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  1. 1. List of Museum Attractions Floor plan Images of attractions Floor by floor detail of museum attractionsAttraction CatalogMarketing 494 Summer 2014
  2. 2. The following catalog contains information of exhibits and videos that are currently being shown at the Mob Museum. Each exhibit or videos will have a picture and next to it will be the following description: Senses Feelings Thinking Action RelativenessYou will find that the catalog is split into sections starting from the 1st floor from to the 3rd floor.A table of contents has been provided for each floor to easily find and exhibit or video. We have also created a floor plan that shows how the space is currently being utilized.Mob MuseumSt. Valentines Day Massacre WallThe St. Valentines day massacre was where bugs Morans men got shotPage 2
  3. 3. The Woods Video 4Slow and Steady Exhibit 4Listening to the Mob 4Incriminating Conversations 4Wire Tapping Devices Exhibit 4Evidence for the Prosecution 4Keeping an Eye on the Mob 5Undercover Surveillance 5Witness Protection Video 5Weapons Training 5Memory Room 5Trafficking Room 5Where Do all Mobsters Go? 6100 Years of Made Men & Their Associates 6Whitey Bulger Video 6Table of ContentsFirst Floor PlanMob MuseumPage 3
  4. 4. The Woods VideoThis video featured the racketeer and Rudy Giuliani persecuting the mobsters this video also goes into detail of the RICO actSenses: visual & Audio stimulationFeelings: interesting informative, and educationalThinking:The news laws that disrupted organized crimeAction: Passive & absorbingRelate: law enforcement relatedListening to the MobA new tactic used by detective to bring down the mob. After all, information gets convictions.Senses: auditoryFeelings: realismThinking: Interesting conversation and language used.Action: Putting on a pair of headphones to listen in.Relate: Not relatableWire Tapping Devices ExhibitDescribe the product, service, or event here. Include a brief description and any features.Senses: Brightly liteFeelings: interesting and informativeThinking:exploration of different devicesAction: reading about different device usedRelate: TechnologySlow and Steady ExhibitDescribes how long it took detectives to gather sufficient evidence to bring to mobster to the courtroomSenses: Intriguing because of the different types of evidence.Feelings: Challenges that detectives facedThinking:All the evidence that was needed to build a case against the mobsters.Action: Seeing their paperwork and leadsRelate: PatienceIncriminating ConversationsVisitors can pick up the phone and hear stories about how the Mob and law enforcement use coded language.Senses: AuditoryFeelings: Informative, inside lookThinking: Understanding the code languageAction: Active ListeningRelate: Not relatableEvidence for the ProsecutionDescribe the product, service, or event here. Include a brief description and any features.Senses: Good lighting to read the textFeelings: overwhelmed with an abundance of information.Thinking: Information does not follow a patternAction: Reading text on eye level to having to kneel down.Relate: No relation.Page 4Mob Museum
  5. 5. Keeping an Eye on the MobA create that depicts how some investigators keep tabs on the mob.Senses: Initially, not entertainingFeelings: Inside the box gives a sense of realness.Thinking: How detectives gather evidenceAction: engaging (inside the box)Relate: No relation.Witness Protection Video (4:40 mins)Video Explains the actions of Whitey Bulger and how he fooled the FBI.Senses: Colorful, Emotional, and realFeelings: educational, astonished, and madThinking: Made me wonder where FBI was?Action: PassiveRelate: No relation.Memory Room (Red Room)Old school images and past memories of old mobsters .Senses: Bright, engaging room, aesthetically pleasingFeelings: heartwarming, engagedThinking: Looking at the past historyAction: passiveRelate: Yes, you get the family vibeUndercover SurveillanceGathering Intel on the Mobsters by undercover surveillance.Senses: