Horizon2020 - COSME (Competitiveness for SMEs)and the Enterprise Europe Network, Luis Cuervo...

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COSME (Competitiveness for SMEs) and the Enterprise Europe Network Belfast, 27 May 2014 Luis CUERVO SPOTTORNO SME access to markets DG Enterprise and Industry - European Commission

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  • COSME (Competitiveness for SMEs) and the Enterprise Europe Network Belfast, 27 May 2014 Luis CUERVO SPOTTORNO SME access to markets DG Enterprise and Industry - European Commission
  • 2 70% - 88% of businesses regard administrative difficulties in other EU Member States as important in deciding cross-border trade 37% of European citizens would like to be self- employed, as compared to 55% in the United States and 71% in China 400,000 - 700,000 SMEs are unable to obtain a loan from the formal financial system 25% of SMEs in the EU export outside national markets and only 13% export beyond the EU (average) The issues
  • COSME (2014 2020) Strengthen competitiveness and sustainability of EU enterprises - SMEs Encourage an entrepreneurial culture and promote the creation and growth of SMEs Target audience: SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Business Support Organisations, regional and national Administrations 2,3 billion for 2014 2020
  • COSME Budget share per objective: 1) Improving access to finance (min 60%) 2) Improving access to markets (+/- 21,5%) 3) Improving framework conditions (+/- 11,5%) 4) Promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture (+/- 2,5%) Calls for tender OR calls for proposals for 2/3/4
  • 5 Objective 1: Improving access to finance OBJECTIVES Streamline financial instruments, Develop EU-wide venture capital market Support cross-border lending Improve information on EU finance for SMEs INSTRUMENTS An equity facility to invest in SMEs in expansion phase A loan facility to provide guarantees to cover loans for SMEs
  • Zero bureaucracy for SMEs Apply directly to banks and venture capital funds
  • 7 Previous success ? With a budget of 1.1 billion EUR for financial instruments under the former programme (CIP) we have achieved: 14 billion of loans for SMEs 2.3 billion of venture capital for SMEs More than 240,000 SMEs have been helped to access finance.
  • 8 Objective 2: Improving access to markets SUB-OBJECTIVES One-stop-shop for SMEs Dissemination of information on SMEs on how to internationalise Mapping and filling gaps in support services Training programmes for SME managers INSTRUMENTS Enterprise Europe Network Analysis (eg. studies on EU business support abroad) On-line portals (e.g. Your Europe Business portal, new portal on access to markets outside EU, China IPR helpdesk; EU SME Centres) Awareness raising campaigns, training sessions Exchange of best practices, workshops
  • 9 The Enterprise Europe Network +/- 600 business support organisations in 54 countries Objective: help European SMEs internationalise Has helped to conclude more than 9,000 cross-border partnership agreements Enterprise Europe Network in Northern Ireland: http://www.enterpriseeuropeni.com/inx/ In the UK: http://www.enterprise-europe.net/ Worldwide: http://een.ec.europa.eu/
  • The EEN Network in the UK and Northern Ireland 10 East England London Midlands North East England North West England Northern Ireland Scotland South East England South West England Wales Yorkshire Services: free business advice and support networking events & promotion innovation services guidance on EU funding feedback to Commission on SME priorities /constraints business/research partnering database access (business opportunities and technology profiles)
  • EEN performance in the UK SMEs participating in local events: 16581 (2008-10); 18338 (2011-12); 10314 (2013) SMEs receiving advisory services: 5392 (2008-10); 7653 (2011-12); 4565 (2013) SMEs participating to brokerage events/company missions: 1454 (2008-10); 1634 (2011-12); 864 (2013) Partnership Agreements signed: 166 (2008-10); 508 (2011-12); 244 (2013) 11
  • EEN outcomes in Northern Ireland SMEs participating in local events: 2272 (2008-10); 879 (2011-12); 492 (2013) SMEs receiving advisory services: 1016 (2008-10); 318 (2011 12); 331 (2013) SMEs participating in brokerage events /company missions: 176 (2008-10); 136 (2011-12); 125 (2013) Partnership Agreements signed: 26 (2008-10); 27 (2011-12); 10 (2013) 12
  • EEN best practice in Northern Ireland http://www.enterpriseeuropeni.com/inx/about/case.asp http://een.ec.europa.eu/success-stories/scoring-across-board Some best practices: Northern Ireland SME identifies a German partner to help grow exports in their market Digishare360 Brokers Digital Technology Link with Poland New projects strengthen Northern Ireland's position as global centre for cyber security and biogas Technology Transfer - N. Ireland and the University of Bari EEN helps Biogas Consortium ATBEST Company Mission Printed Electronics in Sweden 13
  • 14 Objective 3: Improving framework conditions (1) SUB-OBJECTIVES Reduce administrative burden Support smart regulation (SBA/SME test, competitiveness proofing, fitness checks) Strengthen MS industrial policy coordination Reinforce the use of the 'Think Small First' principle INSTRUMENTS Statistical analysis, benchmarking, policy monitoring (e.g. Annual EU Competitiveness Report, EU SME Performance Review, SBA country factsheets) Workshops and best practice exchange between policy makers (e.g. HLG on reduction of administrative burden, SME Envoys)
  • 15 Objective 3: Improving framework conditions (2) OTHER OBJECTIVES Foster the emergence of competitive industries. Stimulate development of new markets Competitive business models. Enhance productivity, resource efficiency, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. INSTRUMENTS Support to Clusters Sectorial policies: e.g. tourism, KETs, digital-economy, construction
  • 16 Objective 4: Promoting entrepreneurship SUB-OBJECTIVES Develop entrepreneurial skills, especially amongst new entrepreneurs, young people and women, Develop mentoring schemes Promote social entrepreneurship INSTRUMENTS Workshops and exchanges of best practices (European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs) Training (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange programme, trainings for teachers) Promotion (e.g. education for entrepreneurship and self- employment at school and university) Awareness-raising (European SME Week)
  • Thank you for your attention! Find out more: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/cosme/ http://een.ec.europa.eu/ http://europa.eu/youreurope/business/funding- grants/access-to-finance/