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Panchakarma treatment of HRUDDROGA

1. Epidemiology of heart diseases:

In today’s world most deaths are

attributable to non communicable

diseases (32 million) and just over

half of these (16.7 million) are a

result of CVD . In developed

countries heart diseases and

stroke are the 1 and 2 leading

cause of death for adult men and


In India prevalence of CVD is reported to be 2-3 times higher in

the urban population as compared to the rural population .

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2. Common manifestations of heart diseases : - IHD





- Hritshoola

- Hridrava

- Hridayshoonyata

- Hriddgraha

- Hrridbheda

- Hridstambha

- Hridspanda

- Hridayshotha

- Hridayavishuddhi

- Shabdasahishnuta

- Shvasavarodha

- Moha,darana,toda,

Page 4: Hruddrog panchakarma

- Kasa

- Moorcha

3.What is hridaya

) ­ hrit all the blood enters heart

da ­ddait blood again spreads in entire body the Pranas / blood

ya ­ inayamait it regulates

Different connotations

As per Shushrut Samhita. t~ iW stnaantryaaoma-Qyao )dyaM naama mama- | SaaoiNat kfp`saadjaM )dyaM | )dyaM [it caotnaa | ….DlhNa

)dyaM maatRjaM | p`aNavah QamanyaanaaM maUlasqaana |

It’s a isaramama-

Page 5: Hruddrog panchakarma

puNDrIkoNa sadRSaM )dyaM syaadQaaomauKma\ jaaga`tstiWksait …sau.saU 4-32

Thus is the cause of consciousness.

In nadi vidnyan it has been described to be a muscular organ beating frequently.

Maharshi sushrut states that the organ is a shira

marma and it is one in number. Aamarkosha - hridaya = mind. Heart is the site of pain of body and mind. ………chakrapani


During fetal development origin of heart occurs prior to other organs and it is the site of buddhi and mana. Acharyas say that development of heart completes in

fourth month of fetal life.

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daoYadUYya saMbaMQa :

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Panchakarma therapy is a unique therapy which aims at elimination of body toxins in the form of vitiated vata, pitta and kapha dosha. There are following procedures involved : Porvakarma -:


swedan Pradhan karma





raktamokshan Paschat karma

Samsarjan karma Shamana

Use of snehan in heart diseases

Page 10: Hruddrog panchakarma

By, massaging with oils like bala, ashwagandha etc. the vitiated

vata gets pacified , it helps

in microcirculation ,reduces

peripheral resistance &

increases muscular tone of

heart .In abhyantara sneha,

administration of ghrita ,

brings the lipid soluble

toxins into the koshtha in

much more acceptable

form .

SNEHA KALPA As per ch. Chi. 26

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1. Vataj hridroga- punarnavadi taila, haritakyadi ghrita,

pushkarmooladi kwath, pathyadi kalpa.

2. Piitaj- drakshadya ghrita, kashekuradi ghrita, sthiradi ghrita,

3. Kaphaj- katphaladi kwath, krushnadi choorna, udambaradi leha. As per yogratnakar, Narayana taila/ shatavari taila- best vatshaman karma, indicated in mitral regurgitation

Use of Swedan in heart diseases As Hruddaya is Aswedya organ, if necessary swedan is given by Hands/pearls / Lotus leaves .

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Sarvanga swedan is indicated. It reduces the pain & inflammation thereby reducing Vata.It increases the blood circulation .It increases vascular elasticity & acts as muscle relaxant. As it improves the relaxation & contraction of arteries hence it is used successfully for pumping action. The doshas are brought in to the circulation and finally eliminated through maha strotas

The snehan helps in liquefaction of plaques & swedan helps in elimination of these plaques. Ultimately the diseases like arterial sclerosis & arthrosclerosis are successfully controlled.

snaohi@lannaa: kaoYzgaaQaatUgaa

vaa sa`aotaolaInaa yao ca SaaKaisqasaMsqaa : |

daoYaa: svaodOsto d`ivakR%ya kaoYzM naIta: samyak\ SauiwiBaina-i)yanto||

Use of Vaman in Heart diseases

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Vaman is emission or induced vomiting .It removes kapha dosha thus creating lightness in the body. Vaman is the procedure involving elimination of dushit kapha through oral route. As per Charak sidhisthan 1, any vaman dravya after its administration initially reaches heart due to its veerya & thus removes doshas from heart & eliminates it out of the

body. Due to vaman the dushit part of avalambak kapha is removed & its Prasadbhuta portion is maintained. Vaman helps in

maintaining the prakrut gati of prana & udan vayu.It is also known as to remove toxins in form of various enzymes from liver. A research conducted in Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil college of Ayurveda & Research institute on 30 patients implies that vaman plays a major role in reducing the mediastinal lymph node congestion. Though as per granthas madanphala,yashtimadhu , is commonly used for vaman; Vacha/Pippali/Saindhava have great importance as prakshepa dravyas as they have been found effective in reducing cholesterol, lipoprotiens .Thus these drugs are considered as most effective drug in controlling heart diseases among lekhaniya gana of Charak

