How to Wake Up Early for Fajr Prayer

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These are some of strategies yo can try to implement in your lives to practice waking up early for Fajr. Visit our website.

Transcript of How to Wake Up Early for Fajr Prayer

  • Alhamdulillah, I have always been a Fajr person since my childhood. I was used to getting out of bed just a few minutes after Fajr Azaan, and usually I catch up with the congregation (Jamaath) in our Masjid. But last year I made a radical change in my life; I decided to wake up before Fajr Azaan to pray Tahajjudh. This has so far been the best decision I made in a while. Now Im able to devote myself peacefully for praying Tahajjud and to prepare myself for the Fajr prayer. However, there are some people in our community who get shivers down the spine simply when they are reminded about waking up early. There are plenty of strategies they can try to implement in their lives to practice waking up early.
  • 1. First and foremost thing is to know how much sleep you need to keep your balance. Normally six or seven hours of sleep at night is required for an average adult, but it may differ from person to person. As you start getting the adequate amount of sleep you need, it makes much easier to wake up at the right time.
  • 2. One of the most recommended Sunnah of our beloved Prophet is taking a nap in the afternoon for about 20 to 30 minutes. This is called the Power Nap because of the amazing health benefits it provides for the human body.
  • 3. The traditional method using the alarm clock works for many deep sleepers. Its better to keep your alarm out of your reach if you have the habit of hitting the snooze button. I know some people who follow this trick, but surprisingly they can walk towards the alarm and shut it off and return to bed without any disturbance for their sleep.
  • 4. Getting a good nights sleep is crucial for waking up for Fajr. Forget sheep and counting and listening to music. Try listening to Quranic recitations by your favorite Qari. Some minutes of listening to the Holy Quran can make you a peaceful and a wholesome sleep.
  • 5. We all know that milk carries numerous benefits for the human body. Drinking a glass of milk at night is a great way to get a good nights sleep, and it also provides you with the energy to wake up early without any drowsiness. Prophet Muhammad himself loved milk, and it is reported that he used to drink milk before going to bed.
  • 6. In order to wake up for Fajr, we must know the importance of Fajr prayer and how much blessed that time is. If we really dont understand the importance, chances are we wont bother waking up. I will mention one saying from our beloved Prophet: Whoever prays Fajr and Asr will not enter hell.
  • 7. We must also know the warnings of missing Fajr prayer. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: The burdensome prayers for the hypocrites are Isha and Fajr. Check your self with this hadith. The prophet also said: whoever prays Fajr, he is under Allahs protection We can clearly understand from this statement that there is no guarantee of protection for whoever misses it.
  • 8. For many Muslims Fajr can be a major challenge. This is simply because they dont see Fajr prayer more important than the rest of their worldly affairs. They find it easy to wake up if there is a plane to catch next day or if they have any interviews early in the morning. We must change this unfortunate attitude and put Allah first in all our affairs.
  • 9. Make it a habit to fill your mind with the remembrance of Allah before you go to sleep. Recite all the prophetic prayers (Dua) before you keep the head on your pillow. Some prayers from the sunnah: Ayathul Kursi. Surah fathiha and Surah Ikhlas. Surah Ikhlas, Surah Munafiqoon and Surah Naas.
  • 10. Finally, reward yourself for additional motivation when you accomplish waking up at Fajr . It maybe something simple as your favorite snack or drink with your breakfast. The End