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jee mantra ,unique way of teaching

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JEE MANTRAMantra for success

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Course structure IIT-JEEE1.Brush up programme -15 days/testBrush up programme contain common topics of PCMEx log table, simple graphs of PCM/universal constants value/ quick calculation technique/ High score method/examination temperament/self motivation technique/

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JEE MANTRA test style• 1.list of student favourite topic.• Showing our list to the student for priority topics in respective

exams• Making intersection of common topic• Giving complete analysis and test as per priority of common

topic• Making brain mapping analysis of student

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• 1. KINEMATICS/NEWTONS LAWS OF MOTION• Difficulty ,& student mistakes prone reason they are not able

to understand frame of reference• Calculation mistakes• Not understanding properly vector/scalar• Not understanding FBD



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• STUDENT DIFFICULTY POINT• Frame of ref• About motion /how circulates /how rotates/how translational

applied /where angular momentum conserved /where linear/how use conservation of energy/how torque applied

JEE MANTRA will show all practical application/theoretical application

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• STUDENT DIFFICULTY POINT• Not understand the difference between conduction

/convection /radiation• Way of easy calculation

JEE B MANTRA will show you this

difference through

machinery parts

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Waves/light/soundStudent difficult section

• Mathematics/. form of sinusoidal wave• How the wave moves• Remembering formula

Brush up programme JEE MANTRA will discussed thoroughly these topics

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Electric /magnetic field/currentstudent difficult section

• Not able to under stand difference• Not able to understand direction of magnetic field• Circuit diagram• Doing mistakes in units• Electric magnetic line of forces• Application of KE in these sections

JEE MANTRA will solve all these problems initially by application of electric and

magnetic appliances

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MODERN PHYSICSstudent difficulty section

Calculation problemunderstanding

This can be end only by test and practice in