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an ie. essay question: A) If you had the opportunity, what actions would you demand of the United Nations Secretary General and why?

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  • 1. POVERTY How to end it ?
  • 2. A) If you had the opportunity, whatactions would you demand of theUnited Nations Secretary Generaland why?
  • 3. MY DEMAND : END POVERTY! The UNs plan to end poverty has been ineffective. Although it has decreased poverty in some countries, many parts of the world still remain deprived of necessary living requirements. My demand is to begin taking drastic action to end poverty around the world. I propose we do this by creating a time span in which we will have set goals to achieve. For example, within a period of three years we should have decreased the amount of poverty by a minimum of 60%.
  • 4. What is our world today?Half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day.More than 2 billion dont have clean water or basicsanitation.One quarter of humanity lives without electricity.A billion people are unable to read a book or sign their names.Every 3.5 seconds, a child dies from poverty.
  • 5. Is this what the world hasbecome, or are these civilizedactions ?
  • 6. Poverty leads to CHILD LABOUR.Poverty leads to ENVIRONMENTALDEGREDATION. Poverty leads to BEGGING ON THE STREETS. Poverty leads to VIOLENCE.
  • 7. WE DEMAND PUBLIC AWARENESSThe UN should not stop creating awareness campaigns to include the people about thistragic subject matter. When we keep reminding people about this tragic issue they will neverlose interest and wont stop until good results have been amended.Every time a poverty issue comes up you see how cooperative the people are, but after afew months, you notice that objective of saving lives and ending poverty has wore off, suchas The Kony Project 2012.In the first few months it was a subject that everybody was talking about. and progress hasbeen made. But after that most people lost interest in the foundation, one reason beingbecause the founder of the foundation was arrested because of inappropriate actions inpublic shortly after he uploaded the video. Another reason being, rumors going around thatJoseph Kony has not been in the country since 2003 or that he is in near death because ofsickness, some believed that it was fake, these rumors remain to this day unclassified astrue.The Kony 2012 shows how people make a fuss for the first period of time, but then loseinterest afterwards.
  • 8. Ending poverty is taking a step closer to world peace
  • 9. THANK YOU