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Kannada Kali

Quick pronunciation guide for KannadaWhat you see e Eo O

Pronounce it as. e in Well. ay in Way.o in so o in nose / hold

i u I l L d D t T n N aa ee

I in Ill ue in blue I in mind l in little Touch your palate with your tongue. Now say L. th in The D in Dirty t in tabla t in Table n in nice Touch your palate with your tongue. Now say N. a in collage. ee in discreet.

Note: All double consonants can be pronounced by pausing briefly after the first letter and then continuing with the second. Nanna = Nan: na, Mattu = Mat: tu., hallu = Hal : lu.


Kannada Kali

Session 1Commonly Used Wordswrp with respect/plural KANNADA WORD naanu/nanna ENGLISH WORD Me/ I am/ Mine/My SIMPLE SENTENCE naanu software engineer. (I am a software engineer) nanna hesaru XYZ. (My name is XYZ) E pennu nannadu (This pen is mine) idu naanu. (its me) neenu student. (You are a student) ninna hesaru Enu? (What is your name?) idu ninnada? (Is this yours?) howdu, idu ninnadu (Yes, this is yours) naavu Infoscions. (We are Infoscions) namma dEsha Bharata. (Our country is Bharata) e mane nammadu (This house is ours) neevu yaaru? (Who are you?) nimma ooru ABC. (Your home town is ABC) nimma mane yelli? (Where is your house?) nanage pen bEDa. (I dont want pen) namage promotion bEku. (We want promotion) ninage Enu bEku? (What do you want?) nimage kannaDa gotta? (Do you know Kannada?)


You/ Your(Yours)


We/ Our(Ours) -- wrp


You/ Yours -- wrp


nanage-To (for) me namage-To(for) me namage-To(for) us/ wrp ninage-To(for) you/singular nimage-To(for) you/ wrp nimage-To you/plural.



Kannada Kali

KANNADA WORD yaaru yaavaaga elli Enu yaake/yEke hege

ENGLISH WORD Who When Where What Why How

SIMPLE SENTENCE Teacher yaaru? (Who is the teacher?) Class yaavaaga? (When is the class?) Ramu elli? (Where is Ramu?) nimma hesaru Enu? (what is your name?) neenu illi yEke bande? (Why did you come here?) neevu manege hEge hoguttira, eega? (How do you go home now?) SIMPLE SENTENCE nanna ooru Bengalooru. (My place is Bangalore) nanna hesaru XYZ. (My name is XYZ) namage 2 bed room mane bEku. (We want 2 bed room house.) nanage English gottu. (I know English) nanage C++ gottilla. (I dont know C++) nanage tea ishTa. (I like tea.) nanage dosa bEku. (I want dosa) nanage idli bEDa aadare dose bEku. (I dont want idli but I want dosa)

KANNADA WORD ooru hesaru mane gottu gottilla ishTa bEku bEDa

ENGLISH WORD Place / hometown Name House Know Dont know Like want Dont want


Kannada Kali


KANNADA WORD namaskaara shubhadina shubhodaya shubharaatri hOgi barutheeni dayavittu dhanyavada hEge Iddira? chennAgi Iddini susvaagatha shubashayagaLu abhinandanegaLu kshamisi, thada Ayitu.

ENGLISH WORD Hi/ Hello Good day Good morning Good night. Goodbye. Please. Thank you. How are you? I am doing fine. Welcome. Wishes. Congratulations. Sorry, I'm late.

1 . namaskaara , hEge iddira ? Hello, How are you ? 2. naanu chennaagi iddini. I am fine. 3. dayaviTTu nimma pen koDi. Please get me your pen. 4. dhanyavaada Thanks 5. janma dinada shubhashayagaLu Best wishes on your birthday 6. Srini, neevu ivaaga PM, abhinandenagaLu. Srini, now you are a PM, congrats.


Kannada Kali 1. naanu Harish. 2. ninna hesaru Enu 3. nimma mane elli ? 4. nanage coffee bEku. 5. ninage Enu bEku ? 6. nanna ooru mysooru , ninna ooru yaavudu ? 7. nanage Infosys ishTa , ninage yaava company ishTa ? 8. nanage cobol gottu , Java /J2EE gottilla 9. namage cricket ishTa nimage Enu ishTa ? 10. nimma maneyalli yaaru yaaru iddaare ?

Assignment:After First class you will be able to answer to all these questions and also ask these questions to others 1. What do you want? 2. What is your mothers (Brother, Sister) name? 3. What is your Problem? 4. When is your birthday? 5. Who are you? 6. Who is your favorite hero? 7. Who is your favorite cricketer? 8. Who is the president of India? 9. Where is Golgumbaz? 10. Where is this address? 11. Which is the hometown of our Prime minister? 12. Which is your company? 13. Which is your country? 14. Where is your company? 15. Where is your house? 16. Where are you? 17. Where is Taj mahal? 18. Do you know Hindi? 19. Do know this Address? 20. Do you want tea? Solution: 1. ninage/nimage eenu bEku? 2. ninna/nimma thayi(aNNa/tamma, akka/tangi)ya hesaru eenu? 3. ninna/nimma tondare eenu? 4. ninna/nimma janma/huTTida dina yAvudu? 5. neenu/neevu yaaru? 6. ninna/nimma favorite hero yaaru?


