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eLearning Mobilization Presentation, July 30 2014

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EMERGING MOBILE TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS: TODAY TOMORROW POSSIBILITIES Organiza(on Eec(veness and Strategic Ini(a(ves www.TBRMobile.org Educa4on On Demand and within Your Hands HARNESS TODAYS NEWEST TECHNOLOGIES AND DEVICES FOR TEACHING, LEARNING, AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT To Start This Presenta4on Pull Out Your Mobile Device 10 Emerging Educa4onal Technologies and How They Are Being Used Across the Globe hCp://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/the-ten-emerging-technologies-in- educa(on-and-how-they-are-being-used-across-the-globe/#ixzz33kG7GSR3 The exploding growth of hand-held devices (almost 370 million tablets will be sold by 2016) is transforming higher educa4on in terms of recrui4ng, teaching, learning, communica4on, collabora4on, social interac4on, engagement, produc4vity and the delivery of educa4on. Mobile technology is uniquely posiHoned to conHnue to drive economic, environmental and social change The mobile phone is the single most transforma4ve tool for development, according to Jerey Sachs, Director of the Earth Ins(tute, Columbia University. As one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in history, mobiles are increasingly ubiquitous in todays world. Rela(vely inexpensive and easy to use, mobiles do not have the same barriers to access as other technologies, such as broadband internet, which needs a xed line infrastructure. Mobile Learning Mobile learning is a customized experience based on the device, the features, and the learner. Example: A tradi(onal computer lab will look the same across the world (same monitor, computer, etc.). Unlike mobile devices, where the user dictates the device, the learning environment and experiences. Mobile Technology Prole 90% of American adults have a cell phone 67% of cell owners nd themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls even when they dont no4ce their phone ringing or vibra4ng. 44% of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didnt miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night. 29% of cell owners describe their cell phone as something they cant imagine living without. hCp://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/mobile-technology-fact-sheet/ Typical Student Classroom Phone Behavior Typical Faculty Professional Development Behavior Nearly 86 percent said they were tex4ng, 68 percent reported they were checking email, 66 percent said they using social networks, 38 percent said they were surng the Web and 8 percent said they were playing a game. hCp://newsroom.unl.edu/releases/2013/10/23/UNL+study+shows+college+students +are+digitally+distracted+in+class ( +) Cell Phones as NoteTaking Tool Gartner: Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies This Hype Cycle examines the status of, and prospects for, various mobile device technologies. It advises device vendors, mobile operators, applica(on providers and others on the maturity of these technologies and their use. Educa4onal Use 5% Flappy Bird # 1 Candy Crush # 2 Angry Birds # 3 Candy Crush Cheat Sheet for Every Level: hCp://youtu.be/UhIOAqZb74Q Nielsen Survey 2013: How Students Prefer To Use Tablets In Schools 71 percent of students who use tablets are interested in accessing textbooks. #AImobilelearn Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Higher Education 1.8 Million FREE Books aBooks eBooks iBooks oBooks uBooks HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me DermoScreen Cancer Screening App developed at the University of Houston DermoScreen, can detect skin cancer 85 percent of the (me. Thats the same accuracy rate as at the dermatologists oce and is more accurate than a primary care physician's diagnosis, according to engineering technology Professor George Zouridakis, who started working on the project in 2005. *Len is $500 Ac4onable Advice Embrace B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) It will speed ability to leverage innova(ons in consumer tech, apps and services, reduce cost and widen IT delivery, ease of use and eciency. Source: Gartner and Forbes (BICSI Presenters Opinion in Italics, 2013) Word Lens Word Lens gives you transla(on on the go: - NO NETWORK required - results appear immediately on your video screen when you need it, anywhere in the world .. iTunes: hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word- lens/id383463868?mt=8 Google Play Store: hCps://play.google.com/store/apps/ details? id=com.questvisual.wordlens&hl=en More than a Phone or for Games: Phones as Educa4onal and Workforce Tool Telescope Microscope Naviga4on Heart Monitor Blood Pressure Workforce Tools Musical Instruments Library Musical Instrument Science Lab iStethoscope Researchers at Oxford University and South Africas University of Cape Town tapped into cellphones exis(ng microphones to develop this mobile stethoscope. The app allows pa(ents to record their own heartbeats, and then forward along the audio to doctors who can track the development of condi(ons, such as tuberculosis pericardi(s. NETRA Hailing from MITs Media Lab, the Near Eye Tool for Refrac(ve Assessment, or NETRA, transforms smartphones into low-cost, portable diagnos(c devices that can detect a host of vision disorders, including nearsightedness and farsightedness. The $2 clip-on eyepiece exploits the increasing resolu(on of smartphone screens to deliver a prescrip(on for the appropriate correc(ve lenses in a few minutes. More than a half-billion people live with undiagnosed eye disorders, 90 percent of whom in the developing world, and NETRA is a promising alterna(ve to the costly diagnos(cs that have dominated the eld for decades. LUCAS Aydogan Ozcan, winner of the 2011 Presiden(al Early Career Award for Scien(sts and Engineers and a PM Breakthrough Award honoree, is turning camera phones into diagnos(c imaging systems. Doing away with costly and fragile microscope lenses, LUCAS, or the Lensless Ultra-wide-eld Cell monitoring Array plaxorm, is based on Shadow imaging system and uses the phones camera sensor to create digital holograms of cell samples that can be quickly be analyzed with custom soyware. The system can help to diagnose malaria by picking up on misshaped red blood cells that are a hallmark of the disease, and it could aid in tracking T-cell levels of HIV pa(ents. MobiUS FDA-approved MobiUS is the rst ultrasound imaging system to work on smartphones. The soyware, made by MobiSante, could be used for a slew of clinical applica(ons, including conrming and tracking pregnancies and assessing kidney disorders. The images and video can be shared over email, or through a standard USB connec(on. Making high quality eye care portable, cost eec4ve and intui4ve; Leveraging mobile phone technology to extend the availability of a full range of ophthalmic diagnos(c tests outside of high income hospital departments to anywhere in the world: hospital wards, GP surgeries, pa(ent homes and were even being tested in the Antarc(c! The Vision To empower general health workers and eye care prac((oners to diagnose eye diseases and provide a means for managing and monitoring the treatment of pa(ents