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Transcript of Michael Armstrong, Jr., M.D.€¦ · Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery and in Facial Plastic &...

  • Richmond Ear, Nose & Throat 8700 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 110

    Richmond, VA 23235

    804-330-5501 www.RichmondENT.com

    Michael Armstrong, Jr., M.D.

    Michael Armstrong, Jr., M.D. has practiced otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery in

    Richmond, Virginia since 1995. Dr. Armstrong is a nationally recognized leader in office-

    based sinus surgery, with several publications in print and under review. He is also known for

    his skill in reconstructing cancer defects of the nose and ear. With a constant eye for new and

    less invasive surgical techniques, he stays abreast of current research through educational

    meetings and self-study. In the operating room and in the office, he is an innovator who has

    introduced one or more techniques for each year in practice.

    Dr. Armstrong places great emphasis on teaching, using multimedia presentations and a well-trained staff to

    educate patients and their families. He is frequently asked to speak as a regional expert on allergies and upper

    respiratory tract infections, including sinusitis and otitis media. The Chesterfield Family Practice Residency has

    awarded him “Outstanding Educator in Otolaryngology” four times. He is also an instructor for St. Francis Family

    Practice and the former Hanover Family Practice residencies. He was appointed an assistant clinical professor at

    the Medical College of Virginia in 2003.

    Dr. Armstrong founded Richmond ENT in January 2001 with the goal of improving the quality of the patient's office

    experience. Legally organized as “Advanced Otolaryngology, P.C.,” the corporation has grown to six professionals,

    including two physicians, three nurse practitioners and a doctor of audiology. While we provide comprehensive

    care of most aspects of adult and pediatric otolaryngology, our primary divisions include Richmond Facial Plastics

    and Richmond Sinus and Allergy. Richmond Hearing Aids was incorporated independently in 2009.

    A Richmond native, Dr. Armstrong is a graduate of Princeton University and Duke University Medical School. He

    completed a residency and fellowship at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1995. He is board-certified in both

    Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery and in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He serves on the patient

    safety and public information committees of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He

    has also successfully completed the fellowship examination of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. He is

    an active member of the American Rhinologic Society, and the Christian Medical and Dental Society. He is a

    founding partner with the Stony Point Surgery Center, where he has served as chairman of the Patient Care

    Committee, and as the Chief of Staff. He is on the research grant committee and the board of managers for the

    Medarva Foundation, a 501c charitable organization that survives the Richmond Eye and Ear Hospital. The

    foundation supports several vision and hearing programs in central Virginia and awards over $250,000 annually in

    grants to eye, ear, nose and throat researchers at Virginia medical schools. Dr. Armstrong devotes one week of

    vacation per year to medical missionary work, serving at the Mission of Hope, Bolivia and the Africa Inland Church-

    CURE Children‟s Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. Locally, he volunteers as an Assistant Scoutmaster at Boy Scout Troop

    799, and as a 5-6th grade teacher at Third Presbyterian Church. He plays church basketball and USTA tennis, but

    he is a better surgeon than athlete.


  • Richmond Ear, Nose & Throat 8700 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 110

    Richmond, VA 23235

    804-330-5501 www.RichmondENT.com

    Michael Armstrong, Jr., M.D.

    Work History

    Advanced Otolaryngology, P.C. Doing business as “Richmond ENT,” “Richmond Facial Plastics” and “Richmond Sinus & Allergy” Richmond, VA, January 2001 to present Surgeon and President Richmond Hearing Aids, Inc. Richmond, VA, June 2009 to present Medical Director and President Virginia Ear, Nose, & Throat Associates, P.C. Richmond, VA, July 1995 to December 2000


    Internship, Johns Hopkins Hospital Residency, Baltimore, MD Fellowship: 1989 -1995: Otolaryngology-HNS Maryland and National Resident Research Awards

    Medical School: Duke University Durham, NC 1985 -1989: Doctor of Medicine Benenson Merit Scholarship Duke Eye Center Research Scholarship

    Undergraduate: Princeton University Princeton, NJ 1981 -1985: BA Biology National Merit Scholarship

    Highest Academic Average in Biology Summa cum Laude

    High School: The Collegiate Schools Richmond, VA 1977-1981 Highest Academic Average

  • Current Hospital Affiliations

    Active Staff: o HCA Henrico Doctor‟s Hospital o Medarva Stony Point Surgery Center

    Courtesy Staff

    o Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center

    o Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital

    o Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center

    o Bon Secours St. Mary‟s Hospital

    o HCA Chippenham Medical Center

    o HCA Johnston-Willis Hospital

    o HCA Retreat Hospital

    Licensure and Certification

    American Board of Otolaryngology: 06/1995 American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: 6/23/2001, MOC 2011 American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy Fellowship Examination: 9/14/2007 Commonwealth of Virginia Hearing Aid Specialist 4/14/08 Commonwealth of Virginia medical license: 1995 to present State of Maryland medical license: 1990 to 1996 National Board of Medical Examiners: 1990


    Virginia Commonwealth University - Medical College of Virginia o Assistant Clinical Professor in Otolaryngology 2003-present

