laca/k dSls [kjkc gks jgk gS vkSj gkbZ&QkbZ gksus esa laca/kksa dh xfjek dks egRo tkrs gSa\ ugha ns jgk gS rks “kfu lk<s+ lkrh ds nkSjku ftl izdkj

mlus nwljksa dks d'V fn;k mlh izdkj og mldks d'V ;g iz”u cgqr gh [kwclwjr gSA dbZ ckj vkneh nsrk gS rFkk bxks dks iapj djrk gS vkSj ;fn O;fDr

viuh vknr ds pyrs] vPNs xq.kksa ds pyrs vPNs fujhg] vlgk; vkSj nwljksa ls fel;wt gqvk gS rks “kfu laLdkjksa ds pyrs gj ckr esa gka djus dh vknr Mky ml O;fDr ds vkRe lEeku dks iqu% LFkkfir djrk gS ysrk gSA dHkh & dHkh ,slk Hkh gksrk gS fd HkhM+ esa vki vkSj nwljksa dh nklrk ls pkgs ekufld gks ;k vkfFkZd ls fxj tk;sa rks dksbZ vkidks ugha mBkrkA lc vkidh ihB eqDr djrk gSAij iSj j[kdj pys tk;saxsA HkhM+ esa rks “kk;n gh dksbZ fxjrk gks ijUrq thou dh HkhM+ esa rks yksx vDlj nwljs lkalkfjd Lrj ij rks “kfu fofHkUu rjhdksa ls enn

ds da/kksa ij j[kdj gh canwd pykrs gSa vkSj vius vki dks djrk gSA ;g rks ekywe py x;k ijUrq vk/;kfRed Lrj tliky jk.kk ekurs gSa rks ogka “kfu vkneh esa pSrU;rk ij “kfu dSls enn djrk gS\iSnk djrk gS] vos;j cukrk gS vkSj izsj.kk nsrk gS fd

vk/;kfRed igyw dks le>uk FkksM+k eqf”dy gSA mBks vkSj pyks] rqe Hkh tliky jk.kk cu ldrs gksA vf/kdrj] tc O;fDr /;ku esa xgjs esa mrjrk gS rks mls

/khjs & /khjs “kfu xzg dkQh Li'V gksrk tk jgk gS bywtu Hkh gksrs gSa vkSj baV~;w”ku HkhA Hkze tky esa vDlj rks “kfu ennxkj gS] ;g Hkh Li'V gks jgk gS vkSj ns[kus esa O;fDr Qal tkrk gS vkSj /;ku esas NksVh&NksVh vk jgk gS fd “kfu gj izdkj ls mRFkku dk dkjd gS vkSj miyfC/k;ksa dks cM+k ekuus yx tkrk gS vkSj mldk vga dbZ izdkj ls thou dks y; ls tksM+ jgk gS vkSj LQwfrZ etcwr gks tkrk gS vkSj Lo;a dks ukgd cM+k /;kuh ekuus vkSj u, lapkj dk izlkj dj jgk gSA FkksM+k bl ij yxrk gSA bl izfØ;k esa mldh mUufr #d tkrh gSA izdk”k MkysaA fQj “kfu mlds Hkze dks rksM+rk gS vkSj mls lgh jkLrs

ij ykrk gSA





14 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 15: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

The Zodiacby Dr. Ajai Bhambi

he zodiac is a never-ending constant THE ZODIAC AND THE HUMAN MINDconcept. But, when observed from the

Right from time immemorial, the zodiac and the solar Tearth, certain imaginary measurements system have evoked the imagination of human

are made to establish a relationship between the beings, by revealing certain secrets. Perhaps, that is

two. According to this imaginary measurement, why human beings could discover so much about

the zodiac is of 360 degrees and is further divided Nature and exploit it. The day man looked at the sky,

into 12 parts. Each of these parts is 30 degrees he was filled with a suspended awakening. The sky

each. These divisions are known as the signs, gave him a sense of direction. The first time he

ranging from Aries to Pisces. Each of these signs confronted clouds, he hid himself in a cave. At first,

comprises of two-and-a-quarter constellations thunder and lightning made his life miserable. Later,

and there are 27 constellations in all. The when the clouds burst, man's ecstasy knew no bounds.

constellations are made of different but definite But this first experience of what man perceived as

stars. The perfect blending of two-and-a-quarter heaven was not consistent. The clouds did not

constellations in a sign makes it unique, necessarily bring rain every time they gathered in the

represented as it is by the shape of animals, skies.

reptiles, marine creatures and human beings. A perceptive observation will tell us about the connection of the zodiac with creation.

Nakshatra Brahm • 15

Page 16: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

Presumably, that was when man thought that he must explore the sky properly and understand the mystery

Whenever we view the zodiac from the earth, either behind these phenomena. According to physicists, the

with the naked eye or with scientific instruments, like Universe cannot be tied to fixed definitions; it is ever-

the telescope, certain things are very evident about it. expanding. Although we know a lot about it, yet a lot

There are 27 constellations and 12 signs. Each sign remains a puzzle. The first encounter of man with the

comprises of two-and-a-quarter constellations. When zodiac and the stars was surely an awakening, a

we view a sign from the earth, then we see a form of fascinating experience for man!

either a beast or a human being. To an observant eye, Think about it – all the life forces have their source in these different pictures reveal great secrets to man. the sky. The sunlight, moonlight, rain, air and

According to Indian mythology, a living goes through whatever else that happens on earth has a direct

84 lakh lives, before he takes birth as a human being. bearing to the sky. Maybe, that's why the immediate

We are not out to prove this, but the fact remains that metaphor that human beings found for any celestial

man goes through a myriad experiences in one single phenomena was 'heaven'.

life as a human being. Psychologists believe that 70 per cent of a man's learning is non-verbal, compared


Pandit Ajai Bhambi has many pioneering efforts to his credit. Making a birth chart or horoscope in the past was very difficult and was done manually. In such an environment he started the use of computerization for astrology which is common usage now. He introduced astrology on television. There were no programs on astrology on television and this was a challenge and no astrologer was ready to be seen on the TV screen. By bringing this new subject of astrology to television he directly reached individuals and the homes of people. It is he who has brought Vedic astrology to the forefront.

Astrology is considered one of the oldest branches of cosmology. Ever since the caveman looked at a star to find direction; his journey of civilization also began. With the passing of seasons Man also observed the solar movement and its influence on the changing seasons on the earth which became predictable and helped him in adapting and building a social system. Today with the knowledge at our disposal we understand that the planets are cosmic bodies and they radiate electromagnetic energies.

The predictive ability of astrological science has been proven without doubt for thousands of years. The role of astrology cannot be denied in the life of an individual, social life and to a large extent in influencing even civilizations down the ages. Different streams of science have acknowledged the influence of the waxing and waning of the Moon and its effect on the tides. Seventy percent of the earth is water and 70% of Man's body is also water. The influence of different stages of the Moon on Man has been documented by many.

In these columns Pandit Ajai Bhambi will help us understand the complex subject of astrology in a simple yet interesting and modern manner. Astrology deals with signs, symbols, planets, elements, stories and many more things. Every aspect needs to be understood with the adoption of a modern approach. The columns here will help to develop knowledge on the zodiac, planets and signs. This will help in knowing answers to the what, why, where and how of the zodiac. It will help to sharpen one's intellect and obtain a better understanding of the happenings in the Universe and their influence on Man according to one's birth chart. Read on to Be Your Own Astrologer……..

