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Amsterdam UX talk about the new iOS7. It covers some bugs, some changes, some removed features and some of the new cool stuff you can do.

Transcript of Ios7 - The good the bad & the changes

  • iOS7 The good, the bad & the changes Chrissy Welsh Lead UX - Backbase @chrissywelsh
  • iOS7 The good, the bad & the changes Chrissy Welsh Lead UX - Backbase @chrissywelsh
  • What we will cover Bugs to watch out for Design decisions for native apps & websites + their workarounds Gestures The new look and feel New & removed features
  • Bugs to watch out for... Web SQL permissions to increase the default 5MB of space for an app to the previously permitted 50MB limit no longer work correctly, and require a workaround. Save to Home Screen apps are basically broken. Once more than four apps are saved to home screen, the save slots are recycled and sometimes duplicated, and the phone has to be rebooted in order to clear itself. If your app uses AppCache and you are managing state via hash or other mechanisms, the history object will never update, disabling history.back.
  • Design decisions: Tints Feature: Tints are selected based on the primary background colour Workaround: Select your background colours carefully
  • Design decisions: Navigation Feature: Bottom navigation is problematic, in this design its disabled because of the new iOS7 Safari toolbar. Workaround: 2 user taps will activate the menu again - or rethink the UX & navigation.
  • Design decisions: URL bar Feature: No way to hide the URL bar with javascript, no full screen mode. Problem if your app relies on absolute positioning. Workaround: Swiping up will reset to full screen, or asking user to add app to homescreen
  • Design decisions: Page titles Feature: Safari now ignores page Workaround: It will show the URL, so make sure it makes sense.
  • Design decisions: HTML5 Issue: Animating SVG with Javascript is a bit hit or miss with your performance. Workaround: Look at your interactive elements and slim them down if possible.
  • Gestures: Up-swipe Feature: iOS7 now has a control center visible on a bottom up swipe. Workaround: Be careful with your app or site to suggest an upwards swipe gesture to the user.
  • Gestures: left/right-swipe Feature: Right and left swipe gestures within about 10 percent of display edge are always grabbed by iOS and treated as a forward/back request, and not passed to the browser. Workaround: None
  • The new look & feel Feature: The new OS icons are 5% bigger in 7.0 that 6.0 Workaround: Update those bad boys
  • Removed features: Datetime Issue: doesnt support the datetime input type anymore and it will fallback to text.
  • New feature: Sticky position Feature: Sticky position is a new experimental feature that allow us to x an element to the viewport but only when its off the visible area (usually after a scrolling action)
  • New features: Multitasking Issues: When running a homescreen app the system will use a while image. Workaround: None
  • New features: Dynamic behaviour Feature: Dynamic behaviors offer a way to improve the user experience of your app by incorporating real-world behavior and characteristics, such as gravity, into your apps animations.
  • New features: Speech synthesis Feature: Speech Synthesis api allows mobile safari to speak.
  • New features: Custom transitions Feature: Allows you to set up the screen changes in the UI the way you want it.
  • New features: Smile detection Feature: If you have a camera app - or use the camera there are some playful things you can do.
  • New features: Image lters Feature: There are now image lters available as part of the OS. CILinearToSRGBToneCurve CIPhotoEectChrome CIPhotoEectFade CIPhotoEectInstant CIPhotoEectMono CIPhotoEectNoir CIPhotoEectProcess CIPhotoEectTonal CIPhotoEectTransfer CISRGBToneCurveToLinear CIVignetteEect
  • New features: Motion effects (parallax) Feature: Phone titling to see more background, or provide direction in games.
  • New features: QR code generator Feature: For all your QR Code needs. Available as part of the OS.
  • New feature: Touch iD Feature: Touch iD as identication - not available for websites/apps ... yet.
  • New feature: Touch iD *Just remember to test all those cool new features!
  • What we covered Bugs to watch out for Design decisions for native apps & websites + their workarounds Gestures The new look and feel New & removed features
  • Question Time ios7 samples: Chrissy Welsh Lead UX - Backbase @chrissywelsh