How Blogging Can Help You Build an Awesome Professional Network

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Transcript of How Blogging Can Help You Build an Awesome Professional Network

  • 1. How Blogging Can Help You Build an Awesome Professional Network Mike Fishbein,

2. About Me Casual Corp Author of How to Build an Awesome Professional Network Blog at, Huffington Post & more 3. What Exactly is Networking? Meeting and building relationships with people in a professional context. 4. Why Build Relationships? Not just what you know or can do, its who you know. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Learn from people in your network who have experience and expertise. 5. My Networking Journey Learned of importance in college Hated it Broke in to finance Learned more Broke in to startups Grew to love it 6. Be Helpful When people in your network get stronger, you get stronger Per the law of reciprocity, people will be more motivated to return the favor Share expertise, ideas, information Promote your network Be a connector 7. Build a Reputation Be someone that people want to meet Someone who is valuable Someone who is helpful Someone who has potential and is excitingIf no one knows who you are, they cant help you Be visible Go outside! 8. Be Visible if a tree falls in the forestIf no one knows what youre doing, its like it never happened. Stay in touch Maintain regular and consistent communication Blog 9. Relationships Trump Contacts The most value from networking comes from building lasting, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships Stay in touch Be authentic Dig your well before youre thirsty 10. How Blogging Can Help Be helpful Build your reputation Build relationships Meet new people 11. Blogging to be Helpful Share your expertise Promote your network 12. Blogging to Build your Reputation Validate your expertise Update your network News Accomplishments Learnings 13. Blogging to Build Relationships Stay in touch Show your character Scalable 14. Blogging to Meet New People If you create great content, it will get shared Create re-existing rapport Scalable 15. Thanks! Questions? Book Business Networking: How to Build an Awesome Professional Network