Kannada Kali 7. ninna/nimma favorite cricketer yaaru? 8. bhAratha deshada rAshTrapati yaaru? 9. Golgumbaz ellide? 10. E viLaasa ellide? 11. namma pradhaana mantriya Uru yaavudu? 12. ninna/nimma samste yavudu? 13. ninna/nimma dEsha yavudu? 14. ninna/nimma samste ellide? 15. ninna/nimma mane ellide? 16. neenu elliddiya? Or neevu elliddira? 17. Taj mahal ellide? 18. ninage/nimage hindi barutta/gotta? 19. ninage/nimgae E viLasa gotta? 20. ninage/nimage chaha beaka?


Kannada Kali

Session 2 More commonly Used Wordswrp with respect/plural KANNADA WORD avanu/ avaLu ivanu/ ivaLu ENGLISH WORD He/she SIMPLE SENTENCE avanu elli? (Where is he?) avaLu yaaru? (Who is she?) ivanu Hari.(he is Hari)/ ivaLu Geetha.(she is Geetha) avaru teacher. (He / She is a teacher) ivaru students. (These people are students) adu nanna mane. (That is my house) ivu books. (These are books) SIMPLE SENTENCE idu Enu? (What is this?) ee bus yaavudu? (Which is this bus?) idu eshTu? (How much is this?) yaake cool drink? neenu illige hEge bande? (How did you come here?)

avaru Ivaru adu/ idu avu/ ivu

He / She (wrp) Also they / those people He / She(wrp) This person(wrp) / these people That/this Those/these

KANNADA WORD Enu yaavudu eshTu yaake hEge

ENGLISH WORD What Which How much Why How


Kannada Kali

KANNADA WORD huDuga/huDugi oLage horage mEle/keLage hinde/munde pakka hOda / hOdaru hOdaLu / hOdaru banda / bandaru bandaLu / bandaru tago / tagoLLi kELu / kELi hELu / hELi

ENGLISH WORD boy/girl Inside Outside Over,on top/ below Behind/in front Next/beside (he) Went / wrp (she) Went / wrp (he) Came / wrp (she) Came / wrp Take / wrp Listen/ask / wrp Tell / wrp

SIMPLE SENTENCE avanu huDuga avaLu huDugi oLage Enu ide? (What is inside?) horage car ide. (the car is outside) Carina keLage naayi malagide(Dog is sleeping under the car) Infosys munde Seimens ide. Infosys hinde HP ide. Infosys pakka Yakogawa ide. avanu hOda. avaru hOdaru. (They went) avaLu hOdaLu. avaru hOdaru. (She went) avanu banda. avaru bandaru. (He came) avaLu bandaLu. avaru bandaru. (She came) Pen tago. (Take the pen) ninage Enu bEku kELu. (ask what you want) ninna hesaru hELu. (Tell me your name)


Kannada Kali nillu/nilli eega/ivaaga aaga/aavaaga baa/hOgu banni/hOgi illi/alli howdu alla Illa Stop/ wrp Now Then Come/go Come/go (wrp) Here/there Yes No Not there/no alli nilli. (Stop there) eega neenu baa. (you Come now) aaga maLe bantu. (It rained then) neenu illi baa. (you come here) neevu illi banni. (you come here) illi baa(come here) howdu nanna hesaru Archana alla, nanna hesaru archana alla. nanage coffee ishTa illa. namma mane illi illa.

Words conveying relationsKANNADA WORD amma/taayi appa/tande maga magaLu aNNa tamma akka tangi ajja/thatha ajji ganDa henDathi maava atte aLiya sose chikkappa chikkamma doDDappa doDDamma bhaava makkaLu attige ENGLISH WORD Mother Father Son Daughter Elder brother Younger brother Elder sister Younger sister Grandfather Grandmother Husband Wife Uncle/ Father in law Aunt/ Mother in law Son in law Daughter in law Fathers younger brother or mothers younger sisters husband Mothers younger sister or fathers younger brothers wife Fathers elder brother or mothers elder sisters husband Mothers elder sister or fathers elder brothers wife Brother in law Children Sister in law 9

Kannada Kali maiduna geLeya / geLathi snehitha / snehithe geLethana nenTaru Husbands younger brother. Friend(male)/friend(female) Friend(male)/friend(female) Friendship Relatives

DirectionsEnglish East West North South Up Down Right Left Kannada poorva paschima uttara dakshina mEle keLage bala eDa

Exercise / Practice Relations: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What is your fathers and mothers name? How many brothers and sisters you have? This is childrens drink. He is my friend. You, your wife / husband and your son / daughter come to the party. How is your father-in-law/mother-in-law? This is my grandfather and grandmother.(Introducing to someone)

Directions: 1. There is sky above and earth below us 2. There is vikaasa soudha to the right of vidhana soudha. (vidhAna soudhada balagaDe vikaasa saudha ide.)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

avana kelasa Enu ? avaLa hesaru Preiti Zinta. avaru namma mane owner. adu ondu chocolate, avu ella chocolates aa huduga infosys nalli kelasa maadtane aa hudugi tumba buddhivante ivattu namma manege baa / banni ivathu office illa. idu namma mane alla.


Kannada Kali 10. ee mango bele eshtu ?

Assignmnet:After second class you should be able to answer to all these questions and also ask these questions to others 21. What does she/he want? 22. What do they want? 23. What is his/her mothers (Brother, Sister) name? 24. What is his/her/their Problem? 25. When is his/her birthday? 26. When will he/she study? 27. Who told him/her/them about Kannada kali? 28. Who is he/she? 29. Who are they? 30. Who is his/her/their favorite hero? 31. Who is his/her/their favorite cricketer? 32. Which company does she/he work for? 33. Which company do they work for? 34. Which is her/his/their country? 35. Where does he/she come from? 36. Where do they come from? 37. Where is his/her