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PREFACEMarketing should not be looked upon in a vacuum or in isolation. It is an essence taking a view of the whole business organization and its ultimate objective concern for marketing must penetrate all areas of the enterprise. Market survey in todays competitive world is a must for every organization. This project is a study of market potential of Hero Honda. The rational behind this particular study is to find out the present market scenario of various brands & to find out the corporate need and perception. It was a pleasurable experience to conduct a research on behalf of Hero Honda pertaining to the study of the Automobile Sector. To carry out this research a sample study was pursued where the target was made to the people of Delhi region. Various statistical and analytical tools and techniques are applied to ascertain and depict the present scenario. Conclusion and there by recommendation has been arrived at by proper and justified interpretation of the result derived from the above said analytical tools and techniques.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would also like to express the same gratitude towards Mr. Narinder Tawar (Faculty of management) who gives good support to me the very basics of project, and suggestion. My thanks to all the financial advisors of Hero Honda especially Mr. Ashish Kapoor (Regional Mkt. Manager) who helped me get over my hard times during my sales job, I can never forget his support and encouragement. I also thank to BSAITM, Faridabad who give me opportunity to work with Hero Honda. It increases my knowledge about markets in which future will be struggle. Last but not the least I would like to thank GOD & MY FATHER & MOTHER, for helping me in every aspect and in every part of my summer training. Dinesh Singh Rawat

IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE We, at Hero Honda, are continuously striving for synergy between technology, systems, and human resources to provide products and services that meet the quality, performance, and price aspirations of our customers. While doing so, we maintain the highest standards of ethics and societal responsibilities, constantly innovate products and process, and develop teams that keep the momentum going to take the company to excellence in the new millennium.


The Automobile sector is one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in India. In the 90s the industry witnessed an average growth rate of above 20 percent. Indian Automobile Industry is characterized by a very high percentage (75 per cent) of two wheeler production, ranking second only to Taiwan. The world leaders in the sector are evincing keen interest in establishing manufacturing facilities for manufacturing and assembling components.

A politically stable and vibrant State, Andhra Pradesh is centrally located with the support of seaports, international airports, assured and reliable power supply, abundant water, broad base of auto component manufacturers, highly trained, skilled and disciplined manpower and is therefore, the preferred location for Automobile industries. The interest of the state has been duly noted by Global Auto Majors, who have indicated their interest to consider Andhra pradesh for establishing manufacturing facility. The Government of Andhra Pradesh invites leaders in the industry to set up manufacturing facilities to manufacture vehicles or vehicle components in the State. The ideal places to locate companies in the Auto Sector are the Hyderabad-Zaheerabad, Visakhapatnam-

Kakinada, Krishnapatnam-Tada-Sathiveedu and Vijayawada-Guntur corridors.

The Government is also formulating an Auto Policy, which would give a proper direction to the growth of the sector. There are more than 20 auto component manufacturing companies in the State, manufacturing components such as grey-iron castings, precision aluminium castings, leaf springs,oils and lubricants, diesel fuel injection equipment, electronics and auto electronics and auto electrical, front axles, gears, forging, machined components, pressed metal components, pistons, cylinder liners, nozzles, delivery valves, starter motors, alternators, electronic regulators, high pressure die castings, clutch covers, fuel filters ,etc. Most of these components are presently being supplied to Hero Honda, TVS Suzuki, Escorts Yahama, Bajaj and others. Amaron Batteries are manufactured in Chittoor district. Around 119 components manufacturers have been certified for ISO 9000 quality standards and seven companies achieved the QS 9000 quality standard set by government and motors association.

