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Digital image and video processing lab About us Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk 2012 2012 Siberian State Aerospace University named after academician M.F. Reshetnev

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Digital image and video processing lab.

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Digital image and video processing lab

About us

KrasnoyarskKrasnoyarsk 2012 2012

Siberian State Aerospace University named after academician M.F. Reshetnev

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Some facts about Siberian Aerospace University• Founded in 1960;• 36 specialties in Bachelor-, Specialist- and Master-level program;• More 800 lecturers, 150 Dr Sci, Prof., 400 PhD, Ass. Prof.;• 13 Faculties and Institutes.

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Some facts about Laboratory

• Head of Laboratory: Margarita Favorskaya, Prof., Dr. Tech. Sci.• Members: 4PhD, 6PhD students, and 10 students.• Near 10 articles is published in a year with novel research results.

The main directions of researches

• Digital video processing. • Text detection and recognition in videos.• Face and gesture recognition.• Video stabilization.• Texture reconstruction.• Handwritten text recognition.• Modeling and visualization of weather events.

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Video surveillance systems

License plate detection from video stream

Interface of Surveillance systemSurveillance in gating system

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Smoke detection system

Smoke tracking

Smoke detection.Motion analysis

Smoke detection.Motion analysis

Smoke detection.Spatio-temporal clustering

Smoke detection.Spatio-temporal clustering Smoke Detection.

Parameters tuningSmoke Detection.Parameters tuning

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Collage system (images and video)

Frame selection from video

Selected frames

Collage assembly

Created collage

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Quality enhancement of image and video

Quality enhancement of video based on superresolution

Software for image filteringShadow and illumination correction based on Retinex

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Face, gesture and silhouette recognition systems

Face detection in camera coverage

Notebook locking during extraneous views

Gesture recognitionSilhouette analysis and 3D motion tracking

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Motion analysis and motion stabilization

Motion stabilization

Motion analysis and its 3D visualization

Objects tracking

Moving people detection

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Image analysis (text finder) systems

System for text detection algorithms investigation

Text detection based on texture features

Text detection based on contour features

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Landscape modeling systems

Analysis of laser scanning data

Relief building based on laser scanning data

Texturing and landscape objects placement Fog modeling

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• Graduated 4 PhD and 20 Masters.• Published 120 articles and conference papers.• Registered 15 software tools.• Winnings in software competitions, olympiads, conferences.