From – Be Your Own AstrologerPublished by – Wisdom Tree

Be Your Own Astrologer…

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Page 17: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

8 • Nakshatra Brahm

to the impact of verbal teaching that he is subjected to. subconscious of man is the same, irrespective of race Most religions also expound the thought that man and country of origin. If sages of the east explored the goes through the experience of being a rock, a tree, an invisible sky, then the Greek philosopher Aristotle animal and many other forms of life, before he takes and others invented different instruments to the form of a human being. If we look at it understand the celestial phenomena. The astrological metaphysically, there are many experiences we may ideas of the East and West do not differ in their basic have undergone, which are decipherable through our concepts. It is altogether a different matter that Indian behaviour patterns. Sometimes a man behaves like a sages progressed on different rules and principles to lion, creating terror in others; on other occasions, he is explore the life truths of human beings. However, as nothing short of a mouse. far as basic understanding of the zodiac,

constellations, signs and stars is concerned, there is no Psychologists make a lot of sense when they say we

visible difference in Eastern and Western astrological learn more non-verbally than through verbal

thought. communication. Nature has bestowed man with powerful senses – hearing, smelling, touching, seeing The human being has always been learning about and speaking. Out of all these five senses, speech is roads, plantations, animals and other realities of just one aspect. But learning is a holistic process, ecological and biological life, right from the which keeps on taking place right from our birth, beginning. Astrology plays an important part in through these five senses. If one can develop these human life to suggest something that is absolutely five senses properly, then other hidden senses, like the meaningful, if its principles are applied sixth, i.e. intuition and the seventh i.e. super systematically. An astrologer is bestowed with two consciousness can also be cultivated. different aspects of understanding the zodiac

signs—one with a worldly eye and another with a spiritual eye. After a thorough process of observation and investigations, he tries to put down the entire Before we dwell upon the deeper aspects of our being, experience into one structure of existence. Once life is let us understand the apparent meaning of the zodiac understood in its totality, then the stupefying through the different signs. For astrological purposes, mysteries of life, death, the universe and its Creator we make a study of 27 constellations although there can be understood. In the Vedas, astrology is are more constellations present in the Zodiac. It is considered as a part of religion: it is a path to know the strongly believed that the zodiac and the stars, which 'unknown through known' means. can be seen from a particular point on the earth, have

had a real impact on human beings and Nature. The Astrology exists in signs, symbols and stories which

ancient Eastern sages who wrote the Vedas, and the need unravelling. This book demystifies the coded

wise men from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, language of astrology. The 12 houses (or divisions) of

Greek, Babylonia, Java and Sumatra have also the zodiac are known as the signs ranging from Aries

contributed to this theory. There has been total to Pisces.

agreement on this issue. It is also worth noting that the


Page 18: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

1212Zodiac SignsARIES—THE RAM


while at other times, they could be total losers. This is the basic danger that Arians carry throughout their

Aries is the first sign of the lives. As it is, intuition and illusion are separated by a

zodiac. It looks like the ram. very fine line of difference. Intuition is governed by

If we observe a ram, we will higher intelligence, which cannot be reasonable all

notice abundant raw energy the time, whereas illusion is wrong judgement and

in it. It looks innocent lacks the discriminating ability.

alright, but it is always ready to explore anything new or If Arians can be a little more rational, then they can fascinating, as if it has no protect themselves from many untoward situations patience or inkling to which they keep facing in life after intervals. discriminate between right Rationality is contrary to the basic nature of Arians. and wrong, loss and profit. All of us are bestowed with instincts, but Aries being

Often, action is its only choice. When thought is the first sign of the zodiac and the ram being a absent, action can create wonders. Sometimes, there (primitive) force, has a killer instinct in it. The need is are demanding situations in life, where pure thought to make use of this hidden faculty to the optimum.can only produce disastrous results and action is the lone saviour. In emergencies, or where a thin line of difference exists between life and death, only action Taurus is the second can produce desirable results. In the midst of crisis, sign of the Zodiac. intuitive action is the best solution. If actions are T h e t w o - a n d - a -governed by intuitive wisdom, then they have the q u a r t e r potential to produce instant results too. c o n s t e l l a t i o n s

assigned to this sign Arians are action-oriented people. They are bestowed

m a k e a v i s i b l e with leadership qualities. These qualities are those

picture in the sky, that are required to face squarely the challenges of

which resembles a life. Challenges get thrown in our way all the time, yet

b u l l . I n e a c h every human being is not willing to accept them. In

civilization, through actuality, only a few of us are real daredevils, willing

the evolution of man, a bull like the cow and the horse to call a spade a spade; most of us prefer to remain

has been termed very useful animals. Animals such as mere spectators. Arians take the bull by the horn,

these have been like helping hands throughout instead of looking for the tail.

existence. In its own way, the bull has played an The ram's basic weapons of fight and self-defence are important role in the growth of humanity. its horns. One of the primitive weapons of fighting

Man being a clever animal has known right from the and warfare were horns, claws, teeth etc. As the horns

beginning that to use the energy of the bull, it needs to are located on the head, therefore it becomes a

tame it. There is a basic difference in an ox or a bull. necessity to fight not only with the horns, but also

The bull brims with raw explosive energy. If it takes with the head. Those who are in habit of fighting with

the path of devastation, then it is difficult to control it. their heads will fight in totality and will not have even

If a Taurean knows how to utilize its energy, then he a moment to think of using their intelligence. There

can do wonders, otherwise his own force can destroy will be no real effort to save oneself, since the only

him. Contrary to the bull, the ox is dutiful, systematic, option they look for is to do or die. Those who are

less demanding and unconcerned about trifle matters. ruled by this sign seldom think about the

These are big traits of a great personality. A dutiful consequences. If it is their day, they may be winners;

person can become successful by achieving and by

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Page 19: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

inspiring others. To reach the zenith in any field, one copulation is also in some way a declaration of needs to organize oneself into a system. We call a adulthood. Sex is one of the most essential part of our computer a 'system' because it works on certain lives and the sex witnessed in the Gemini sign is in its principles. If you are less demanding or have limited purest form. Therefore, Geminis have an inherent needs, then it is an added asset of your personality. If desire to reach out to the world with different forms of one is unconcerned about the world and concentrates communication. A symbol of sexual union clearly solely on oneself, then remarkable results can be indicates that creation (an offspring) is round the obtained. corner. This is the position where both the male and

female energies, the yin and yang, Shiva and Parvati, Basically, ox is a passive form of the bull. All the

come together. The union of two different poles is the obvious traits of bull are dormant in the ox. The verve

indicator of creation. Therefore, Geminis are full of and dynamism of energy has to be ingrained in the ox.

new ideas, concepts and innovation. Once they are Besides this, the real use of the bull's energy lies in

struck with a thought, they will not rest till their taming and exercising restraint over that raw energy.

thought starts taking the form of action. Once they get Taureans live through this danger throughout their

entangled in their own web, then even non-lives.

practicality may take over and the results can be quite disheartening. Astrology being a symbolic science, needs to analyze,

investigate and research more and more till the real An innovative mind knows no boundaries. Those who

meaning of its symbols is arrived at. Over centuries, are imaginative or capable of creation, tend to get

human beings may have tamed the ox from being a rigid with their thought process. A Gemini person can

ferocious bull, but practically in real life, all Taureans tend to be rigid and behave stubbornly on certain

need to search for the ox within them if they want to occasions. Gemini is also a sign of duality.

make the best use of their sign. There always is an inherent danger of underestimating or over-assessing This duality is purposeful, only if analytical faculty of our abilities. Astrology is the tool that comes to our the mind is used. Duality can provide a penetrative rescue by providing an authentic insight into symbols, view of an issue, bestowing the person with fine to correctly assess our abilities and to use them perception. However, at times duality creates appropriately. confusion and irrational approaches too.