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Use of Virechan in Heart diseases Virechan eliminates mainly pitta dosha through anal route. It removes the accumulated toxins in liver & gall bladder thereby cleaning the whole of GIT. Virechan is effective in controlling krimij hridroga . . As per Charak sutrasthan 24 ,Virechan is one of the best therapy indicated for raktadushti & thus it also removes any sort of hridaydushti as hriday is basically SaaoiNatkfp`saadjaM Congestive cardiac failure & respiratory distress are related to each other. Thus by controlling tamakshwas by giving Virechan we can also control the diseases of heart by mainyaining the anuloma gati of vata. VIRECHAN KALPA Narayana choorna -5-10gm. …… ch. Ch 13/125-132 Pittaj hridroga - Mridu virechan with draksha ,sita , madhu, parushaka, ……… ch chi 26/90

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Use of basti : It’s a medicated enema which cleanses accumulated toxins of all the tridoshas through alimentary canal especially vata dosha It maintains proper functioning of vyan vayu

SaaKaagataa: kaoYzgataaEca raogaa mamaao-Qva-savaa-vayavaaMgajaaEca |

yao saMita taoYaaM na tau kiEcadnyaao: vaayaao:parM janmaina hotaurista || tsmaaiccaik%saaQa-imait p`idYTa: kR%snaaMicaik%saaip ca baistrokO: | Basti kalpa- Vataja hridroga - Dashamooladi basti Pittaja hridroga - Padmakadi basti Kaphaja hridroga - Aragvadhadi basti Tridoshaja hridroga - Erandamoolasiddha yuktaratha basti

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Nasya is said to act as balya for ]rsqaana, thus it may act as strength promoter for accessory muscles of heart and thus improves the pumping action of heart. NASYA KALPA (VAG. CHI. 6/26-27) Vataja hridroga-Taila siddhikaran with bilva, rasna, yava, kola, devdaru, punarnava, kulattha, panchamoola. USE OF RAKTAMOKSHAN :

Page 18: Hruddrog panchakarma

Sarvadaihik raktamokshan removes the impure blood from all over the body and thus detoxifies heart.


HRIDBASTI,HRIDDHARA: Allowing the medicated oil to stagnate on the chest around the heart. Very effective in coronary artery blocks, congestive cardiac failure and reduces spasm.

Page 19: Hruddrog panchakarma

SHIRODHARA : Shirodhara helps to alleviate anxiety and mental stress Takra dhara - indicated in de-

addiction treatment of alcoholism and tobacco smoking ,masheri which may pose a threat to heart.

Dugdha dhara - indicated in anxiety and pittaj hridvikara.

Page 20: Hruddrog panchakarma

UDVARTAN : It plays a major role in fat dissolution and also increases microcirculation.


Indicated in Angina pectoris. It reduces the coronary spasm and strengthens the myocardiuim. DHOOMAPAN :

Page 21: Hruddrog panchakarma

)%kNzoMid`yasaMSauiw...... It checks the remnants of kapha dosha after vaman karma Also it absorbs the excess secretions. LIFE STYLE:

Improving your lifestyle by adoption of ethical elements mentioned in 'Achara Rasayana' is must if you really want to stay away from mental and physical stress and from eventual hypertension. It is certain that stress can cause hypertension. Anxiety, secondary to acute stage can cause rise in your blood pressure. Relaxation and removal of stress will help to lower mildly elevated levels of blood pressure

Love and affection and affectionate touch can significantly drop, your blood pressure.

Page 22: Hruddrog panchakarma

Speak truth. Lying has been found to boost blood pressure, because it require a lot of mental exercise.

Speak gently; don’t get annoyed for coronary - heart - disease. . Laughter Study shows that laughter decreases adrenaline and cortisol production

Yoga and Breath Therapy:

Yoga as we all know it is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Research shown that regular practice of Corpse Pose controls high blood pressure.

Meditating & practicing breathing exercises regularly are essential to establishing a new relaxation response in place of the hypertensive reflex to stress.

Chanting the mantra 'OM' or listening to a recording of it in the early morning and evening is also beneficial

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Benefits of Yoga

Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium Respiratory rate decreases Blood Pressure decreases (of special significance for

hyporeactors) Cardiovascular efficiency increases Gastrointestinal function normalizes Endocrine function normalizes Excretory functions improve Strength and resiliency increase Immunity increases


Page 24: Hruddrog panchakarma

Strengths Weakness Enormous treasure of

ancient Knowledge Guidance of old Vaidyas Efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs

in so called non-curable diseases

Unavailability of Raw materials Lack of interest in learning Sanskrit textLack of evidence based practice

Opportunity ThreatsNiche in TherapeuticsDomestic and International ExposureAvailability of modern technique for research

Growing global competitionTraditional working Globalization and patency of Ayurvedicmedicine by Westerns

SWOT Analysis