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  • 7/30/2019 Mid-Atlantic, Quebec, Southern


    SSUSH 1c,d,e

    c. Explain the development of the mid-Atlanticcolonies; include the Dutch settlement of NewAmsterdam and subsequent English takeover, andthe settlement of Pennsylvania.

    d. Explain the reasons for French settlement ofQuebec.

    e. Analyze the impact of location and place on colonial

    settlement, transportation, and economicdevelopment; include the southern, middle, and NewEngland colonies.

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    Mid-Atlantic Colonies settlement Middle Colonies include: New Amsterdam/New York, New

    Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware

    The middle colonies were more diverse than the NewEngland or Southern colonies

    Some small farms, and a few cities

    Less united than the New England colonies

    More culturally diverse, and more religious tolerance.Industrial and agricultural society. They produced iron,paper, and textiles and grew wheat and other grains

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    Settlement of New Amsterdam New Netherland was

    originally settled by theDutch (from theNetherlands), but in 1664the British conquered thearea and renamed it NewYork. New York had adiverse population and was

    a large trade center.Because the Britishencouraged the Dutch tostay, New York tolerateddifferent religious beliefs.

    New Amsterdam is nowknown as New York City.

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    Settlement of Pennsylvania Located between New England and


    William Penn received the land fromKing Charles because King Charlesowed a debt to Penns father. TheKing was not entirely happy aboutpaying the debt this way because heknew Penn was a Quaker and theking had banned and persecutedQuakers.

    Quakers believe in pacifism andpeople having their own inner-lightfrom God meaning they had no needfor churches or ministers.

    Quakers did not believe inparticipating in government or even

    paying taxes.

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    Settlement of Pennsylvania, cont. Pennsylvania (Penns

    woods) was named after

    William Penns father(also William Penn) Pennsylvania had

    complete political andreligious freedom. Penn

    also believed thereneeded to be a friendshipwith the Native Americansand did this by signing theTreaty of Shackamaxon,

    causing over 70 years ofpeace between thesettlers and the NativeAmericans.

    Penn opened up landin Pennsylvania toanyone who wantedto settle there,bringing thousands.

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    French Settlement of Quebec Founded in 1608 Quebec was the first

    permanent Frenchsettlement in North

    America. The French colonists,

    primarily Jesuit priests,were to spread the Catholicfaith in the New World.

    The other French colonistswere primarily fur traders

    and lived among the NativeAmericans that they tradedwith.

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    New England Colonies

    The New England Colonies (Northerncolonies) of British America included

    Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode

    Island New Hampshire.

    Religion dictated the settlers daily life,

    most were Puritans, who wanted to

    purify the Church of England.

    Towns & Villages centered around the


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    Middle Colonies

    The middle colonies were those betweenthe Southern colonies and the NewEngland colonies. They included New

    Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, andDelaware. *were more culturally diverse & religious tolerance

    Some small farms, and a few cities

    Less united Industrial and agricultural society. Provided other

    colonies with WHEAT

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    Southern Colonies

    Location: Below the Mason-Dixon Line. Includes: Maryland, Virginia, North

    Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Transportation: Imports and exportswere by ship primarily to England,

    including trans-Atlantic slave trade Economic Development: Almost solelyagricultural society, they grew rice,tobacco, and indigo

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    Work Session

    Directions:Pretend that you are a

    travel agent who is trying to getEuropeans to travel to the New

    World. Work in groups to create an

    advertisement persuading people to

    travel to one of the following

    colonial towns: New Amsterdam,Philadelphia, or Quebec based on

    reasons for settlement.

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    Who was William Penn?

    Why did the English take over New

    Amsterdam? What happened as a result

    of this takeover?

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    Group Steps:

    -Step 1: Brainstorm with your groupto decide WHERE in the American

    Colonies you want to travel

    -Step 2: Decide WHY you arewanting to go or why you WENT to

    the colony

    -Step 3: Design & be creative & UseRUBRIC to complete the poster!!