Amongst the many advantages of duality is that it gives a knack of mastery in many arts at the same

Third sign of the time. A true Gemini enjoys getting involved in

zodiac ind ica tes multifarious activities at the same time.

extension of oneself. I n G e m i n i , t h e He or she may be involved in 10 activities and aiming picture seen in the at an eleventh simultaneously. There is no doubt that sky comprises two- Geminis are experts in their attempts, but at times they a n d - a - q u a r t e r end up messing up and seldom know how to get out of c o n s t e l l a t i o n s it. looking as if two

Geminis are known to possess uncanny intuition. human beings are

Intuition comes under the category of sixth sense. It is e m b r a c i n g e a c h

a sense which enables the seeker to know the things other. Seen closely, this picture gives us an impression

before their occurrence without making any visual of two persons, a male and a female, involved in

effort. perfect union or copulation. In Gemini, energy has taken the human form and is poised to create. The two Intuition does play a key role in the lives of Geminis, human beings of Gemini are in the copulative and can be cultivated; it is a great gift indeed! position, that of sexual union (sambhog). An act of

GEMINI—the Union Of The Male And Female

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are very strong in their considerations. In a love situation they turn out to be great givers. Normally

In the fourth sign of they avoid committing themselves but, once they

t h e z o d i a c , t h e commit, they try to fulfill their promises. The emotive

picture in the sky we side of their personalities is very strong and they have

see resembles a crab. the rarest of abilities to ease out the emotional stress

The crab is a very and burden of others with no problem at all. At times,

industrious animal their presence creates a powerful aura, which is not

and works like a one-easily explainable. Some of them have the innate

man army. It can hide talent to become natural psychic healers.

itself well on the surface as well as Cancerians are goal-oriented. At times, they may give water. Water plays an the impression that they are wasting time, but as a

important role in astrology because it represents matter of fact, they are only biding time. When the emotions and feelings. When they want to, right opportunity strikes, they too strike and strike Cancerians can display their feelings so powerfully very hard. They only danger is that they should not that they can mesmerise others. But at the same time, miscalculate and refrain themselves from wrong they have also mastered the art of hiding their true moves. feelings and emotions with perfection. So, they behave according to the demands of the situation.

The fifth sign of the The crab is known for carrying his home on his back.

zodiac is Leo. When Cancerians are extremely resourceful and have a

we look at the sky, special affinity with their home and folks. Most of

the constellation of their time and energy are invested in creating a nice

stars looks very and comfortable home. They are overprotective about

much like a lion, the their near and dear ones. This trait invariably

king of the jungle. frustrates other people around them. Cancerians are

Leos are competent, natural parents/guardians. They can cross any limit to

self-assertive, bold look after their children with the utmost sense of duty;

and ready to accept they are natural providers.

challenges without Emotions play a very deep role in the personality and worrying too much about the consequences. make-up of Cancerians. Their emotional perception Authority comes to them so naturally that they tend to of people and situations is more or less perfect. dominate without even realising. But on the other However, they suffer from occasional bouts of hand, they can be wonderful protectors. Once anxiety and at times even become hysterical if they someone accepts their supremacy or loves them, they lose perception. They can also get easily carried away. will act as saviours. If a Leo is accepted as a godfather, At times they get influenced by wrong judgements then he or she can go to any length to provide every and suffer heavily. security to his dependent.

Cancer is the sign of feeling. Cancerians are Leos dislike enemies who dare to provoke them. If a marvellous with their anecdotes and story-telling Leo is provoked, then he or she will erupt as a abilities. Their past also plays an important role in volcano, leaving no stone unturned, till the opponent their lives. The recollect past events with great sense destroyed completely. Leos can be ruthless as well as of joy and one can see a sparkle in them when they merciless if their authority is not accepted. But once elaborate a short story into a long one. They also have you surrender, a Leo will pardon with great the ability to spring up emotions, feelings, drama and generosity. This plus point of a Leo can then be an element of surprise here and there. However they manipulated by opponents who want to avenge

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themselves. Leos are born actors. They think this aware of that elusive truth that getting into world is a stage and they are great performers. relationship is easier than parting. For a Virgo, parting Invariably, Leos will search for a stage in life, where is very difficult. Since the significance of they can dramatically present themselves to the whole relationships goes deep into their system, they will go world. to great lengths for people they are involved with.

It is difficult to imitate a Leo because like everything Virgos are generally evolved souls or at least they else, their entrance and exit are remarkable. They make genuine efforts to grow spiritually. There is an have an inborn tendency to make their presence felt inner desire in them, not only to be humane but to be without any extra effort. The inner confidence of Leos constant so strong that it helps them stand apart in a crowd.

However, when Virgos are negatively charged, then Leos are great inspirers. Brimming with confidence,

they become selfish and use all possible reasoning they are always ready to explore the unknown, which

and logic for their own benefit. enables them to face challenges of life squarely.

Since their mental faculty is in good reckoning Leos know that they are the lords and masters and

always, they have the advantage to use it either way, to expect others to take orders from them. This

suit themselves. Once they are on the destructive path, personality trait often creates confusion in the minds

then they can destroy many along with themselves. of others, making the latter wary of their behaviour. Leos need to be more demonstrative in their approach The adult, mature female as the Virgo sign, indicates than to be authoritative all the time. However, a true future dreams. Virgos are full of new ideas, they are Leo is kind, generous and helpful. The generosity of a highly innovative and have absolute confidence in Leo knows no boundaries. Sometimes their pride is their creativity. misunderstood as a false ego or arrogance but in the

A true-blooded Virgo will do proper homework, use case of true Leos, this is only a misconception. all possible pre-analytical tools available, before expressing ideas. Virgos are blessed with the flair of expression. They have flawless and charismatic ways

Virgo is the sixth of expressing themselves with which they can keep an

s i g n , w h i c h audience spellbound.

completes the half circle of the zodiac. It Virgos are also fully aware of their limitations. They r e p r e s e n t s a can produce very good results as subordinates. They complete female are the best guide available. They love to go into human form. In minute details of projects. They can be good scholars, Virgo, we see a advisors, counselors etc. mature woman who

One inherent difficulty with Virgos is that they try too has not experienced hard at too many things and hence cannot master one her womanhood or thing. If somehow they can learn the art of sex and is completely chaste. A woman who is waiting discrimination, they can also become very good to become complete and willing to experience the bosses. fullness of her youth, if all her expectations are

fulfilled. Virgos are very good at personal hygiene. But sometimes they go to extremes in certain things, Since Virgo completes half the circle of the zodiac, it including personal relationships. A Virgo can attempt indicates that humanity takes the upper hand and to do everything for the other person, invariably service to mankind is a sparkling trait. Virgos are full robbing the other of his own independence. of servitude and are firm believers in relationship.

Virgos are extremely selective in relationships and take their own time to get involved. Perhaps, they are


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discouragement can carry him away. They can remain cool and calm even in the midst of crises.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and Librans have two basic conflicts within their from here onwards personality. They can become pleasure-seeking, the sojourn of the six leaving no stone unturned to pursue personal r e m a i n i n g s i g n s happiness, even at the cost of others. Once a Libran is begins . Libra i s on this kind of spree, then he does not know where to considered a perfect stop and it could be counter-productive to his entire s c a l e t o w e i g h , personality, which is otherwise, in principle, based on m e a s u r e a n d balance. At times he can get influenced by pseudo-ultimately arrive at a spiritualism, which can do more harm than good. p e r f e c t b a l a n c e .