    Stony Point Surgery Center o Chief of Staff 2008-2009 o Vice Chief of Staff 2006-2007 o Executive Committee 2005-present o Patient Care Committee - Chairman 2004-2009 o Operating Room Committee 2002-2009 o Infection Control Committee 2002-2003 o Scientific Advisory Committee 2001-present

    American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery o Written Examination Development Committee 2001

    Director of Clinical Research - Virginia ENT Assoc. 1999-2000 Chippenham Residency Education Committee 1998-2000 Program Director - Johnston Willis Hospital

    o Head and Neck Tumor Board 1996-1997 Credentials Committee - Stuart Circle Hospital 1997 Credentials Committee - PruCare 1997-1999 Editorial Review Board Otolaryngology- HNS 1994-1996

  • Honors and Awards

    "Top Doctors in the United States" 2005 to present Richmond Magazine “Top Doctors for Kids” list 2002 Richmond Magazine “Top Doctors” list 2000, 2004 Chesterfield Family Practice Residency Program Outstanding Educator in Otolaryngology 1999-2002 AAO-HNS Resident Clinical Research Award 1993 Maryland Society for OHNS Resident Research Award 1993 Alpha Omega Alpha 1989 Duke Eye Center Research Scholarship 1987 Edward H. Benenson Merit Scholarship 1985 Highest Academic Average in Department 1985 Phi Beta Kappa 1985 Sigma Xi Book Award 1985 National Merit Scholarship 1981

    Richmond Firsts

    1995 ChiselTip suction cautery device for tonsillectomy 1996 Medialization thyroplasty 1996 Endoscopic orbital decompression for Graves disease 1997 Image-guided sinus surgery 1997 Frontal sinus drill-out 1998 Powered office sinus surgery 1998 Endoscopic ligation of the sphenoethmoidal artery 1999 Endoscopic laser tear duct surgery 2000 “Scarless” parotid surgery 2001 Cautery assisted palatal stiffening operation 2001 Trained ENT nurse practitioner 2003 Coblation tonsillectomy 2003 Transnasal esophagoscopy 2004 Injection snoreplasty 2006 Repose genioglossus advancement and hyoid myotomy

    2007 AcclarENT Balloon Sinuplasty 2008 In-office balloon sinuplasty 2009 Entellus FinESS balloon sinus dilation 2010 Entellus XprESS balloon sinus dilation 2012 Xoran MiniCAT sinus CT

    Missionary Work

    Kijabe, Kenya (cleft lip and palate team) June 13-28, 2009, July 2-17, 2011

    Mission of Hope, Bolivia (microtia and general ENT) March 23-31, 2007

    Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (inner city youth) 2007-2010

    Access Now (accepting pro bono referrals) 2007-present

    Love of Jesus Clinic (accepting pro bono referrals) 2001-present

    Crossover Ministries (accepting pro bono referrals) 2001-present

    Face-to-Face Domestic Violence (accepting pro bono referrals) 2001-present

  • Memberships

    American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1992-Present o Public Information Committee 2007 o Patient Safety Committee 2007

    American Academy of Otolaryngology-HNS 1991-Present o Young Physicians Committee 1995-2005

    American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy 1994-Present American Medical Association 1985-2012

    o Alternate Delegate for State of Maryland 1993-1995 American Rhinologic Society 1998-Present Virginia Society of Otolaryngology 1997-Present Medical Society of Virginia 1995-Present Richmond Academy of Medicine 1995-Present Christian Medical and Dental Society 2006-Present Surgeons‟ Outcomes Research Cooperative in Otorhinolaryngology

    o Board of Directors 1997-2003 o President 1998-1999 o Treasurer 1997-1998

    Tuckahoe Family YMCA Board of Management 1999-2002 o Annual Giving - Division Manager 2001 o Indian Program Nation Chief 2000-2002 2004-2005

    Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society 1985-1999 Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland 1989-1995 (State Medical Society)

    o President: Resident Physicians 1992-1994 o Vice President: Resident Physicians 1991-1992 o Member of Council 1992-1994 o House of Delegates 1992-1995

    North Carolina Medical Society 1985-1989 Durham-Orange County Medical Society 1985-1989 Christian Medical Society 1985-1989 Student Government (elected offices) 1985-1988 Princeton University Honor Council 1983-1985 The Collegiate Schools Honor Council 1977-1981

    Other Current Activities

    Boy Scouts of America Troop 799

    o Assistant Scoutmaster 2009-present

    o Merit Badge Counselor 2005-present

    o Eagle Scout 1977

    YMCA Indian Guides 1996-2009

    Western Wildcats Football Coach 2002, 2007

    Bon Air Youth Basketball League, asst. coach 2008-2009

    Upward Basketball League Referee 2006-2008

    Avalon Recreation Association USTA Tennis 2007-present

    Master‟s Swim Team - Chesapeake Bay crossing 2003, 2004

    Kinross Neighborhood Association Vice president 2001-2008

  • Manuscripts

    Brodner D, Nachlas N, Mock P, Truitt T, Armstrong M, Pasha R, Jung C, and Atkins J: One-Year Outcomes

    and Ostial Patency Following Treatment with a Multi-Function, Multi-Sinus Balloon Dilation Tool. Int Forum

    of Allergy & Rhinology submitted 2012.

