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Associated Women in the Ar ts Art exhibit and Sale Alyson Kohler

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  • 1. Associated Women in the Arts Art exhibit and Sale Alyson Kohler

2. Where? The Louisiana Old State Capitol When? April 5th - May 3rd Who? Southern Louisiana women specializing in visual arts Why? To create opportunity for women to exhibit and discuss their art 3. A little history on our Capitol: Gothic Revival Structure Designed by James Harrison Dakin Served as capitol until 1932. Interior burned in 1862 while occupied by federal troops Reconstructed by William Freret in 1882 4. Moving on to the Art...I have chosen a few of my favorites to discuss! 5. Mardi Gras DogCheri C. Fry Watercolor, 12x16 I think this painting is very serene and comforting. For one, the weather is beautifulThe trees are green, the sun is out making the mood of the painting a light one. There is a sleeping dog and a bicycle, which adds to the rustic charm of the piece. Aside from the title, the rod iron fence and Mardi Gras beads on the handle bars suggest that this scene takes place in New Orleans. The use of color and shadow allows the audience to feel the warmth of the day (even though Mardi Gras is in February/ March and its still pretty chilly). Overall, I really like this piece and I feel like the artist did a great job portraying a laid back afternoon in New Orleans after a parade. 6. St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans Carol Arabie Oil, 42x30 I really like the aesthetics of this painting because of the asymmetry of the buildings. I think the artist chose oil as a medium because it gives the painting a more realistic quality. I also like the angle in which the artist chose to paint the Cathedral. Many others that I have seen have been portraits of the front while Arabie chose to paint it from the side, including not only the French Quarter, but also the high rise buildings and superdome in the background. For me, this shows the prominence and importance of the Cathedral to New Orleans culture as it is clearly the focus of the painting even though other tourist attractions are also included. 7. Touring New Orleans Jovann Armstrong Oil, 20x24 I purposely placed this piece after the previous one to show the difference in style of two paintings using the same medium with the same subject. In the previous work, the artist used oil to add to the realistic features of the French Quarter while this artist chose to blend the oil a bit more. In my opinion, it was a perfect choice because it makes the audience view the piece as a whole instead of narrowing in on specific features. Like before, I love how the artist incorporated the city aspect in the background because it is in complete contrast to the sweet, charming road this horse buggy is traveling down. The colors in the foreground are bright and inviting while the background is dim and uninteresting. Maybe the artist was trying to make a point that New Orleans culture is much more appealing than a big city skyline. 8. Nestled I & Nestled II Marge Campane Graphite, 15x12 Although these two pieces were not sold as a set, they were displayed together and I think the artist intended for them to be seen as one. These were the only two pieces in the gallery that were done in graphite and even though I am partial to color, I do quite enjoy the complexity of these pieces using only black and white (well, really just gray). I like that this pieces are very similar but have modest contrastssuch as the background color. I think the artist did a fantastic job at making the first seem more hidden, not just for obvious reasons, but also in the angle of the flower petals and the darker shading. Overall, I do appreciate the artistic value of these pieces but I dont think they would be the pieces I would choose to buy. Maybe its their lack of color or maybe its simply the subject matter (Im not really big on plants). 9. Torie Holeman Birth of the BluesMixed Media, 16x28 I wish the description had been more specific in mentioning what materials were used in this piece because the framing and glass made it nearly impossible to tell just by looking. Other than that, this piece was one of my favorites as its theme was not so apparent. I liked that this piece actually made me question the artists motives and meaning. Without the title, however, I dont think I would have gotten what I did from it. For me, this piece is sort of like a volcano erupting with the blues. As a music genre (common to New Orleans), it is raspy and soulful sometimes dark. I feel like the artist did a great job capturing the mood of the blues in a visual piece. I think for the Blues and for art, it either hits you all at once (like an explosion) or it doesnt hit you at all. 10. DanielCherie C. Fry Oil, 29x42 Here we have another oil painting and this one is similar to the Cathedral in that the artist uses this medium to enhance the realism of the piece. I love everything about this piece from the definition in the musicians leg and face all the way to the white patio chair hes sitting in. Unlike the other paintings weve seen, I dont think this one takes much contemplation and I am willing to bet the artist painted exactly what she saw when walking down a French Quarter street. I think the most amazing aspect of this piece, for me, is the clarityhe has highlights in his hair! I also appreciate that the artist added that little stain on the sidewalk because I can promise you that no New Orleans street is perfectly clean! Overall, I think this painting can be truly appreciated by anyone familiar with Louisiana culture and the realism of it is outstanding. 11. Monica Bishara Life Begins After Coffee Watercolor, 23x19 This painting was my absolute favorite of all. I think subject matter definitely plays a role in that as well as the very true title, but I also feel like the artist did a wonderful job with her use of color, shape and positioning. The C o m m u n i t y C o f f e e b a g ( a L o u i s i a n a - m a d e c o f f e e ) s i t s perfectly tall and rectangular in the back, while the round coffee mug stands center. I think the artist chose watercolor because the shading and shadowing blend so smoothly. I think the lines of the table make it perfectly clear where the focal point of the picture is the coffee! The matted frame makes this painting a classic and I think anyone would love to hang this in their dining room. 12. Jane Flowers Watching and Waiting Oil, 23x14 The first thing I noticed about this piece was how much the frame added to itstyling goes a long way! I really enjoyed this painting because of its country charm. What is the boy waiting for? We dont really know but what we do know is that he is dressed in his Sundays best. Maybe he just got out of church? Either way, this painting is warm, soulful and comforting. The shadows in the boys clothing are perfectly placed adding to the relaxed mood. The dark wooden background really makes the focal point clear. Overall, I liked this piece a lot and I think it definitely takes me back to my own childhood. 13. My sister, acting like a fool! Thanks for your time! My sweet mama!