If ever a Libran finds himself in an unwanted Therefore, it is not surprising to see a Libran

relationship, then he will make sure that the burden of balancing life. Balance is a keyword in a Libran's life

the break-up does not fall on his shoulders. In the and he strives until he arrives at it. A Libran also keeps

heart of hearts, a Libran is scared of a split but, working hard to create balance between personal and

nevertheless, wants to play safe and will do professional life. There would be times when he may

everything to emerge unscathed from a relationship. stake all his energies to strike a perfect balance

Even this indicates the bottomline of the Libran between worldly and spiritual life and this is seen in

personality—balance.various spheres of a Libran's life.

The seventh sign or the seventh house is symbolic of the opposite sex. Therefore there is a natural attraction This is the eighth sign of Librans towards the opposite sex. Librans are born of the zodiac which charmers; they instinctively know how to make their signifies two things partner feel desirable. They are well versed in the art bo ld ly—sex and of love-making, without reading Vatsayana's death. Scorpios are Kamasutra or the sex manuals of Masters and extremely secretive Johnson. Their wonder lies in making their partners in nature; they may feel comfortable and arouse them at the optimum even go to the extent level with their artistic approach. of mysticism. Sex is

an essential part of One of the greatest gifts Librans are blessed with is to

their being and many be able to notice the talent of others and promote them

phases of life revolve around sex. Sex not only attracts to the hilt. Librans can be great social organisers or

indulgence but can also help people transcend it. It is event managers. They can be excellent showmen and

strange and pathetic that millions of people get know how to play their cards to the best of their

trapped only in lust, which is just one aspect of sex. abilities. The creative ability of Librans surprises

The other important facet of sex is its sacredness. A others from time to time.

general tendency to veil things from each other gives A Libran can also be a great leader, capable of a mysterious aspect to the whole act. In sex, two praiseworthy sacrifices. Contradictorily enough, a people try to merge with each other, but they also Libran will not bother promoting others or giving transcend it and reach another beautiful undefinable them importance till he gets due recognition. There is realm. a subtle desire not only to act, but also to mesmerise

Scorpios are blessed since they can understand the others with his acting skill. Since this sign represents

deeper meaning of their psychic personality by balance, it has been noticed that Libran can be a very

knowing the act (of sex) fully. Awareness about the ba l anced l e ade r. Ne i t he r app l ause no r

process of sex can enable man to transcend it


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completely. There are many tantric methods which passion or craving to reach out, without any physical help man to use this energy for transcendentalism. move. The archer is half-man and half-horse and its Enlightenment can also be achieved by understanding legs are hidden. It indicates that Sagittarians try out sexual energy. many things or explore various areas.

The other important feature of the Scorpio sign is If Sagittarians remain involved with the larger issues death. There are a thousand fears in this world, but of life, then they can do wonders. They have a desire each of them is inextricably linked to the fear of death. to do something meaningful for society. They get Death is an irrepairable loss. Death also involves turned off by seeing the pain and mystery of the mystery about the soul—where it goes to and where it world. A true Sagittarian will try his level best to comes from? Is there life after death? The sign of change the course of events within his range. On the Scorpio teaches us to understand the unknown and other hand, if he gets confined to petty issues, then he Scorpios can decipher the hidden meaning of life as tends to develop selfish or irresponsible behaviour. well as death. Sometimes he commits many social blunders due to

lack of empathy. Life flows out of the claws of death. In a strange way, life and death are synonymous. Scorpios understand A Sagittarian is bold, courageous and outspoken; he is this misery and pain of life. Invariably, they have the restless till he achieves his goals. He is charged with a minds of psychologists, who can even understand the tremendous energy, which keeps him on his feet all pain and agony of others and help them come out of it. the time. Normally, he does not get tired easily. At They can work to destroy other people's emotional times his habit of being outspoken can land him in blocks and self-destructive tendencies by providing embarrassing situations. Sometimes in his quest of them right outlets. As a matter of fact, the Scorpio self-fulfillment, he tends to cross all limits. There are personality can lead up to two types, two extremes. constant efforts of self-projection, which invariably He can either be a healer who helps another person in annoy people around him. A Sagittarian can have a times of misery; or, he could become a psychopath, narrow-minded mentality at times. Another difficulty capable of ruining the peace of another. The positive with the archer is that he always wants something side is that a Scorpio is the illuminating light which more and is never satisfied. Since a Sagittarian can take away the darkness of others. On the other pursues power recklessly, there is the danger of hand, the same person can be a self-destructive force becoming a dictator. If he is on a philosophical trip, as well. Hatred and love are two passionate extremes then he will never be at rest and if he is fired with which Scorpios are sensitive to. No other sign is nationalism, then he would not hesitate to become a parallel to this sign. In the process of hatred, a Scorpio martyr. can get trapped into enmity and a confrontationist

There is a powerful desire in an archer to be perfect. approach. They are extremists—whether they are in

He will spend a lot of energy to explore new love or whether they hate.

dimensions to his personality. Primarily his aim is to master the art which beckons him. Since an archer is hard working and lives with the never-say-die spirit,

Sagittarius is the chances are he will obtain his goal ultimately.

ninth sign of the z o d i a c . T h e Sagittarius is invariably scared of taking personal constellations of this responsibility; however, he will prefer many sign give a picture of uncommitted relationships. He is quite aware of his an archer who is freedom and does not want to surrender to one person. aiming without a Due to various reasons, the sex life of a Sagittarian is c lear goal . This rather mechanical, then emotional. A Sagittarian s y m b o l c l e a r l y would rather be linked to the larger perspective than to indicates a f ire , be trapped in small issues. He would like to be a


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Page 24: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

philosopher, writer, painter or a scientist. Given the their outer image is something else. They are also platform of a social structure, a Sagittarian's positive good organisers or event managers. They are hard personality can manifest fully. working and dedicated. Once they take up a task, they

will do their best to complete it. People easily depend upon them. However, on the surface they do it with a pure intention, but the hidden desire remains to gain Capricorn is the tenth control over others.sign of the zodiac.

The Capricorn is a Capricornians are easily impressed by material

serious, business-possession or power. With the have-nots they will

m i n d e d p e r s o n , behave snobbishly and in a condescending manner.

overtly jolly and does With those who are affluent, they will be subservient.

not get easily carried This double-facedness is sometimes seen as a

away. Some of them Capricornian trait. They are good manipulators; they

may be witty but at can not only influence others but take advantage of

the core of their them too.

being, they remain methodical. They believe that if one has to grow in stature, total devotion is required. Most of them are

Aqua r iu s i s t he firm believers in the saying that “Rome was not built

eleventh sign of the in a day”. However there are exceptions everywhere

z o d i a c . and a rare Capricornian may be a day-dreamer, who

Constellations of this hasn't learnt despite the shattering of many dreams.

s i g n d e p i c t t h e Their true feelings are buried inside them and they picture of a man seldom express them. Even in the worst eventualities, carrying an urn on his they are capable of maintaining their cool, without shoulder, with the demonstrating their inner feelings. In relationships water overflowing. It too, they suffer due to lack of verbal or physical is a sign of abundance expression. Invariably, they are misunderstood and or fulfillment and the face the wrath of people close to them. Capricornians fact that there is no scarcity of knowledge or worry too much, with the result that a vacuum is compassion. Water is the nectar of life. Aquarians are created inside them, which later becomes difficult to full of humanity and have a deep concern about shed. A certain amount of pessimism is set deep inside society. Normally they are more concerned about the them, which does not allow him to open up. However, less privileged and try their best to help in any manner, whenever this vacuum becomes too heavy, then the whatever is possible. Capricornian may look for the right kind of friend to

Aquarius is also a sign of communication. There is a share the woes with.

great urge in Aquarians to communicate their ideas Capricornians work with a missionary zeal towards with others. Normally an Aquarian would try to be power and authority. Their modus operandi is systematic adopting a pragmatic approach while secretive and they keep all cards close to their heart. communicating his thoughts. Once his ideas have They are more at ease when they do not have to lead been given shape, he would go all out to see that they from the front. They would rather take charge of the are implemented. Aquarians love to be vocal, always situation from behind. They are not very fond of striving for something new. At times they tend to get working hard on intimate relationships. They can carried away with their crusade against something easily dissociate from anyone who tries to come too which they do not approve of and then can be quite close.Capricornians have a subtle urge to control the ruthless. There is always the danger of going lives of others. This trait can't be easily perceived as overboard and side-tracking the real issue.