    Albritton FD et al. Surgeon radiation exposure in ESS with balloon catheters. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg

    140:834-840, 2009.

    Armstrong, M. Do‟s and Don‟ts: Print Advertising, Use of Academy Logo. Facial Plastic Times. 29(5):10-11,


    Armstrong, M. The No. 1 Boomer Cancer. Skin cancer: recognize it, prevent it. Boomer Life 77-78 June


    Armstrong, M. Office-based Procedures in Rhinosinusitis. Otolaryngol Clin N Am 38:1327-1338, 2005.

    ATBS Clinical Consensus Panel: Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis: Patient Assessment, Risk Stratification,

    Referral Strategies, and Outcome-Effective Antibiotic Selection. Hospital Medicine Consensus Reports May

    1, 2004.

    Hayden FG, Herrington DT, Coats TL et al.: Efficacy and Safety of Oral Pleconaril for Treatment of Colds

    Due to Picornaviruses in Adults: Results of 2 Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trials. Clin

    Infect Dis 36:1523-32, 2003.

    Dolor RJ, Witsell DL, Hellkamp AS et al.: Comparison of Cefuroxime With or Without Intranasal Fluticasone

    for the Treatment of Rhinosinusitis. JAMA 286:3097-3105, 2001.

    Armstrong M: Chisel Tip Suction Cautery Device for Tonsillectomy. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surgery

    121:119-121, 1999.

    Armstrong M, Mark LJ, Snydor DS, Parker SD: Safety of Direct Laryngoscopy as an Outpatient Procedure.

    Laryngoscope 107:1060-1065;1997

    Armstrong M, Shikani AH: Nasal Septal Necrosis Mimicking Wegener's granulomatosis in a cocaine abuser.

    ENT Journal 75(9): 623-626, 1996.

    Armstrong M, Efros PL: Speaking tubes for bedside use. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 112:624-5, 1995.

    Armstrong M. Stabilizing Foot Means for Cap of Needle Assembly and Method Thereof. U.S. Patent No.

    08/041,489, 1994.

    Armstrong M, Kunar DR, Cummings CW: Effect of pentoxifylline on myocutaneous flaps in pigs.

    Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 109:668-675, 1993.

    Armstrong M, Efros PL: Speaking tubes for office use. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 108:771-2, 1993.

    Armstrong M, McArthur JC, Zinreich SJ: Radiographic imaging of sinusitis in HIV infection. Otolaryngol

    Head Neck Surg, 108:36-43, 1993.

    Godofsky EW, Zinreich SJ, Armstrong M, Leslie J, Weikel CS: Sinusitis in HIV-infected patients: A clinical

    and radiographic review. Am. J. Med. 93:163-170, 1992.

    Armstrong M, Price JC: Tumor implantation in a tracheotomy. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 106:400-403,


    Needham D, Armstrong M, Hatchell DL, Nunn RS: Rapid deformation of "passive" polymorphonuclear

    leukocytes: the effects of pentoxifylline. J. Cell. Physiol. 140(3) 549-557, 1990.

    Armstrong M, Needham D, Hatchell DL, Nunn RS: Effect of pentoxifylline on the flow of polymorphonuclear

    leukocytes through a model capillary. Angiology 41(4): 253-262,1990.

    Lisk RD, Huck UW, Gore AC, Armstrong M: Mate choice, mate guarding and other mating tactics in golden

    hamsters maintained under seminatural conditions. Behaviour 109: 58-75, 1989.

    Armstrong M: Mechanisms of female mate choice among golden hamsters in a semi-natural environment.

    Senior thesis submitted to Princeton University, April 1985.

  • Abstracts and Major Presentations

    “Balloon Dilation of the Sinuses in the Office.” Poster presentation at Virginia Society of Otolaryngology

    Annual Meeting. Norfolk, VA 5/3/11.

    “Pathologic Vignettes: The Role of Balloon Catheter Dilation in Fungus, Headaches and Polyps.” Invited

    panelist at The Sinus Forum 2008, Chicago, IL, 7/25/8.

    “Balloon Sinuplasty Cadaver Training Course,” Portsmouth Naval Hospital 9/26/7 and Baltimore, MD

    10/19/7 and 5/9/8.

    “Diagnosis and Evidence-Based Management of Outpatients with Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis” American

    Academy of Family Physicians Annual Meeting, Washington, DC 9/29/6, Dallas, TX 9/30/6, Miami, FL


    “Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis: Patient Assessment, Risk Stratification, Referral Strategies, and Outcome-

    Effective Antibiotic Selection:” Clinical Consensus Panelist: Miami, FL 12/12-13/03.

    Presented at the Allergy, Asthma, and Sinus Disease Update: Washington, DC 4/18/04, San Francisco, CA

    9/18/04, San Diego, CA 9/19/04.

    “New Technologies for Tonsillectomy” Invited faculty speaker at the Virginia Society of Otolaryngology

    Annual Meeting. Williamsburg, VA 4/17/04. Reprised at the SPSC Pediatric Symposium 6/9/8.

    “Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy” Presented at the 15th Annual Endoscopic Sinus Lectures and

    Laboratory. Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA 4/27/03

    “Current antimicrobial therapy for upper respiratory tract infections.” Presented at the Virginia Academy of

    Family Physicians Annual Meeting. Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, VA 6/22/01.