1.2 ABOUT THE COMPANY Hero Honda has a reputation of being the most fuel-efficient and the largest selling Indian motorcycle. Its commitment of providing the customer with excellence is self-evident. A rich background of producing high value products at a reasonable price led the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles to collaborate with the world's largest bicycle manufacturer. It was this affinity in working cultures of Honda Motor Company of Japan and the Hero Group that resulted in the setting up of Hero Honda Motors Ltd. A relationship so harmonious that Hero Honda has managed to achieve indigenisation of over 95 percent, a Honda record worldwide. Tactical promotions and excellent marketing helped Hero Honda establish itself as an intelligent purchase. Its unique features like fuel conservation, safety riding courses and mobile workshops helped the group reach in the interiors of the country. Finance services helped facilitate purchase, as did an efficient dealer network across the country. Well-entrenched in the domestic market, Hero Honda Motors Ltd. turned its attention overseas, and exports have been steadily on the rise. Over the years, the Company has received its share of accolades, including the National Productivity Council's Award ( 1990-91), and the Economic Times Harvard Business School Association of India Award, against 200 contenders.

Its main Models are

Hero Hondao o o o o o o o o

cbz splendor cd100 cd100ss street smart passion Karizma CD dawn Ambition 135

1.4 VISION OF THE COMPANY The Legend of Hero Honda

What started out as a Joint Venture between Hero Group, the worlds largest bicycle manufacturers and the Honda Motor Company of Japan, has today become the Worlds single largest two wheeler Company. Coming into existence on January 19, 1984, Hero Motors Limited gave India nothing less than a revolution on two-wheels, made even more famous by the Fill it Shut it Forget it campaign. Driven by the trust of over 5 million customers, the Hero Honda product range today commands a market share of 48% making it a veritable giant in the industry. Add to that technological excellence, an expensive dealer network, and reliable after sales service, and you have one of the most customer-friendly companies. This is proved by the companys sales over the years: 1985.86 1989.90 1998.99 1999-00 2000-01 2001.2 2002.3 43,000 units 96,200 units 5,30,600 units 7,61,210 units 10,29,555 units 14,25,195 units 17,78.392 units

Customer satisfaction, a high quality product, the strength of Honda technology and the Hero groups dynamism have developed HTML scale new frontiers and exceed limits. In the words of Mr. Brijmohan Lal Munjal, the Chairman and Managing Director, We will continue to make every effort required for the development of the motorcycle industry, through new product development, technological innovation, investment in equipment and facilities and through efficient management.

1.5 HISTORICAL REPRESENTATION The following are the historical facts of the company : 1984 Company incorporated. Technical collaboration signed. Foundation stone lay. 1983 - shareholders agreements signed. 1985 First motorcycle (Model CD 100) produced. 1987

Engine plant started. 1,00,000th Motorcycle produced.

1989 1991

Sleek model introduced.

5,00,000th motorcycle produced. CD-SS model introduced. Economic times Harward business school award for

excellent Governance to Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

1993 1994

Hero group sponsors Hero cup five nations cricket tournament

Splendor model introduced.

1995 National Award for outstanding contribution to the development of Indian small scale industry (NSIC Award presented by President of India)

The analyst award 1995 presented to Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

on being ranked 9th amongst the most investor rewarding companies in India. 1996 1997

1000 motorcycle per day production started.

15,00,000th motorcycle produced. Street model introduced. Hero sponsored 6th women world cup cricket tournament.


20,00,000th motorcycle produced. 1st Hero Honda Master golf championship held at Delhi.


30,00,000th motorcycle produced. CBZ model introduced. 7th World Cup Cricket tournament sponsored at England. Most admired business Baron CEO award conferred upon

the Chairman Brij Mohan Lal Munjal. 2001

Passion and Joy motorcycle launched. One million motorcycles produced in one single year. 50,00,000th bike produced. Winner of the review-2000-Asias leading companies National productivity award for the best performance in Sir Jahangir Ghandy medal for industrial peace awarded to

award 2000.

automobile and tractors.

Brij Mohal Lal by XLRI Jamshedpur. 2002

Declared company of the year by economic times business


Chairman Brij Mohan Lal awarded the entrepreneur of