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  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile



    Each one of us has goals in life and

    different dreams that we want to cometrue. Me, as a human being has also goals

    and dreams that I want to have in reality.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile



    Let me introduce myself starting from my vision. My vision is to

    use myself as an example to people who comes or crosses my

    path in life. I want to share to them my positive attitudes and

    also inspire and motivate them to discover and develop their

    potential and live life to the fullest but for me in order for this

    vision to be fulfilled I need to get a career first so that I can helpmore by helping thyself first.

    I have also my mission and my purpose is to express my positive

    thinking, motivates my character and hard work by erasing all the

    negatives in life thinking that it will be the best and doing all the

    things that will have benefits on me, to help my family and

    become a helping hand to sick people and to have happiness andcontentment in life.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile



    I have goals that I want to achieve, first I want to have or to

    maintain a good health, for me this is the most important thing that

    I need to have because if I do not have a good health I will not be

    able to achieve my goals. I want to pass all my subjects in 4thyear

    because I want to graduate and pass the board exam. If I will pass

    the board exam I will have my license as a registered nurse and that

    is one of my key to apply in different hospitals and to have a good

    job. I want to be a role model nurse to my patients and co workers

    and I want to be a better person. If I will be a better person I can

    maintain open and productive family communications. I want to

    provide financial resources to achieve each members personal

    goals. I want to generate a secure and adequate income to meet

    the needs of our family and to have a never ending love life.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    In order for this to achieve I need to have a short range plan 5

    years from now. I will maintain eating nutritious food and

    avoiding junk foods and I will exercise everyday to have a fit

    and healthy body. I will study and exert my full effort so that I

    can pass all my subjects and graduate. I will have a positive

    thinking, motivates myself while I am in a review center and I

    will absorb all the teachings and lessons that we will review so

    that I can pass the board exam. I will never be tired of looking

    for a job and I will make sure that I will pass the interview and

    get a job by having a self confidence and think that I can do it

    and I can get it. I will apply all the knowledge that I have

    learned when I am a student and I will always bear in my mind

    that I am a person that a client need to have a healthy life. I

    will enhance myself and I will have a good attitude towards

    other people and be the real me every day. I will not keep

    secrets that will make harm in my family connection and I will

    always be open especially to my mom. I will share my problemsand dreams to them. I will be a hardworking person and help my

    mom in our daily financial problems and I will make sure that all

    of my sisters will graduate in college. I will open a bank account

    and save money for my family. I will be an open person to my

    partner and I will be an understanding person and I will also be

    good to him and express my love to him.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    I have also long range plan 10 years from now. I will maintain a

    healthy lifestyle, involves in a healthy activities to maintain a

    good health. I will be a dedicating employee by giving myknowledge and hard work in my job and I will love my job and

    enjoy it to the fullest. I will help my colleagues and future

    nurses on how to be a role model nurse by applying the

    knowledge that I have learned and sharing it to them. I will

    always keep in my mind that I am a better person and I can do

    everything. I will make sure that I and my family have a closerconnection and have bonding moments every day. I will continue

    to save money for my family and for myself so that when I

    retired I have a secured life. I will be a loving and humble wife

    and mother for my future family.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    Management and Leadership Theories

    For my management and leadership theories one of the theories

    that I choose is systematic theory where in there are 14 principles.

    First is the division of work, if I will have this it will be easy for meto do my work. If I will be a leader in the near future I can use the

    authority to give orders to my subordinate and I know that with

    authority comes with responsibility. I also need self discipline to do

    all my works. I will also use unity of command where in I will follow

    my supervisor. Unity of direction is also important because teams

    should have the same objectives. Subordination of individualinterests to the general interest it means that one employee should

    not be allowed to become more important than the team. I also

    need to have satisfaction in life so that I can reach my goals. I need

    to have decision making in all the things that I am doing so that it

    will not have a bad effect on me. I need to be aware if I am doing a

    wrong thing that will be a hindrance in achieving my goals. I need tohave order or steps in doing goals. I need to be equal in everything.

    Equity is really important. Personal planning for me is important

    because I need to plan all the things that will be a help in doing or

    achieving goals. In each goals that I will achieved I will always bear

    in my mind to have an initiative. And the most important is the

    esprit de corps wherein I need to strive to achieve my goals.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    The second management theory is the Hawthorne Effect. I can apply

    this theory by having a good attitude towards the people around me in

    work. Because in this theory it states that good attitude can leads to a

    good job performance. I also need to have a formal organizationbecause if I will join an informal organization it will just affect

    productivity. It also stated that norms in a work group can also affect

    the productivity. I also need to consider that a workplace is a social


    The trait theory discussed that traits can also affect the job

    performance of a person. If person is not born with self confidence,self confidence is developed. For me as I am assessing myself I have

    self confidence in all things because If I will not have self confidence I

    will not be able to show myself to other people, what can I do.

    Honesty and integrity is also important, for me honesty is the best

    policy. I need to be honest because if I will lie I will not be able to

    enjoy my life.

    Last is the participative theory, for me I need to participate in all the

    activities that will help me to improve everything in my life.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    Values and Beliefs

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather one of value-

    Albert EinsteinFor me value is really important to a person, because if I will not

    have my value in life I will not be success. I want to be a person of

    value rather than to be a person with money because some people

    think that with money you will be a valuable person but the real

    value for me is my traits that are good and I need for being a real

    person. I will be a valuable person if I will contribute in helpingothers. For me giving attention to someone who needs it is a

    valuable thing to do for them, which makes you valuable. I want to

    share my success in people around me and I will not be success

    without them.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.-


    One way I measure success and greatness is by assessing my

    failures or what I had learned about myself through thesefailures. For me there is no perfection without fault. Self

    reflection that follows failure is the catalyst that fosters

    improvement, growth and greatness. For me wholeness is really

    important than to be a perfectionist in all the things that I am

    doing. If I will not be a whole as a person I will not be success. I

    need to assess what is wrong or imperfect on me and I will try to

    correct this imperfection. This will help me to learned from my

    mistakes and correct everything.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be

    done without hope and confidence.- Helen Keller

    One of the factors most associated with success in a coaching

    relationship is optimism, perhaps one reason for this is that

    optimists see setbacks as temporary and summon the courage and

    tenacity to stay the course towards their goals.

  • 8/10/2019 My Self Profile


    My Values and Beliefs

    I also have my own values and beliefs. I believe that workingwith good people matters because then the work environment

    is good. If there is a sense of respect and belief among the

    people you work with, that is when good work is done. Intuition

    is the wis