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In order to catch someone in a lie, you must pay close attention to the details in their story, compare their behavior to their baseline temperament (how they act when they’re comfortable) and most importantly you must ask yourself, “Do I really want to know the truth?” According to Robert Feldman, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts, one reason liars often succeed in deceiving someone is because on some level, the other party wants to remain in the dark. But, if you think you can handle the truth, check out our slideshow to learn how to spot deception like a pro!

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  • How To Be A Human Lie Detector Im stuck intraffic. You look great! This food isdelicious!
  • Humans Are Masters Of Deception Many animals engage in deception, but human beings are the only species capable of deceiving themselves AND other people.
  • We Can Even Deceive Ourselves
  • Yeah, its all natural.
  • WOMEN lie to make others feel better.
  • Extroverts Lie More Than Introverts Extrovert: the act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with obtaining gratification from what is outside the self. Introvert: The state of or tendency toward being predominantly or wholly concerned with and interested in ones own mental life.
  • People are more likely to lie to a co-worker than a stranger. Lying is more common in phone calls than in face-to-face conversations.
  • Common WHITE LIES
  • Why Do We Lie?
  • Factors That INCREASE Dishonesty Factors That DECREASE Dishonesty Witnessing others lie or cheat Physical or mental fatigue Previous deceptive acts Conflicts of interest Inability to rationalize When other people benefit from our dishonesty Honor pledges Supervision Being reminded of moral codes Signatures
  • How To Spot A Lie Physical Clues
  • How To Spot A Lie Physical Clues
  • How To Spot A Lie: Verbal Clues
  • How To Dig Deeper
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