intriguing the background is catchingFeelings: You believe the buttons on the wall enhance the experience.Thinking: Interactive screens are interesting.Action: EngagingRelate: No relationWeapons TrainingInteractive training and simulation training from online videos.Senses: Dark, heavy realisticFeelings: Fun, Educational, semi-realisticThinking:Weapon coaching, and onsite shootingAction: Very ActiveRelate: Yes, if you are a weapon carrierTrafficking RoomAn entire room to display the various things that are trafficked throughout the world like purses, cigarettes and videos.Senses: creative layout, uniqueFeelings: Wonder, amazed of how many things were traffickedThinking:EducationalAction: Semi interactive with the videoRelate: No relationPage 5Mob Museum
  6. 6. Where Do all Mobsters Go?4 possibilities on where the mobsters go after time passes by.Senses: intriguing the background is catchingFeelings: Wonder and somewhat humorousThinking: InterestingAction: Very PassiveRelate: No relation other than maybe retirement or possible jail, maybe deathWhitey Bulger Video (4 Min)Video Explains the actions of Whitey Bulger and how he fooled the FBI.Senses: Colorful, Emotional, and realFeelings: educational, astonished, and madThinking: Made me wonder where FBI was?Action: PassiveRelate: Only to those that lost someone100 Years of Made Men & Their AssociatesA huge wall displaying the various leading men women that played an important role in the Mob scene.Senses: big, black and white images (lots)Feelings: Amazement, memorizingThinking: Amazed how big organized crime really wasAction: PassiveRelate: In a family sense maybePage 6Mob Museum
  7. 7. Kefauver Hearings Waiting 8Kefauver Hearings Courtroom 8Goodman for the Defense 8Las Vegas through the Years 8The Cowboy Sheriff Exhibit 8Sin City Video 8Schillers Suit ExhibitInteractive Table 9Slot Machine Exhibit 9Money Themed Room 9Money Themed Room Video 9Never Enough Exhibit 9Web of Deceit Room 10Web of Deceit Room Video 10Mob Hits Video 10Choice of Weapons Exhibit 10Mobs Greatest Hits Wall 10Table of ContentsSecond Floor PlanPage 7Mob Museum
  8. 8. Kefauver Hearings Courtroom(8:40 mins)Describes the Chicago commission and Notable names in the Mob such as Moe Dalitz and the 800 witness which included the girlfriends of the Mobsters and their role.Senses: visually and auditory stimulatingFeelings: entertainingThinking:actual mobsters in the courtroomAction: PassiveRelate: Same sort of justice layoutLas Vegas through the YearsDescribes major events in Las Vegas.Senses: Bad placementFeelings: Detracts from Mob themeThinking:Important events occurring in Vegas that made it what it is today.Action: EducationalRelate: Good information, but not relevant to the Mob theme.Sin City Video(6:21 mins)Overview of Las Vegas as the ultimate open city that attracted Mobsters following the Kefauver Hearings.Senses: Fun, excitingFeelings: Very VegasThinking:Not really Mob related, neat video.Action: EntertainingRelate: relates to the theme of the room, nothing else.Kefauver Hearings Waiting Video(4:25 mins)Video depicts major investigations on organized crime and the national consciousness of the Mob.Senses: Lighting is goodFeelings: InformativeThinking:Great video, very small screenAction: PassiveRelate: Mob related, adds value to experienceGoodman for the DefenseShow the casework that Attorney Oscar Goodman provided for the defending Nick Civella in a skim caseSenses: Well lit, standalone exhibit.Feelings:Thinking: Goodmans heavy involvementAction: Reading, educationalRelate: Mr. Goodman our governor.The Cowboy Sheriff ExhibitDescribes Sheriff Ralph Lamb and how he was the only sheriff in Las Vegas when the Mob first appeared. Leading the fight against organized crime.Senses: Plain, out of placeFeelings: Old westernThinking:Doesnt grab your attention.Action: exhibit information doesnt grab initial attention.Relate: Seems out of place.Page 8Mob Museum