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Aquarians are multi-faceted personalities and considerate, kind and full of empathy towards would try to do many things which may not have the others. Therefore, it is not surprising to find sanction of tradition or society. A true Aquarian Pisceans compassionate and willing to go all out for does not believe in nationalist boundaries. For those who are close to them. them, the human being is a liberated soul and should

Their ideology for society, nation, religion or sect is be able to experience life the way he desires, there

very clear as they believe there should be unity and should not be any sort of pressure, whether legal or

oneness not only at a material level, but at spiritual social. It is because of these idealistic views that,

level too. They prefer to work at places where larger they find themselves maladjusted to society.

issues of society are being tackled. Invariably, their A true Aquarian is of the opinion that certain concern and understanding about others is deep on restrictions are fine as long as they are not brutally the emotional level. They are well-groomed and imposed. A man should be made aware of the resourceful. They are also willing to explore the positive and negative points and no judgement new areas of human psychology, for better should be forced on him. They also believe that real understanding of the masses. Pisceans are excellent knowledge comes from within and that time does observers and be very good administrators. Since not spare anyone. When time punishes someone, they possess the knack to communicate with others then only real understanding sinks in. on an emotional level, it helps them to extract the

best from their colleagues and subordinates. They Aquarius is a sign of growth and development. It is

are rather authoritarian, but only on a subtle level. believed that we are in now in the Aquarian Age, an

Sometimes it is difficult to understand their real age of scientific invention. The mantra of Aquarius

modus operandi. age is that when man seeks the outside world, he gets scientific answers; but when he looks within Pisceans need to spend time with themselves. At for answers, he gets spiritual answers. Therefore, times they tend to absorb the thoughts and feelings the age of Aquarius is a bridge between science and of others, which can then start telling upon them. religion. There was a time when spiritualism Therefore, it is always better if they seek a break or touched the zenith and now is, perhaps, the time solitude at periodical intervals. It would do them a when science will be on the pinnacle of glory. A true world of good to retreat and recharge themselves. Aquarian always strives for a scientific temper with

Pisceans are psychic and extremely kind towards a spiritualistic understanding.

their friends, near and dear ones, so much so that sometimes they lose their discriminating faculty. It has been noticed that many times, undeserving

Pisces is the last people get close to them and take advantage of their

sign of the zodiac. generosity. Endowed with powerful imagination,

The constellations they are actually powerful people as most of the

p u t t o g e t h e r time they operate from their subconscious mind.

resemble a fish. The psychic side of their personality enables them

Water is the habitat to come out with innovative ideas, which can be

of fish, and water useful for the community. There is a very fine

itself denotes life. thread-like difference between intuition and

A l l s o r t s o f illusion. Normally Pisceans are good with intuitive

emotions, feelings wisdom. But at times, they get carried away, thus

or instincts are confusing their illusion with intuition and commit

primarily ruled by the water element. Water is the blunders. They need to master the art of

universal solvent, capable of dissolving most discrimination.

things. This sign has a deep understanding into human behaviour. Fish is considered gentle,


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by Dr. Ajai Bhambi

s per the Western system, the Sun enters movement of the planets and have arrived at the into Aries on 22 March every year, conclusion that all planets move according to the Awhereas in Indian system, the Sun goes Nirayan system. To understand it fully, let us

to Aries on 13-14 April every year. This leads to divide the study into two parts.the question as to which one should be followed,

1. The situation of various planets, as as both cannot be correct at the same time. A computed presently as against the stars.difference of 23–24 days cannot be ignored

when every minute can affect the accuracy of 2. The situation of planets 2,000 years ago predictions in astrology. and what it can be after 2,000 years.

The followers of Sayan system strongly Second condition amplifies the difference of recommended the usage of 22 March as the date Ayanamsa to give a more clear view of the Sayan of entry of the Sun into Aries. We have gone to and Nirayan systems.the root of this problem by observing the

Clarification of

Nirayan Sayan Western


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Libra, Sco-Scorpio, Sag-Sagittarius, Cap-Capricorn.

It is difficult to watch the stars while the Sun is in the sky. During the month of May no planet shall be visible in the sky at night. So, we have given here the position of Moon on the days mentioned above, when it was visible at night during the month of May 1998.

Gem-Gemini, Can-Cancer, Vir-Virgo, Lib-

1. Present Star Position

If we look at the figures in Table I, we find that the Moon attains the same degree in Nirayan as in the Sayan system approximately after two days.

For example, it is at Leo 16º on 3 May as per Sayan system and on 5 May as per Nirayan system.

The Figure A shows the position of the Moon during the first half of May 1998 at 10.00 pm in Delhi. If we look into the position of the Moon and compare it with its degrees as per both the systems, it is clear that the Moon's actual

As per Sayan and Nirayan systems the movement is very close to the Nirayan system longitudes of Moon during the first half of May and it does not tally with the Sayan system at all. 1998 are given in Table I. For example, on 5 May 1998, it was at Leo –16°

as per the Nirayan system. In the sky also, The Moon's transit into different signs from 1–15 (Figure A) the Moon was in the middle of Leo May 1998 is given in Table 2.

Nakshatra Brahm • 27

Page 28: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

Nakshatra Brahm • 13

sign, whereas Sayan system gave a value of Nirayan system for all astrological computations.Virgo –10°. The Moon was visible in Virgo not

2. Past and Future Star Positionsbefore 7 May 1998. This situation was studied daily between 1 and 15 May as per Table I. To look into the past and future, we shall take the Hence, it is practical and advisable to follow the

Vedic Sun SignsDid you know that the Sun sign you thought was yours may not really be yours! Did you know that the Sun sign that you had been referring to could be different from the one that really belongs to you going by your birth chart and Vedic astrology?

Pandit Ajai Bhambi who has pioneered many concepts in astrology has also opened the gates to the age old and well established “Vedic Astrology”. He has introduced the concept of “Vedic Sun Signs” in today's age.

Till now Western astrology and their concepts are being used which is different from Vedic thastrology. E.g. Makar sankranti is when the sun moves into 'Makar' or Capricorn on 14 January.

th thTherefore Capricorn Vedic Sun Sign is from 14 January to 11 February which is different from Western Sun Sugn of Capricorn. Pandit Bhambi also highlights the role of the twenty-seven nakshatras.

The columns here will unfold personality traits of people from different Sun Signs, the readers will be fascinated to notice their distinctive characteristics once they are able to relate with the Sun nakshatra at the time of their birth.

These articles on Vedic Sun Signs also brings together, for the first time, the profiles of international celebrities and the journey of their lives; this enables one to obtain a deeper clarity and perception of the people from the same nakshatra.

