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Take back control of your healthcare and eliminate the medicines that are doing more harm than good.Because they\'re worth it.

Transcript of Medicine Cabinet Makeover

  • Do you want safer, cheaper, more effective healthcare?

  • $4.5 Trillion/yr. spent on global healthcare

    Are we healthier because of it?

    Made from synthetic agents

    Side effects (known and unknown)

    Designed to manage symptomsModern Medicine

  • Modern Medicine

  • Natures Medicine

  • Minimizes symptoms, addresses root causes

    Made of hundreds of natural compounds found in plants that enhance physical and emotional health Pennies per dose, no time/$ at doctors visits, no copay

    Safe benefits without side effects

    Natures Medicine

  • Natures Medicine

  • Essential Oils Are Powerful Inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses

    50-70 times more powerful than herbs

    The plants own natural medicine cabinet

  • What are your top 3 health concerns or goals?

  • Essential Oils Are Powerful

  • doTERRA is 100% Pure Plants grown and harvested in their natural habitat

    Each liter of oil undergoes multiple 3rd party laboratory testing

    Tests ensure oils are pure, genuine, authentic and potent

    Certified Pure Therapeutic GradeTM (CPTGTM) is beyond organic, verified pure, free of fillers, pesticides, and foreign contaminants

  • doTERRA is 100% Pure

  • How to Use Essential Oils

    Open airways Kill germs in the air Breathe in or use diffuser to: Affect mood, including depression

  • How to Use Essential Oils

    Apply to head, feet, ears, chest, back of the neck, and troubled areas: From bottom of feet, enters blood stream to affect entire body within 30 seconds

  • How to Use Essential Oils

    Taking internally is specific to doTERRA CPTGTM oils Take under the tongue, in a gel capsule, or in water Relieves issues in the digestive system, mouth, throat, and liver

  • Modern Medicine Cabinet (Before)

  • Natural Solutions (After)

  • Its simple

  • Stress Aids, Diaper Cream, After Shave, Hemorrhoid Cream

  • Immune System Boost, Sore Throat Medicine

  • Cold/Flu Medicine, Nasal Decongestant, Allergy Medicine

  • Anti-Itch Lotion, Burn Cream, Cut/Scrape Disinfectant

  • Weight-loss Aids

  • Muscle Pain Cream, Joint & Arthritis Pain Aids

  • Vitamins, Omegas, Resveratrol, Energy Drinks

  • Address your top 3 health concerns or goals:

  • Choose a Kit

  • Choose a Kit

  • Choose a Kit