  9. 9. Schillers Suit ExhibitShows artifacts of Schiller and also the some artifacts from the Flamingo and the Moulin Rouge.Senses: Well lit,Feelings: InformationalThinking:Education of the beginning of Las vegas.Action: Lots to readRelate: Visit the Moulin Rouge and Flamingo.Slot Machine ExhitbitDescribes how cheaters tried to beat the odds and the house and the use of skim to cheat the slots.Senses: Lights and screen are attention getters.Feelings: Seems interactive, but it really isntThinking:Not as interactive of hopedAction: Pulling slot lever.Relate: Playing a slot machineMoney Themed Room Video(3:15 mins)This video give snippets of the movie called, Casino.Senses: Auditory and VisualFeelings: InterestingThinking:Interested in watching the movie called Casino for more information.Action: Watching video, passive activity.Relate: Casinos now and before.Interactive TablePugs have names of different Mobsters and it shows their associates names.Senses: touch and visually stimulatingFeelings: Fun to move the pucks and touchscreen.Thinking:educational, mobsters and their ties to the casinos.Action: Moving the pucks around, engagingRelate: Interacting with similar devices that are touchscreen.Money Themed RoomShows the Mob involvement with the Las Vegas casinos and their ties.Senses: Visually and AuditoryFeelings: InterestingThinking:Initially, what the numbers mean.Action: Watching video, then understanding why its decorated the way it is.Relate: Yes, understanding the other side of playing in a casino.Never Enough ExhibitDescribe how although the casinos were profitable, Mobster were never satisfied and found additional ways to increase their profits.Senses: well litFeelings: interestingThinking: passiveAction: not interactiveRelate: buying clothingsPage 8Mob Museum
  10. 10. Web of Deceit RoomMob room that displays the violence, corruption, conspiracy, and murders that occur.Senses: Different, but interesting layout.Feelings: Interesting reading about conspiracy and corruption in politics.Thinking:If there are any theories today?Action: Sitting on a bench watch the videoRelate: Not relatable unless you grow up during that time.Mob Hits VideoIt describes bugsys murder and how other famous mobster died including events in Brooklyn and Cleveland.Senses: dark, nostalgicFeelings: Interesting, sadThinking: Awareness of deaths of influential mobstersAction: active listeningRelate: Not relatableMobs Greatest Hits WallShows how the some of the Mobsters were killed through police photographs.Senses: visually stimulatingFeelings: NostalgicThinking:A lot of violenceAction: Standing and reading how the mobster were killed.Relate: It ties in well with theWeb of Deceit Room Video()Describes the mobs involvement and their link with big events with people such as President John F. Kennedy,Senses: visually and auditoryFeelings: Interesting, informativeThinking:learning about the mobs involvement and how extensive it was.Action: listening, passive, educationalRelate: Only if you grew up in that time.Choice of Weapons ExhibitDescribe the weapons that were used the Mob era. From simple weapons such as knifes to bombs.Senses: visuallyFeelings: InterestingThinking:The variety of weapons used.Action: Reading on different weaponsRelate: Only if familiar with such weaponsPage 8Mob Museum
  11. 11. The Mob in America 12St. Valentines Day Video 12Organized Crime Intro Video 12Fighting Back 12Connecting the Dots 12Arming Up (Comic Book Strip) 12Arizona Club 13Richest Man To Die (Comic Book Strip) 13Tentacles to Spread 13Bigger Than U.S. Steel (Plates) 13The Mob Goes to War 13Tomato Can (Dealing Drugs) 13The Race Wire 14Poker Table (Arizona Club) 14The Sporting Life 14Target Prostitution 14Table of ContentsThird Floor PlanPage 11Mob Museum