From – Vedic Sun Signs Published by – Rupa Publications

28 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 29: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

help of sky maps as computed by scientific programmes, which are known to be accurate as maintained by the scientists of the world today.

Taurus as suggested by the Sayan system.

The above explanation clearly and undoubtedly proves that the Nirayan system, as followed in

Let us look at the position of the Sun as per Vedic astrology, is correct and in accordance to Sayan and Nirayan systems at a gap of 1,000 the position of the stars in the sky.years from 15 May 0001 to 15 May 5001 at 12

That does not in any way mean that the Western noon in Delhi. The positions of the Sun are given system in Table III.

But can both the systems be correct at the same Figure B shows that the Sun is in Pisces on 15 time and still be different? We know that the May in the year 5001, whereas as per the Sayan Western system is basically a solar system and system, it should be in Taurus. This is far from the not based on stars. In the Nirayan system, zero refers to a position with respect to the

Secondly, we can clearly see the movement of degree the Sun coordinates or the vernal the Sun with respect to stars. It is moving behind equinoctial point, i.e. the ascending node of the by approximately 14 degrees every 1,000 years. ecliptic on the equator. It does not have to do This is Ayanamsa. anything with the Aries star. In the Nirayan

system, zero degree means a position in the Figure B shows that the Sun enters into Taurus direction of the Aries star, actually zero degree of on 15 May 1998. It is not towards the end of

*Tau–Taurus, Ari–Aries, Pis–Pisces.

Nakshatra Brahm • 29

Page 30: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

Aries. This small anomaly has led to the confusion between the Sayan and the Nirayan system. We should not confuse ourselves and say that the Sun enters into Aries on 22 March every year. We should rather say that the Sun attains a longitude of zero degree on 22 March as per the Sayan or the solar coordinate system.

Let us also clarify that astrological predictions given as per the Sayan system do not have a sound astrological basis. At the same time, we cannot and should not take the properties of

various signs to be the same for Sayan and Nirayan systems.

is moving around the centre of the Milky Way as shown in Figure D. The Sun roughly takes 26,000 years to complete one circle around the galaxy. The stars remain fixed and do not move around. Because of the motion of the Sun, the position of stars changes by 50.3 arc seconds every year and it takes roughly 20 minutes an

24 seconds more for the earth to complete the circle around the Sun with respect to these stars. That is why the sidereal year is 365.256363 days compared to solar year of 365.2422 days.

To sum up, we know that Indian astrology is based on the movement of stars and planets. As the Nirayan system gives us computations of

We should also understand Ayanamsa, which planets with respect to stars—as against the makes the difference in the two systems. It is Sayan system which refers to planet positions in basically the precession of the equinoxes and solar coordinate system—and thus, it is can be understood better when we look at the advisable to use the former to make predictions galaxy. We know that our solar system is a part of in astrology. the galaxy called the 'Milky Way' which looks like the representation in Figure C. Our solar system


30 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 31: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

u{k= esfMVs'kue lcdk dgha uk dgh dksbZ laca/k ¼lzksr½ gksrk gS czãk.Ms* vFkkZr tks bl czãk.M esa gS ogh bl fiaM esa gS vkSj tSls gj O;fDr dk ifjokj] ekSgYys] tkfr vkSj ge bl czãk.M dks bl fiaM vFkkZr “kjhj esa lfØ; gksrs ns[k ns”k ls laca/k gksrk gSA ysfdu O;fDr ds dqN ,sls ldrs gSaAg

vKkr laca/k gksrs gaS ftuls og [kqn Hkh vatku gksrk gSA ge czãk.M dks bl fiaM vFkkZr bl “kjhj esa lfØ; dsoy /;ku

lHkh dk ,d tUe u{k= gksrk gS vkSj ml u{k= ds ikl gekjs ds ek/;e ls gh fd;k tk ldrk gSA /;ku uk flQZ gekjh

lHkh tUeksa dk [kkdk gksrk gSA dgrs gS uHk esa u{k=ksa dk lHkh bPNkvksa dh iwfrZ djrk gS cfYd gesa eqfDr dh jkg Hkh

viuk ,d vfLrRo gS] mudk dHkh {k; ugha gksrk vkSj Bhd fn[kkrk gSA bl u{k= eSfMVs”ku fof/k ds }kjk vkidks ;g

blh izdkj gekjs deksZa dk rc rd vUr ugha gksrk ;k rks irk pysxk fd fdl u{k= dh D;k [kwfc;kaa] D;k xgjkbZ gS

mudks Hkqxr fy;k tk, ;k Kku ls ikj fudy tk,A lHkh vkSj vkidk u{k= dSls vklkuh ls iwjs czãk.M ds lkFk

xzgkas dh Hkh vPNh ;k cqjh xq.koRrk u{k=ksa ds vk/kkj ij gh vkidks tksM+rk gSA

ÅHkjdj lkeus vkrh gSA lHkh u{k=ksa dk dsUnz pUnzek dks ekuk tkrk gS D;kasfd pUnzek eu dk dkjd gS vkSj gekjs lkFk tks Hkh vPNk ;k cqjk gksrk gS mldh tkudkjh gesa eu

u{k= ds ?kVd }kjk gh izkIr gksrh gSA gekjh dqUMyh esa Hkh 70 izfr”kr rd tkudkjh gesa pUnzek ds }kjk gh izkIr gksrh gS vkSj mrus gh

vf'ouh jkf'kpØ dk igyk u{k= gS tks 0° 0* ls 13° izfr”kr bl i`Foh ij ty gSA pUnzek ty vkSj eu dk 20*rd QSyk gksrk gSA v'o ¼?kksM+s½ ds vkdkj esa blesa rhu izfrfuf/kRo djrk gSArkjs gksrs gSaA çlqfIr dh voLFkk ls gh vkfn 'kfä dks lfØ;

tc Hkh vki vius u{k= ls vk/;kfRed laca/k] /;ku ds }kjk djus esa vf'ouh dh egRoiw.kZ Hkwfedk jgh gSA igyk u{k= cukrs gSa rc gekjk ,d vkykSfdd laca/k iwjs czãk.M ds lkFk vga ds iqutkZxj.k vkSj mUgsa u;s pØ ds Øe esa j[kus ls LFkkfir gks tkrk gSA rHkh osnksa us dgk gS & ^;r fiaMs rr~ lacaf/kr gSA

vf'ouh ¼0° 0* & 13° 20* es"k½

by Dr. Ajai Bhambi

Nakshatra Brahm • 31

Page 32: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

bl u{k= dk Lokeh dsrq gS] tks paæek dk mÙkjh fcanq gSA ls iwoZ mlus vius gkFk ls fufeZr Nk;k dks vius ifr dh vf'ouh foosd dk u{k= ekuk tkrk gS] laosnksa dk fu;eu ns[kHkky ds fy, vko';d funsZ'k ns fn;sAdjrk gS vkSj vf'ouh dks czãkaM pØ ds vkjaHk ds fy,

lw;Z viuh vlyh iRuh vkSj mldh Nk;k esa dksbZ Hksn ugha vko';d laosx çnku djus gsrq igys u{k= ds :i esa pquk

dj ik;k vkSj Nk;k ds lkFk gh ifr dh rjg jgus yxkA x;k FkkA ;g çfØ;k es"k jkf'k esa py jgh gS ftldk çrhd

dqN le; ds ckn laKk okil ykSV vk;h vkSj viuh ihB es<k gS vkSj tks ewyHkwr ÅtkZ ls laiUu gS vkSj iwjh 'kfä ds

ihNs ;g rek'kk ns[kdj Øq) gks mBhA xqLls ds vkos'k esa og lkFk foLQksV ds fy, rS;kj jgrk gSA visf{kr 'kfä vkSj

