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  • 1. Modern Japanese Music By Erica Wykoff And Ashley Conese
  • 2. Western Influence Liked Elvis impersonations Beatles Rolling Stones American Jazz American Pop French Chansons Latin Music from South America
  • 3. Japanese Terms Aidoru(Idol) word used to describe pretty young woman next door singers who were treated like a product instead of a person. Gagaku(elegant Music) traditional court music. Ongaku-Music Kayokyoku- Pop music(westernized)
  • 4. Bands Dir En Grey Genre: Rock/Metal Formed in 1997 #34 top band in Japan
  • 5. An Cafe Bands Genre:Pop/Rock Formed in 2003 3 Albums out so far.
  • 6. J-Pop Influenced by traditional music and folk music Songs sound similar to American songs. They take music from other places and turn it into their own. quot;When you listen to some J-Pop songs, you may think 'oh, I have heard of these songs before..' And then you realized that you never listened to them before..quot; Quote from J-Pop stand for Japanese Pop
  • 7. J-Rock One of the most popular types of music in Japan Copied Psychedelic rock style-minus the drugs J-Rock Stands for Japanese Rock. Dir En Grey is considered J-Rock
  • 8. A little Sampling of their music
  • 9. Band's Attire Some males enjoy wearing clothes that in America that would be seen for females. Long hair is a must. Outrageous Make-up for both boys and girls.