  12. 12. The Mob in AmericaA wall describing the original organized crimes, where it began and how people became involved in organized crimes .Senses: Dim lights, lots of information, interactiveFeelings: Engaging, entertaining, funThinking:Become aware of mob sceneAction: Picture takingRelate:Organized Crime Intro VideoThe video featured an introduction of how organized crime came about and what law enforcement did.Senses: Dim lights, huge bright screenFeelings: Engaging, fun, excitingThinking:Awareness of Mob lifeAction: Passive picture takingRelate: Yes, InformationalConnecting the DotsMap that highlights where various organized crimes took place and also memorabilia available .Senses: aesthetically engagingFeelings: Wasnt engaging enoughThinking:Can see the impact of OCAction: PassiveRelate: Can relate through statesSt. Valentines Day Video (Arizona Club)This video featured the St. Valentines day massacre along with showcasing the wall where bugs Morans men got shotSenses: Smaller screen only one seat availableFeelings: Informative, interestingThinking:Exciting and educationalAction: PassiveRelate: Yes, Mob relatedFighting Back (Comic Book Strip)The decoration of this room is comic book and it includes info of important law enforcement.Senses: Bight lights fun aesthetically pleasingFeelings: Engaging, colorfulThinking:How law enforcement viewed mobAction: active/passiveRelate: Yes, mob relatedArming Up (Comic Book Strip)The tommy gun exhibit that shows what a tommy gun looks like and feels like when shooting.Senses: Bright lights, actual size, entertainingFeelings: Fun initially / Let downThinking:Could have been more realisticAction: Semi activeRelate: YesPage 12Mob Museum
  13. 13. Arizona ClubFeatures all about Arizona culture the mob and the people of 1915.Senses: extremely decorated according to eraFeelings: Felt like I was in old ArizonaThinking: History our neighboring state hasAction: Some passive some activeRelate: Yes, wasnt perceived thoughTentacles to SpreadThis video showcase what the organized crime became after prohibition was terminated and the mobsters moved from prostitution to drugs and traffickingSenses: Visual stimulation & auditoryFeelings: EducationalThinking: Learned in regards to the new organized crime was aboutAction: PassiveRelate: Not relatableThe Mob Goes to WarA wall with a small screen that shows images of mob related incidents.Senses: Bight, Steel, plain, small screenFeelings: Not interesting, pass through itThinking:Small Screen, not worth looking atAction: Very PassiveRelate: No ClueRichest Man To Die (Comic Book Strip)Interactive electric chair with images of mobsters beside it.Senses: Bright for pictures, realistic, funFeelings: Fun, bright color, great propThinking: Great for social media platformsAction: ActiveRelate: YesBigger Than U.S. Steel (Plates)Dinner plate settings shows the various states that organized crime occurred in.Senses: Bright, Interesting, engagingFeelings: Unique, fun, educationalThinking: Shows how vast organized crime wasAction: Semi ActiveRelate: Yes, hard to find relevance thoughTomato Can (Dealing Drugs)Mobsters used to traffic drugs through tomatoes cans to make it less noticeableSenses: Unique, caught attention, VideoFeelings: Funny unique, InterestingThinking: Educational I learned a lotAction: PassiveRelate: No relatedPage 8Mob Museum
  14. 14. The Race WireSmall exhibits showcases the way mobsters would bet in horse races and rig races.Senses: Bright, wires like old phone stationsFeelings: Interesting, good to touch & like the phoneThinking: More interactiveAction: Semi ActiveRelate: Yes mob relatedThe Sporting LifeShows how the mob had an involvement in sport during their time.Senses: Bright, unique, esthetically pleasingFeelings: Surprised, immersed, educatedThinking: Gained insight something didnt know priorAction: Semi passiveRelate: Yes mob/sportsPoker Table (Arizona Club)Interactive poker game where player play poker through touch screens.Senses: UnnoticeableFeelings: Fun, Interesting,Thinking: real world poker sceneAction: ActiveRelate: Relation to Las Vegas Online GamingTarget ProstitutionShows the oldest profession which is prostitution and the role that the mob had in itSenses: Attention grabberFeelings: racy, interesting, and educationalThinking: Understanding of whyAction: Semi Active (Sliding Door)Relate: No relationPage 8Mob Museum