    “21st Century Treatments for Sinusitis.” Presented at the Virginia Academy of Family Physicians Annual

    Meeting. Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, VA 6/21/00.

    Armstrong, M: Sphenopalatine Artery Ligation for Epistaxis. Presented at

    the 12th Annual Endoscopic Sinus Lectures and Laboratory, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

    May 6, 2000.

    Armstrong, M: Office Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Presented at the American Rhinologic Society, Palm

    Desert, CA, April 26, 1999.

    Armstrong, M: Local Anesthesia for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Presented at the 11th Annual Endoscopic

    Sinus Lectures and Laboratory, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, May 15, 1999.

    Armstrong M: Chisel Tip Suction Cautery Device for Tonsillectomy, presented at the American Academy of

    Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, San Antonio, TX, September 14, 1998, and at the Virginia Society

    of Otolaryngology, Roanoke, VA,, April 25, 1998.

    Armstrong M: Image Guided Endoscopic Surgery. Presented at the 10th Annual Endoscopic Sinus Lectures

    and Laboratory, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, May 30, 1998.

    Armstrong M: An Update on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Presented at Stuart Circle Hospital Medical Staff

    Conference on September 27, 1997 and at Chippenham Medical Center/Johnston Willis Hospital Annual

    Meeting on October 10, 1997.

    Armstrong M: ChiselTip Suction Cautery Tonsillectomy, presented at the Virginia Society of Otolaryngology,

    Roanoke, Virginia, April 25, 1997.

    Armstrong M, Mark LJ, Snydor DS, Parker SD: Safety of Direct Laryngoscopy as an Outpatient Procedure,

    presented at the Southern Section of the Triological Society, Naples, FL, January 5-6, 1996.

    Armstrong M: Atlas of Head and Neck Pathology, by Bruce Wenig (book review). Otolaryngol Head Neck

    Surg 112(6):786.

    Armstrong, M: Negligent sanitation practices in Baltimore barber shops (letter). Maryland Med J 43(2):25-6,


    Armstrong M, Kunar DR, Cummings CW: Effect of pentoxifylline on myocutaneous flaps in pigs.

    Otolaryngology Head Neck Surg, 109:235, 1993. Presented at the AAOHNS, Minneapolis, MN, October 4,


    Godofsky E, Zinreich SJ, Armstrong M, Leslie J, Weikel CS: Sinusitis in HIV positive patients. Presented at

  • the 31st International Congress of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy: Chicago, September 1991.

    Armstrong M, Needham D, Hatchell DL: Pentoxifylline induces structural defects in neutrophil cytoskeleton:

    a video demonstration. J Cell Biol 107: 59a, 1988.

    Armstrong M, Nunn RS, Needham D, Hatchell DL: Pentoxifylline increases deformability of neutrophils in a

    model capillary. J Cell Biol 107: 59a, 1988.

    Armstrong M, Gore AC: Mechanisms of female mate choice among golden hamsters in a semi-natural

    environment. Department of Biology Research Symposium, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, May 1985.

    Other Clinical Research Experience

    Entellus Medical REMODEL study (RCT comparing antrostomy to FinESS): PI 2011-2013

    Entellus Medical XprESS registry : PI* 2010-2011

    Entellus Medical RELIEF study (office based antrostomy): PI 2010-2011

    Entellus Medical FinESS registry (transantral balloon dilation): PI 2009-2010

    AcclarENT radiation exposure study: PI 2007

    Bristol-Myers Squibb AI420-078 (Tequin for otitis media): PI 2001-2002

    Aventis HMR 3647A/3014 (Ketek for sinusitis): PI 2001-2002

    Viropharma VP63843 (Pleconaril for common cold): PI 2000

    SmithKline Beecham 265805/009 (Augmentin for sinusitis): PI 1999-2000

    Armstrong: ChiselTip Suction Cautery Device / Tonsillectomy: PI 1999

    SOURCE Pediatric Quality of Life Study: PI 1999

    Hoescht Marion-Roussel 3647 (Sinusitis): PI 1999

    SOURCE Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (valcyclovir): PI 1998 - 2000

    SOURCE Ceftin and Flonase for Sinusitis: PI 1998 - 2000

    Bayer D96-023 (ciprofloxacin for sinusitis): PI 1998

    SmithKline Beecham BRL-25000/510 (Augmentin for sinusitis): PI 1998 - 1999

    SOURCE Adult Quality of Life Study: PI 1997

    Armstrong: Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Outcomes study: PI 1997 - 2001

    Lilly B9U-MC-AZCX (Sinusitis): 1995 - 1996

    (*PI indicates that Dr. Armstrong was the site principle investigator)

  • Core Otolaryngology Resident Curriculum

    VCU-MCV Otolaryngology (OHNS) Chesterfield Family Practice (CFP) Hanover Family Practice (HFP) St. Francis Family Medicine (SFFM)

    1. “Office Evaluation of Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders.” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 08/14/02, 08/01/01, 08/09/00, 08/04/99, 08/17/98.

