How To Pin Your Instagram Post

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Transcript of How To Pin Your Instagram Post


  • W h a t i s i n t e r e s t

  • W h a t i s

    Pinterest is an online resource thatallows you to organize and "pin"articles, photos, and even videos tovarious boards. Make sure you'resigned into Pinterest for this to work!

    i n t e r e s t

  • Step 1: Log onto Iconosquare

    The best way to pin your photos is to go throughiconosquare. Click here to go to the website

    Next, sign in with your Instagram account. Ifyou've never used iconosquare, click

    Sign in with your Instagram when this box pops up

  • IconosquareThis is what your screen should look like:

    To see your own content, click

  • Step 2: Find the post you want to pinThen, tap the photo. You will be brought tothis screen:

    See the 'Pin it' button? Click it

  • Step 3: Pick your board

    Click 'Select a board' for a list of yourboards

    Tap the board you wantthe image to go to

  • Step 4: Edit the Description

    Make sure you have a good description, because thisis how people can find your posts. Just click in thetext box and start typing!Once you are happy with your description, click 'Pin it'

    2. you'll be broughtto your photos, tapthe one you wantto use

  • Step 5: Check out your work!

    Head on over to Pinterest, go to your account and find theboard that you pinned the post to.

    Here it is!

  • BONUS: How to lead viewers to your contentIf you double click on animage in Pinterest, you willbe taken to the website thatthe image originated from.Be careful: images takenfrom iconosquare won'tlead anywhere

    How do you fix this? Start byclicking 'edit'

  • BONUS: How to lead viewers to your contentAll you have to do is fixthe source. Click in thesource box and pastewhere you want theimage to go

    Once you're done, clicksave changes

  • G o a h e a d , t e s t i t o u t ! C l i c k b e l o wt o b e t a k e n t o t h i s e x a c t p i n .

    T h e n , c l i c k o n t h e p h o t o , a n d v i e wm y y o u t u b e v i d e o : " T h e D i f f e r e n c eb e t w e e n I n s t a g r a m a n d P i n t e r e s t "

    You're done!

  • S e e Y o u O n l i n e !