Mommy\'s birthday

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  • 1. A Mothers

2. As a woman
All that I am or hope to be
3. I owe it to the love that you have given me
4. You put my needs
5. Before your own
6. You sacrifice so much
7. To make a home.
8. A mothers love, a powerful emotion.
A mothers love flows like a waterfall.
A mothers love a lifetime of devotion.
9. A mothers love, the greatest love of all.
You held me close if I got scared.
No other love on earth could
ever be compared.
10. Although we live so far apart
I always feel your presence
in my heart.
11. On being a
12. 13. On being a mother
14. 15. On being a grandma
16. Happy
Love from us,
Daddy, JunJanSonNell,KenBeth,
17. The End