,d ckj fQj ls taxy dh vksj py iM+h vkSj ?kksM+h dk :i ÅtkZ blds xfr'khy Lokeh eaxy jkf'k }kjk çnku dh tkrh

/kkj.k djds lw;Z ls fNidj jgus yxhA tc lw;Z dks viuh gSA

vlyh iRuh dh ckr irk pyh rks og ?kksM+k cudj mlds ihNs&ihNs taxy esa pyk x;k vkSj fQj nksuksa ds chp eSFkqu gqvkA bl :id esa gh vkxs lkSj fodkl Øe ds vkjaHk dk

vf'ouh dh tUe dh dgkuh cgqr jkspd gS vkSj blls o.kZu fd;k x;k gS vkSj blesa vkfndkyhu 'kfä ds lfØ; mldh fo'o 'kfä dk Hkh irk pyrk gSA ikSjkf.kd dFkk ds gksus dh jgL;e; çfØ;k dk ladsr fd;k x;k gSA blh vuqlkj lw;Znso dh fdj.kksa dk çdk'k bruk rhoz Fkk fd dksbZ feyu ls vf'ouh dqekjksa dk tUe gqvk FkkA vf'ouh dqekjksa Hkh bldh ped dks lg ugha ldrk FkkA og bruk vdsyk dks ;kSou dh iquZizkfIr dk ojnku çkIr Fkk vkSj os czãkaM ds iM+ x;k Fkk fd dksbZ Hkh mlds lkFk vius thou dks lk>k /kUoarjh vFkkZr~ oS|jkt cu x;sAdjus ds fy, rS;kj ugha FkkA fookg gks ugha ldrk FkkA lw;Z

'kfä vkSj ÅtkZ ls lac) gksus ds vykok vf'ouh fodkl dh ekrk vfnfr us vius ifr d';i ls bl ckjs esa dqN djus laca/kh nks"kksa dh lkr ljf.k;ksa ls Hkh lac) gSA osnksa esa bu ds fy, dgkA d';i us lw;Z dks 12 Hkkxksa esa foHkkftr dj lkr ljf.k;ksa dks lkr ufn;ksa ds :i esa of.kZr fd;k x;k gSA fn;k vkSj gj lw;Z vius {ks= esa jgus yxkA gekjs czãkaM ds ;|fi vf'ouh lIrfla/kq] lIrf"kZ vkSj ;K dh vfXu dh lkr lw;Z dk fookg Ro"Vªk dh iq=h laKk ls gqvk] ftls fo'odekZ yiVksa dk eq[; tyekxZ dh rjg lapkyu djrk gS] ftuds vFkkZr~ [kxksy dk okLrqfon Hkh dgk tkrk FkkA laKk lw;Z dh ek/;e ls lkr ljf.k;k¡ fo'o ;k mlds çdV :i dh vksj vkx dks >sy ugha ikrh FkhA blfy, iRuh ds drZO;ksa dk çokfgr gksrh gSA vf'ouh çdV :i esa f'ko&'kfä&rRo dks fuokZg djus esa Hkh vleFkZ FkhA blfy, og çk;f'pr djus viuh Hkwfedk ds fuokZg esa enn nsus ds fy, vko';d ds fy, ou esa tkdj riL;k djus yxhA ou esa çLFkku djus

u{k= vkSj mldk vkdkj

32 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 33: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

i;kZoj.k Hkh çnku djrk gSA vf'ouh u{k=&lewg f'ko& djuk pkgrk gS ysfdu ;g laHko ugha gks ikrk D;ksafd nwljs rRo dk ifjpk;d gS tcfd 'kfä&rRo nwljs u{k=&lewg xq.k gkoh gksrs gSaA tc lkfRod xq.k lfØ; gksrk gS rks vga dk çfrfuf/kRo djrk gSA Kku ;k lR; ds lkFk ,dkdkj gksus yxrk gS ;k fQj muesa

foyhu gksus yxrk gS- tc dqN Hkh fl) ;k çkIr djus dks vf'ouhdqekj ds tUe ds lkFk ,d vkSj dFkk tqM+h gqbZ gS-

ugha jgrk rks vuar 'kkafr mrj vkrh gS vkSj lc dqN 'kkar ,d _f"k Fks] ftudk uke Fkk P;ou _f"k- os cgqr o`) Fks]

vkSj xaHkhj gksus yxrk gSA tc rel lfØ; gksrk gS rks vga ysfdu ;qok jktdqekfj;ksa ds lkFk C;kg jpkus ds lius ns[krs

fuLrst vkSj fuf"Ø; eksM esa pyk tkrk gSA vf'ouh u{k= ds FksA P;ou _f"k us vf'ouhdqekj ls vuqjks/k fd;k fd os mUgsa

mn; gksus ds lkFk gh tks çdk'k dh igyh fdj.k iM+rh gS fQj ls toku cuk nsaA dgkuh ds vuqlkj vf'ouhdqekj us

rks og jtl fØ;k ds lkFk lh/ks tqM+ tkrh gSA mUgsa toku cuk fn;k- vf'ouhdqekj ç—fr ds oS| gSaA muesa çk—frd fu;e dk ikyu fd;s fcuk Hkh fdlh Hkh çlqIr bl u{k= dh çsjd 'kfä /keZ ;k lEeku gSA Hkys gh vga 'kfä dks fQj ls thoar cukus dh {kerk gSA os çdVhdj.k ds jtl Lrj ij lfØ; gks] ysfdu vkarfjd bPNk ;gh jgrh gS pØ ls Hkh tqM+s gq, gSaA ;g u{k= fojkV lkSj ÅtkZ dk lzksr gS fd bls lEekutud fLFkfr esa yk;k tk,A vf'ouh u{k= tks u;h l`f"V dks jpus esa Hkh l{ke gSA vf'ouhdqekj ds dk Lokeh dsrq gS tks ewyr% vk/;kfRed u{k= gS vkSj vkRek m}sx esa l`tukRed 'kfä xgu :i esa lai`ä gSA ;|fi dh eqfä ds fy, cgqr fpafrr jgrk gSA var%çKk b"Vre vf'ouhdqekj esa l`tukRed y{; dks çkIr djus dh Lrj ij fe'kujh tks'k ds lkFk lfØ; jgrh gSA ek;koh mRlqdrk rks gS ysfdu blds fy, dksbZ jksM eSi ugha gS nqfu;k esa [kks tkus dk [krjk e¡Mjkrk jgrk gS] D;ksafd ek;k ftlds dkj.k dHkh&dHkh ck/kk mRiUu gks tkrh gSA vf'ouh vkSj var%çKk esa lw{e varj gksrk gSA vkfRed xzg lw;Z vius u{k= esa tUe ysus okys yksxksa ds thou esa ;g cgqr cM+h ck/kk rkjkeaMy esa mYyflr gksus yxrk gS ftlds dkj.k ek;k dk gSA inkZ gVus yxrk gS vkSj vkRek dks vkRe&lk{kkRdkj dh

