MH17 tragedy

Behind the drowning of Malaysian Airlines MH-17


MH17 Tragedy which took place on 17th July, 2014.

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Behind the drowning of Malaysian Airlines MH-17

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About the flight. . .

• Malaysian Airlines flight 17 otherwise known as MH-17/MAS17 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

• Flight 17 was a Boeing 777-2H6ER and carried a total of 298 peoples including 283 passengers and 15 crew members on the day of incident.

• Among the passengers were delegates en route to the 20th International AIDS Conference including Joep Lange former president of International AIDS society.

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• The plane also carried Dutch senator Willem Witteveen, Australian author Liam Davison and Malaysian actress Shuba Jay.

• At least twenty family groups were on board the aircraft, and eighty of the passengers were children.

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Passengers distribution according to Nationality

NetherlandsIndonesiaMalaysiaUnited KingdomGermanyPhilippinesNew ZelandAustraliaCrew

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How sophisticated was the missile ?

• SA-11 can travel tens of thousands of feet into the air.

• It was packed with 46 pounds of explosives.

• SHRAPNEL MISSILE- denotes about 100-300 feet away the target, creates a shrapnel cloud.

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The Crash. . . . . .

• The flight lost contact near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast , Ukraine, about 50 km from Ukraine – Russia border and crashed near Torez.

• The aircraft is believed to have been brought down by a Buk surface-to-air missile.

• Ukraine and the western governments believe that it had been fired from the territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

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• Russia claims that the airliner was brought down by two Ukrainian fighter jets which were shot down by the rebels near the crash site.

• All 298 passengers and crew were killed in the tragedy.

• MH-17 is the deadliest airliner shootdown in history.

• The crash was Malaysia Airlines worst incident and its second of the year, after the disappearance of flight 370(MH-370).

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Causes of the conflicts

• 2014 Crimean crisis is on of the major factor, it involves the independence of Crimean Peninsula, and a conflict between Ukraine and Russia over its control.

• Pro-Russian forces gradually began to take control over the Crime as soon after the current government was dissolved and Russia along with few other countries considered it illegitimate.

• Crimean crisis was an outcome of the Ukrainian Revolution, also a referendum on whether to join Russia had an official turnout to be affirmative which later by UN General Assembly was declared illegal.

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• Ukraine and many western governments suggest that Russian president Vladimir Putin is at the centre of this and also the crash was a part of his plans to extend Russia.

•Russia suggests that the Ukrainian troops shot down the plane as they misjudged it for Vladimir Putin’s plane.

• Many of the western government authorities believe that the sophisticated missile that hit MH-17 could only be supplied by the Russian government.

• Some reports may also suggest that plane was shot because of an error of untrained rebels while practicing with the sophisticated missile system.

Why MH-17 was shot?

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Impact and Aftermath• Immediately following the incident Ukraine closed all routes in the Eastern Ukraine airspace at all altitudes.

• Airlines including Aeroflot, Transaero, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa and S7 Airlines announced their intentions to instruct pilots to bypass Ukraine airspace,

• Malaysian Airlines decided to retire flight number MH-17, also their shares dropped by 16%.

• There are reports suggesting the possessions of the corpses have been removed and the evidence being destroyed.

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Investigation …..International team of forensic experts.

Investigators from Netherlands, Germany and many other countries.

Investigators assembled at Kharkiv.

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Russian Defense Ministry, Interfax asked Washington to release the satellite imagery.

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