    2. “Examination of the Ear: Ear wax and Swimmers Ear” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 03/06/02, 11/01/00, 10/6/99, 11/17/98, 11/17/97. Resident Grand Rounds 12/1/4, 1/7/4, 03/05/03, 08/20/02. HFP Grand Rounds 8/21/01. SFFM 8/3/7.

    3. “Evidence-Based Treatment Guidelines for Otitis Media,” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 01/07/04, 03/06/02, 11/01/00, 10/6/99, 11/17/98, 11/17/97. Resident Grand Rounds 02/25/04, 08/20/02. HFP Grand Rounds 8/21/01. SFFM 8/3/7.

    4. “Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Tinnitus,” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 4/2/03, 04/03/02, 11/08/00, 11/3/99, 1/25/99. Resident Ground Rounds 03/24/04, 02/18/03. HFP Grand Rounds 09/10/98, 10/15/02.

    5. "Evaluation and Management of Vertigo." ODU Nurse Practitioner Symposium, 04/1996. CFP Intern Grand Rounds 02/05/03, 02/06/02, 12/06/00, 03/06/00, 02/22/99, 03/23/98.

    6. "Evaluation and Management of Allergic Rhinitis." CFP Intern Grand Rounds 09/04/02, 09/05/01, 09/06/00, 09/29/99, 04/19/99, 05/25/98. Resident Grand Rounds 4/9/03, 10/15/8, 12/17/8.

    7. "Medical and Surgical Management of Sinusitis." CFP Intern Grand Rounds 10/27/4, 11/6/02, 11/7/01, 10/4/00, 12/1/99, 09/28/98, 09/29/97. CFP Resident Grand Rounds 1/25/7. HFP Grand Rounds 10/14/4.

    8. "Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty.” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 12/4/02, 12/05/01, 10/11/00. Resident Grand Rounds 10/16/01, 4/17/01. Johnston-Willis Medical Center Operating Room In-Service 4/19/01, Medical College of Virginia Department of Otolaryngology Grand Rounds 11/29/01.

    9. “Total Reconstruction of the Nose” OHNS Grand Rounds, 10/16/03. 10. “Nose Bleeds.” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 10/2/03, 10/3/01. HFP Grand Rounds 8/21/01, 2/9/4. 11. “Ear, Nose & Throat Emergencies.” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 01/02/02, 1/8/03. HFP Grand Rounds

    8/21/01, 2/9/4, 7/29/04. 12. “Tonsillitis, Snoring and Sleep Apnea." CFP Intern Grand Rounds 6/4/03, 6/5/2, 2/14/01, 3/27/00. HFP

    Grand Rounds 9/04/01, 10/15/02, 12/2/4. SFFM 8/3/7. 13. “Tonsillitis” CFP Resident Grand Rounds 4/8/9. 14. “Smokeless Tobacco and Lesions of the Oral Cavity.” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 05/07/03, 05/01/02,

    01/03/01, 02/02/00, 03/02/99. CFP Resident Grand Rounds 4/25/6, 8/20/8. HFP Grand Rounds 05/05/98, 10/29/02

    15. “Hoarseness and Dysphagia." CFP Intern Grand Rounds 05/05/04, 03/07/01, 4/24/00. Resident Ground Rounds 06/02/04,12/17/02. HFP Grand Rounds 9/04/01, 2/10/4.

    16. “Hoarseness and Diseases of the Larynx.” CFP Resident Grand Rounds 2/18/9. 17. “Facial Plastic Surgery - Introduction,” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 03/14/01, 5/31/00. 18. “Skin Cancer Reconstruction.” CFP Intern Grand Rounds 5/09/01, 6/7/00. Resident Grand Rounds 6/17/2,

    6/19/01. 19. “Rejuvenation of the Aging Face.” CFP Intern Grand Rounds, Richmond, VA, 5/9/01. Resident Grand

    Rounds 02/19/02, 5/29/01. 20. “Clinical Documentation and Current Procedural Coding Compliance” OHNS Grand Rounds, part 1: 2/22/7,

    part 2: 4/5/7. 21. “Career Choices: Finding and Joining a Group Practice” OHNS Grand Rounds, 6/7/7 22. “What‟s new in sinus and allergy 2011” SFFM Grand Rounds 3/9/11

  • Other Speaking Experience

    “Skin Care and Skin Cancer.” River Road Presbyterian Church 4/8, Tuckahoe Family YMCA 5/8.

    “Levocetirizine: A New Treatment Option for the Management of Allergic Rhinitis.” Mechanicsville Family

    Practice 11/7, Family Practice Specialists 12/19/7, Chesterfield Family Practice 3/26/8, VA Pediatric Nurse

    Practitioner‟s Meeting (NAPNAP), Chez Max, 4/8/8.

    “Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery.” Texas de Brazil Churrascaria, Richmond, VA 6/6/7, 7/18/7, 8/1/7.

    “Sublingual Immunotherapy” Texas de Brazil Churrascaria, Richmond, VA 6/6/7, 7/18/7, 8/1/7, SPSC

    Pediatric Symposium 6/7/8.

    “Evaluation and Treatment of Facial Skin Cancer” Tuckahoe Family YMCA 8/2/6.

    Inhaled Nasal steroids for Allergic Rhinitis.” Fleming‟s Steak House, Richmond, VA 1/31/7.