çfØ;k esa okil ykus esa enn djrk gSA dsrq ;gk¡ ,d vkSj pht dks Hkh n'kkZrk gS] ckgj tkdj mÙkj [kkstus ds ctk; vxj dksbZ vius Hkhrj gh mÙkj [kkstus yxrk gS rks var%çKk bl u{k= dk ewy xq.k gS] jtl] tks lHkh Lrjksa ij ?kfVr vkRek dk [;ky j[kus yxrh gSAgksrk gSA bl u{k= dh ewy çsj.kk gS] /keZ] fl)kar vkSj xkSjo-

blh u{k= esa lw;Z dk mUu;u gksrk gSA jktfld xq.k ds fcuk czãkaM ;k thou dk vkjaHk gks gh ugha ldrkA lHkh xfrfof/k;k¡ rHkh laiUu gksrh gSa tc jktfld xq.k lfØ; vkidh rkdr% vf'ouh] dsrq vkSj eaxy O;fä dks xfr'khy gksrk gSA blh voLFkk esa gh vga vius vkiesa gh dqN fl) okrkoj.k çnku djrs gSa] ftlesa O;fä viuh ccZj

xq.k vkSj çsjd 'kfä

u{k= xq.k vkSj O;fäRo

Nakshatra Brahm • 33

Page 34: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

dks ikj dj ysrk gS] ftlds dkj.k vki eqlhcr esa Hkh iM+ tkrs gSaA dHkh&dHkh bl jkf'k ds yksx fouk'k ds iFk ij pyus yx tkrs gSa vkSj vufxur yksxksa ds thou dks nwHkj cuk nsrs gSaA ;s yksx foijhr lSDl ds çfr Hkh Hk;kud :i esa vkdf"kZr gksrs gSa] ftlds dkj.k os fouk'k ds xrZ esa fxj tkrs gSaA

igyk pj.k ¼ 10 feuV½ % viuh jh<+ dh gìh vkSj flj dks lh/ks j[krs gq, vklu esa cSB tk,¡A lk¡l dks ckgj NksM+rs gq, ;g vH;kl vkjaHk djsaA vius QsQM+ksa dks iwjh rjg ls [kkyh dj ysa vkSj fQj /khjs&/khjs xgjk lk¡l vanj ysaA tc vki lk¡l iwjh rjg ls vanj ys ysa rks viuk lk¡l dqN le; ds fy, jksd ysa vkSj 1a----2----3---- dh fxurh 'kq: dj nsa vkSj vxj vki pkgsa rks viuk lk¡l jksds gq, gh ,d NksVk& lk ea= tiuk 'kq: dj nsaA fxurh djrs gq, ;k ea=ikB djrs gq, vki viuk iwjk /;ku jh<+ dh gìh ds ewy esa yxk,¡A vc /khjs&/khjs lk¡l ckgj NksM+uk 'kq: djsa] vius QsQM+ksa dks iwjh rjg ls [kkyh dj ysa vkSj viuk lk¡l jksd ysa- lk¡l jksds gq, gh vki viuk iwjk /;ku vius flj ds Åij lglzkj pØ ij yxk,¡ vkSj lk¡l jksds gq, gh fxurh djuk ;k ea=ikB tkjh

xfrfof/k;ksa dks 'kkyhu cukus yxrk gS vkSj ogha ls j[ksaA ;g çfØ;k vxys 10 feuV rd tkjh j[ksaA vH;kl ftthfo"kk çdV gksus yxrh gSA ;gk¡ 'kfä;k¡ ,dhdj.k dh iwjk gksus ds ckn lkekU; :i esa lk¡l ysus yxsa vkSj viuk çfØ;k esa gksrh gSa] blfy, ;g ,d fof'k"V fn'kk esa psruk /;ku nksuksa HkkSgksa ds chp rhljs us= ij yxk ysaA blh vklu dks tkx`r djus dk vkn'kZ eap çnku djrk gSA lw;Z bl esa cSBs jgsaA rkjkeaMy esa mYyflr gksus yxrk gS vkSj ;gh dkj.k gS fd O;fä esa vf/kdkj vkSj usr`Ro LFkkfir djus dh Li"V bPNk tkx`r gksus yxrh gSA

vkidks vnE; mRlkg dk ojnku feyk gksrk gS tks vkidks vius O;fäRo ds vusd u;s vk;ke [kkstus ds fy, çsfjr djrk jgrk gSA ckyksfpr mRlkg ds dkj.k vki vius ekxZ esa vkus okys vusd vuqHkoksa ls xqtjrs gSaA vki mu yksxksa ds çfr n;kyq vkSj mnkj gksrs gSa] ftUgsa vki csgn I;kj djrs gSaA vki vius ifjokj vkSj fe=ksa dks vf/kd egRo nsrs gSaA vki mudk cgqr [;ky j[krs gSa vkSj mUgsa [kks tkus dk [;ky gh vkidks Hk;Hkhr dj nsrk gSA tSls gh vkidks [;ky vkrk gS fd vki mUgsa [kks ldrs gSa vki ml laca/k dks cuk;s j[kus ds fy, lc dqN nk¡o ij yxk nsrs gSaA dHkh&dHkh nwljksa dks vkids O;ogkj esa mrkyokiu utj vkrk gS] ysfdu ;g lc dqN vkids vdsysiu ;k laca/kksa dks ysdj vlqj{kk&cks/k ds dkj.k gh gksrk gSA

vkidh detksfj;k¡% dkcw ls ckgj vkØkedrk] ludhiu] nwljk pj.k ¼ 10 feuV½ % nwljs pj.k esa vkidk /;ku foykflrk vkSj nwljksa ds çfr ykijjokgh vkidh lcls cM+h igys gh rhljs us= ij fVdk gS vkSj vki blh eqæk esa cSBs jgsa- detksfj;k¡ gSaA dHkh&dHkh vkidk ?keaM vkSj ftn lHkh gnksa

vf'ouh u{k= ds fy, funsZ'k

34 • Nakshatra Brahm

Page 35: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation

/khjs&/khjs flj ls iats rd vius 'kjhj dk mipkj 'kq: dj /;ku esa xgjs mrjus ls igys vkids fy, vius u{k= dh nsaA ;fn vkids 'kjhj ds fdlh vax esa nnZ gks jgk gks ;k dksbZ vk/;kfRed vkSj oSf'od 'kfä ds ckjs esa tkuuk cgqr t:jh vax detksj gks rks viuk iwjk /;ku ml ij ys vk,¡ vkSj gSA tSlk fd vki tkurs gh gSa fd vf'ouh u{k= vf'ouh /khjs&/khjs mldk mipkj 'kq: dj nsaA mnkgj.k ds fy, ;fn dqekjksa }kjk 'kkflr gSaA u{k= ij Þ'kh?kzO;kfiuh 'kfäß dk vkids ?kqVus esa nnZ gks jgk gks ;k mlesa lwtu vk x;h gks rks çHkko gSA ewy :i esa blesa nqfu;k ds lHkh çkf.k;ksa ds mipkj vki bldk mipkj viuh çkf.kd 'kfä ls djsaA ;fn vki dh 'kfä ekStwn gSA ;g ,d ,slh peRdkjh 'kfä gS ftlls vius ?kqVus dh lajpuk dks tkurs gSa rks vkidk mipkj lkjh nqfu;k dks jksxeqä fd;k tk ldrk gSAcsgrj vkSj tYnh gks ldrk gSA gks ldrk gS fd vkids ?kqVus

;g 'kfä bruh çHkko'kkyh gS fd ;fn vki viuh mipkj dk mipkj ,d flfVax esa iwjk u gks ysfdu ;fn vki ;g

'kfä;ksa dks d"V Hkksx jgs nwljs fdlh O;fä dks Hkh Hkstuk vH;kl yxkrkj tkjh j[krs gSa rks vki ;g ns[kdj gSjku jg

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Nakshatra Brahm • 35

Page 36: Nakshatra The Zodiac - Home - Astrobhambi - World … · Issue 02 • February 2017 'kfu fiz;adk xka/kh The Zodiac Nakshatra Meditation