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Mastermind Groups: Gift Planning Professional Development


Mastermind Groups:. Gift Planning Professional Development. TIME. We all “have” time. The question is: How are you choosing to use that time? Filled with frenetic activity or purposeful action ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mastermind Groups:Gift Planning

Professional Development

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TIMEWe all “have” time. The question is:

How are you choosing to use that time?

•Filled with frenetic activity or purposeful action?•How much more would you accomplish if you were able to simplify and organize your schedule to maximum effectiveness?•Through a systematic, on-going program – you can do more with less effort and in less time. . .

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Purpose of the Program

•Improve individual’s performance = Improve the organization’s performance

•Increased revenue generation

•On-going professional development•Goal setting AND Goal achievement

•Strategy and implementation

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What is a Mastermind?Like-minded individualsRegular conversationsMutual support – Give & Receive“Two heads are better than one”Used by:

Andrew CarnegieHenry Ford, Thomas EdisonBenjamin FranklinThousands of other millionaires in the 20th


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Who is this for?Development Directors

Planned GivingGoal Setting & Achieving

Department Professional/Personal

Anyone at a Non-Profit OrganizationJoin a Gift Planning MastermindCreate a different group – broader


ANY ONE that wants to reach a higher level of performance and success than they are experiencing now.

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Mastermind Method

Weekly •web-based•Facilitated Discussion– not a lecture


•Building a comprehensive Gift Planning program

•Professional/Personal development


•Texts– proven methods; written by experts in organizational improvement and donor-centered fundraising

•Discussion – mutual support

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Grand SLAM




•MaximizeIncrease revenue:

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•5 to 6 participants+ Facilitator

•Accountability Partner

•Weekly Conf Call

•Planned Giving Technique

•Professional success achievement


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Metrics - Targets

•# of donors approached

•#of donors acknowledge planned gifts/portfolio giving

•$ of new planned gifts

•$ of annual gifts from individuals

•Growth of the endowment

•Met with _______ donors about portfolio giving

•Increase of _____ % in new planned gifts

•$ _____ in acknowledged new planned gifts

•Increase of _______ % in annual individual giving.

•Increase of ________% in their endowment

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•Increased Revenue – double or triple current budget over time

•Professional Development

•Definite Plan with ACTION

•ON-GOING Support for Implementation

•Accountability for Success

•Custom Designed for large organizations

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TIME •Weekly conference calls: 1 hour/week

EFFORT •Preparation: up to 30


TIME •Accountability partner: 10 minutes/day

BUDGET •$130/month/participant

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On-Going GrowthIt’s like Bonsai . . .

ArtScienceHarmonyControl of designWork on it every dayYou are never

finishedCLICK the Bonsai photo to learn more about Mastermind to Personal Power – ½ of the Non-Profit Mastermind Program

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Start building your own revenue recovery program today with a MasterMind

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