    VA Physicians - Cold Harbor Family Medicine 2/21/7. Commonwealth Primary Care - Patterson 2/28/7.

    Chesterfield Family Practice 3/7/7.

    “Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute and Chronic Bacterial Sinusitis.” Stony Point Surgery Center,

    Richmond, VA 3/23/04. Southside Regional Medical Center, Petersburg VA 4/8/04. Richmond Academy of

    Family Practice, Richmond, VA 5/18/04. Patient First, Hull Street, Richmond, VA 7/26/04. Patient First,

    Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 7/28/04. Office of Joel Ashworth MD, Richmond VA 7/29/04. Powhatan

    Family Physicians, Powhatan, VA 7/30/04. Franco‟s Ristorante, Richmond, VA 8/25/04. Maggiano‟s,

    Richmond, VA 10/19/04.Virginia Physicians Inc. (Parham), Richmond, VA 10/21/4. Office of Dr. Pope,

    Richmond, VA 10/18/5. Village Green Family Practice, Richmond, VA 10/20/5. Ironbridge Family Practice

    Center, Chesterfield, VA 3/2/05, 11/17/5.

    “Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute and Chronic Otitis Media”. Ruth‟s Chris Steak House, Richmond, VA

    11/12/03. Pediatric Associates 10/30/03. Lee Davis Pediatrics 11/12/03. Longstreets, Petersburg, Va

    12/02/03. Franco‟s Ristorante, Richmond, VA 9/28/04. Brandermill Pediatrics, Midlothian, VA 11/9/4.

    Copper Grill, Richmond, VA 11/15/4. Colonial Heights Children‟s Center, Colonial Heights, VA 11/15/4.

    Ruth‟s Chris Steak House, Midlothian, VA 2/15/5. Chippenham Hospital Nursing In-service, Richmond, VA


    “The World‟s First Ketolide: Antibiotic Treatment for Acute Maxillary Sinusitis, including Multi-Drug Resistant

    Pneumococcus.” Drs. Yeatts and Jackson, Midlothian, VA 9/22/4. Ashland Family Practice, Ashland, VA

    10/1/4. Chesterfield Family Practice, Midlothian, VA 10/6/4. Maggiano‟s, Richmond, VA 10/19/4. The

    Halfway House Tavern, Colonial Heights, VA 10/26/4. Buckhead‟s, Richmond, VA 10/28/4. Buckhead‟s,

    Richmond, VA 11/2/4. Fleming‟s Steakhouse, Richmond, VA 11/3/4. Teleconference moderator 11/4/4.

    Midlothian Family Practice, Midlothian, VA 11/18/4. Ironbridge Family Practice Center, Chesterfield, VA

    3/2/5. Patient First, Richmond, VA 3/15/5. Office of Lorena and Kevin Harvey, Midlothian VA 3/30/5. Crab

    Louis, Midlothian, VA 4/26/5. Chesterfield Family Practice, Midlothian, VA 8/29/5. The Tides Inn, Irvington,

    VA 12/20/5. Family Practice Specialists, Midlothian, VA 9/26/6. Chez Max Restaurant Richmond, VA


    “Zmax Oral Suspension for Acute Sinusitis” Office of Kishor Dabhi, Colonial Heights, VA 12/8/5. Bottega‟s

    Ristorante, Richmond, VA 1/18/6. Buckhead‟s Restaurant, Richmond, VA 2/16/6.

    “Current Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis.” Ruth‟s Chris Steak House. Richmond, VA 9/13/01, 10/23/02.

    Shenandoah Valley Nurse Practitioner Society. Harrisonburg, VA 9/12/02. Virginia Council on Nurse

    Practitioners. Richmond, VA 12/12/02. Ironbridge Family Practice, Chester, VA 3/10/4. Village Mill

    Associates, Richmond, VA 4/14/04. Hugenot Pediatrics. Richmond, VA 5/18/04. Kenner Army Hospital,

    Petersburg, VA 5/20/04

    “Clinical Outcomes with Coblation Tonsillectomy”. St. Mary‟s Hospital 2/5/4, Richmond Ear, Nose and Throat

    Society, Richmond VA 3/2/4, Stony Point Surgery Center, Richmond VA 3/17/4. Village Mill Associates,

    Richmond, VA 4/14/04.

    “Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery” The Women‟s Club, 1/23/03. Mary Kay Regional Managers Meeting

    11/24/03. Powatan Teacher‟s Assoc. 10/2/6.

    “Ototoxicity of Antimicrobial Ear Drops: a roundtable” Pediatric Associates of Richmond, 11/7/02.

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  • Category I Continuing Medical Education – Michael Armstrong, Jr., M.D.


