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  • 1. My My name is Lia Cristhel and surname isCajavilca Cordova.Im eleven yearsold.Im from Tremp(Pallars Juss).My schoolis Valldeflors. Ive got one brother namesPol.I speck two languages catalan andspanish.

2. I lovecherries,strawberries,grape,orange,peach,mango,watermelon,apricot,water and plums.I hate melon ,sharon fruit,garlic,quinze,lentils and pepper. 3. My brother is smaller thanme.Hes funny and happy.heis two years old. 4. My mother is nice,she has got long straight black hair .She is thin and funny. Her name is Lali.. My father is funny , happy and athletic .He like the montain bike. Hes name is Josep Ramon. 5. A dog(chiwawa),panda, dolphin and canguro.