    1 7/31/12 CPEP General Certification Course

    3 9/2/12 CT Radiation Safety Training

    27 9/7/12 AAFPRS Annual Meeting

    18 9/12/12 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting

    14 9/18/12 Audio Digest - Otolaryngology



    1 4/20/11 UVA: Disclosure of Adverse Events

    12 5/21/11 ACS: Virginia Society of Otolaryngology Annual Meeting

    1.5 7/20/11 UVA: Infection Control and Safe Injections

    1 10/19/11 UVA: Physician Disruptive Behavior

    15.5 hours 2011


    38.5 5/2/10 10th International Society of Facial Plastic Surgeons

    2 6/19/10 VCU: 18th Annual Otology Symposium

    4 4/18/10 AHA: Provider CPR & AED

    4.75 9/25/10 ANS: Audiometrics for the Practitioner

    19.5 9/28/10 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting

    69.75 hours 2010


    4 1/6/9 CITI: Basic Course: Human Subjects Research Curriculum

    4 1/6/9 JHU: Facial Rejuvenation: Conventional Techniques with Technology

    1 3/18/9 SPSC: Medical Error in Clinical Practice

    11.75 4/16/9 ARS Spring Meeting (Rhinoworld), Philadelphia

    3 5/1/9 JHU: Advanced Injection Techniques with Hyaluronic Acid

    2 5/4/9 JHU: Optimizing Endonasal Rhinoplasty

    1.3 6/13/9 JHU: Endoscopic Midface Lift

    3 7/12/9 JHU: Short-Scar Facelift

    2 7/19/9 JHU: Neck Rejuvenation without a facelift

    1.5 7/19/9 JHU: Lower lid Blepharoplasty with Volume Replacement

    3 8/1/9 JHU: Enhancing Upper Eyelid Aesthetics with Lateral Brow Elevation

    1.5 9/26/9 JHU: Monopolar Radiofrequency Technology

    38.05 hours 2009


    4 3/31/8 JHU: Artistry and Finesse in Lip Augmentation and Perioral Rejuvenation

    4 3/31/8 JHU: The Arched SMAS Facelift with Periorbital Rejuvenation

    3 3/31/8 JHU: Minimal Access Cranial Suspension: The Powerful MACS Lift

    4 7/20/8 JHU: Aesthetic & Functional Rhinoplasty using Costal Cartilage

    (12 Category II) 7/25/8 The Sinus Forum 2008, Chicago

    8 8/2/8 VCU: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (renew by Aug 2010)

    1 9/18/8 UVa: How to Improve Outcomes in Surgical Patients

    20 10/3/8 UVa: The NOSE: Inside and Out (10 hours FPRS)

    3 11/14/8 JHU: Endoscopic Midface Lift

  • 4 12/14/8 JHU: Facial Volume Augmentation with Poly-L-Lactic Acid

    3 12/14/8 JHU: The High SMAS Technique with Septal Reset

    1 12/17/8 SPSC: Pitfalls in Medicine

    55 hours 2008


    1 3/7/7 Univ Wisconsin: Sublingual Immunotherapy Global Summit

    15 6/7 HSC 6: Laryngology, Voice Disorders and Bronchoesophagology

    15 7/7 HSC 7: Neoplastic and Inflammatory Conditions

    10 7/7 HSC 8: Otology and Neurotology

    6 9/17/7 AAOA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

    31 9/21/7 AAFPRS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

    1 9/17/7 ICACTL Radiation Safety for CT scanning

    5 9/22/7 Institute for Medical Education: Botulinum Toxin & Hyaluronic Filters

    4 8/12/7 JHU: Suture Suspension techniques in plastic surgery

    4 9/31/7 JHU: Success in Fat Grafting in Facial Rejuvenation

    4 11/27/7 JHU: Contouring the Male Neck: More than Just Fat

    96 hours 2007 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 48


    25 12/3/6 AAOA Advanced Course in Otolaryngic Allergy

    10 2/1/6 CMDS: The Saline Solution

    33 2/18/6 AAFPRS: Rejuvenation of the Aging Face

    15 6/14/6 HSC 3: Trauma and Critical Care

    25 7/31/6 HSC 4: Plastic and Reconstructive Problems

    25 12/31/6 HSC 5: Rhinology and Allergic Disorders.

    16 8/15/6 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider Course

    1 10/19/6 Univ Wisconsin: Sublingual Immunotherapy Global Summit

    3 10/28/6 Critical Challenges in the Management of Outpatient Infections

    Miami, FL 10/28/6

    153 hours 2006 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 73


    15 8/16/5 HSC5: Rhinology and Allergic Disorders.

    15 8/16/5 HSC6: Laryngology, Voice Disorders and Bronchoesophagology

    15 8/16/5 HSC7: Neoplastic and Inflammatory Conditions

    20 12/30/5 HSC1: Congenital and Pediatric Problems

    10 12/30/5 HSC2: Clinical Competency Issues

    12.5 9/24/5 AAOA: Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA

    20 9/28/5 AAO-HNSF: Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA

    107.5 hours 2005 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 20


    5 10/9/4 GI Masters: Healing Horizons in Acid Reflux and PUD

    3 4/18//4 Allergy, Asthma, and Sinus Disease Update: Washington, DC

    2.5 9/18/4 San Francisco, CA

    2.5 9/19/4 San Diego, CA

    10 4/18/4 Preparation of CME materials (Category II)

    Richmond ENT Society Meetings

    8 Resident Education Lectures Given

    25 3/19/4 AAO-HNSF: Congenital and Pediatric Problems

  • 25 7/27/4 AAO-HNSF: Clinical Competency Issues

    25 8/17/4 AAO-HNSF: Plastic and Reconstructive Problems

    2.75 2004 Univ. of Wisconsin, Antimicrobial Options in Otitis Media vol. 1:2, 1:3

    3 04/17/04 Virginia Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 111.5 hours 2004 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 25 HOURS DATE COURSE

    16 10/15/03 American Heart Association ACLS Provider 19.75 09/22/03 American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 26 09/24/03 American Academy of Otolaryngology Annual Meeting 40 08/2003 Home Study Course, Section 7, Neoplastic and Inflammatory Diseases of the head and neck 40 08/2003 Home Study Course, section 8, Otology and Neurotology 25 2003 Home Study Course, section 6, Laryngology, Voice Disorders, and Broncheosophagology 1 7/01/03 The Allergic Rhinitis Response 13.5 06/07/03 27th Annual Fitzhugh Otolaryngology Symposium

    1 05/18/03 The Allergic Rhinitis Response, Volume II, Issue #3

    16 2003 Resident Education Lectures given

    4 05/01/03 15th Annual Sinus Endoscopy Symposium

    1 03/16/03 The Allergic Rhinitis Response

    203 hours 2003 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 23


    12 hours 12/31/02 Home Study Course, Section V, Rhinology and

    Allergic Disease

    3 hours 10/18/02 LandmarX ENT Image-Guided System (category II)

    30 hours 08/19/02 Home Study Course Section IV, Plastic and

    Reconstructive Surgery

    30 hours 08/19/02 Home Study Course Section III, Trauma and Critical


    20 hours 06/30/02 Basic Course in Otolaryngic Allergy

    15 hours 04/26/02 Virginia Society of Otolaryngology

    1 hour 04/09/02 St. Mary‟s HIPAA

    19 hours 2002 Resident Education Lectures given

    100 2002 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 63


    2.5 hours 09/11/01 Compliance, Risks and Solutions

    1 hour 09/10/01 St. Mary‟s Annual Staff Meeting

    3 hours 07/22/01 Virginia Academy of Family Physicians

    4 hours 06/16/01 Hayden Otology Symposium

    3 hours 04/18/01 The Stress of Litigation

    1 hour 02/15/01 St. Mary‟s Physician Seminar

    20 hours 2001 Resident Education Lectures given

    3 hours 02/15/01 Compliant Documentation Management

    37.5 2001 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 3


    10.5 hours 05/07/00 Sinus Endoscopy Postgraduate Course

  • 37 hours 02/20/00 Rejuvenation 2000

    16 hours 2000 Resident Education Lectures given

    63.5 2000 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 40


    8 hours 04/25/99 American Rhinologic Society

    44 hours 06/20/99 Rhinoplasty For the New Millennium

    10.5 hours 05/16/99 Sinus endoscopy postgraduate course

    24 hours 05/01/99 American Academy of Facial Plastic and

    Reconstructive Surgery

    16 hours 1999 Resident Education Lectures given

    14 hours 04/99 Cosmetic Blepharoplasty and Laser Resurfacing

    8 hours 04/24/99 American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy

    124.5 1999 Facial Plastic Surgery Subtotal: 82

    Sponsored Medical Education and Consultant Meetings

    Elite Hearing Network Business Summit, Punta Cana, DR Feb. 6-9, 2013.

    Elite Hearing Network Business Summit, Maui, HI Feb. 8-12, 2012.

    Acclarent In-Office Sinuplasty Training, Menlo Park, CA March 14, 2011.

    Sculptra In-Office Hands on Injection Training, Richmond, VA June 9, 2010.

    Advanced Injection Techniques – Botox and Sculptra, Hollywood, Florida, April 29, 2010.

    Cynosure Laser Comprehensive Training Workshop, Richmond, VA Feb 21, 2009.

    Strata Sinus Spacer cadaver training course, Baltimore, MD July 30, 2008.

    Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery Forum, Chicago, IL July 20-21, 2007

    Acclarent „Train the Trainer‟ Seminar, Chicago, IL June 8-9, 2007

    Acclarent Evolve Balloon Sinus Surgery Course, Baltimore, MD 7/7/7, 3/14/8.

    Nasacort AQ Speaker Training Web Conference, 10/26/6

    Optivar Consultant‟s Meeting, Richmond, VA 2/21/6.

    Ketek Speaker‟s Training Workshop, Chicago, IL 8/20-21/04.

    Zyrtec Thought Leaders Workshop, Coral Gables, FL June 10-12, 2003.

    Zithromax Thought Leaders Workshop, San Francisco, CA March 28-29, 2003.

    Avelox Consultants‟ Meeting, Richmond, VA, April 18, 2000.

    Levaquin Speakers Training Workshop, Phoenix, AZ, February, 1999.

    Cefzil Speakers Training Workshop, Atlanta, GA, 12/1996.

    Conflict of Interest Statement

    Dr. Armstrong does not have a significant financial interest in the products or services of any medical or pharmaceutical corporation. At various times, however, he has served as a consultant for, and has received speaking fees, research or travel funding from the following corporations:

    A&E Medical, Acclarent, Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Entellus Medical, Glaxo Wellcome, Lilly, Medtronics Xomed, Ortho-McNeil, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, Schering, SmithKline Beecham, UCB Pharma, Viropharma.

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