HEARD ON BEAD STREET Best Bead Shop moves to Best Bead Shop moves to Danville. Best Bead Shop (dba...

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Transcript of HEARD ON BEAD STREET Best Bead Shop moves to Best Bead Shop moves to Danville. Best Bead Shop (dba...

  • HEARD ON BEAD STREET Greetings! We’ve created a new column that focuses on what Bead Society members are doing in the far and wide, creative world of beading. Be inspired to share! We want to hear from you about your beading activities. Refer to Submission Deadlines information within this publication.

    Changing Bead By Bead: Seeing Life As A Strand of Beads A Present Moment Practice by Eleanor Wiley reviewed by Debbie Sharp

    I had the opportunity to read Eleanor Wiley’s latest book, fresh off the press. An excerpt from the back cover reads “This book is not a how-to-bead book nor a book on how to lead your life, it is an invitation to be in the present moment with a pile of beads and a string and see what magic happens.”

    Keeping in mind this this invitation as well as taking the time to think about her questions peppered throughout her book, at times it seemed as if she were talking to me personally. I slowed down and took my time instead of plowing through as I usually do when interested in the subject matter. It was fun to consider: If you were a strand of beads, what would you look like? Are the beads the same size or color? How about this one - - do all my bead strands look pretty much the same? In other words, am I stuck in a rut? Ms. Wiley’s book certainly gave me beads of wisdom to think about.

    Then it was time to put together a strand of beads with a new mindset to try. We beaders know that one of the best thing about stringing beads is that we can change our minds and do something completely different. Per- haps that thought process can apply to most situations in life too.

    Read this book for inspiration and growth. Be open to seeing life as an amazing gift no matter what is going on. And remember to be present in the moment.

    Best Bead Shop moves to Danville

    Best Bead Shop (dba as Femme Chic) specializes in all kinds of precious and semi-precious beads from India and China. They moved from the Gift Centre in San Francisco to Danville in September 2009. In addition to offering silver, brass, antique copper, antique brass and metal findings, they have the widest variety of natural gemstone beads. As wholesalers for the past 10 years, they are able to offer wholesale prices to customers. They are a different kind of bead shop offering bead classes and bead parties as per customer requirement.

    According to Chitwan and Sanjay, “Service is our prime aim and we would like our customers to be completely satisfied. We also offer along with beads, shawls in 92 colors, scarves and handbags.”

    Best Bead Shop 294 A Railroad Avenue Danville, CA 94526 Tel: (925) 314-0337

    Just Bead It! is all in the family

    Back in the 1970’s Dave started making funky wire jewelry for his wife, Marie. His creations were later discovered by their then teenage daughter who caught the beading bug and got the family to join in.

    Located a few blocks behind the Park ’N Shop shopping center in Concord, Just Bead It! opened seven years ago. It is owned and staffed by Marie and their two daughters, Joyce and April. Custom- ers will often see Dave in the shop helping out too.

    Just Bead It! 2051 Harrison Street, Suite C Concord, CA 94520 Tel: (925) 682-6493


  • Ever doodle as a child? Ever keep a private journal full of sketches and dreams, pressed flowers, and little treasures taped to the pages? Cynthia Thornton has kept her journals since she was 16 years old and draws and doodles, adding to them in an on-going evolution of thoughts and dreams every day. These journals of her ideas and inspiration overflow her desk and fill her studio shelves - providing ideas and inspiration for past, present, and future creations.

    As a child she used everything she could find to engage as creatures of her fantasies and to expand into stories for her dolls. When she received a box of polymer clay, she created an army of faeries ~ little knowing that those very faeries would so influence her future. As a child she and helped out with the family landscaping business, putting her around nature all the time. This encouraged her private time even more towards devel- oping into the unique world of her imagination.

    In 1997, after a scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design, she worked as a freelance artist, a haunted house mask maker, and a sculptor of garden art. Cynthia is inspired by all living things small and natural as well as the clean lines of oriental design and Japanese ojime. The ojime proved much too expensive so she started to create her own pieces. She took a giant step and found- ed Green Girl Studios with a few beads and pendants, all cast in resin. Her first showing was with 5 designs and now she has over 300-hundred+, made up into beads and charms and toggles. In 2002, she moved to Cali- fornia where she met Greg Ogden who is also an artist, writer, and cartoonist. They relocated back to the south to Asheville, North Carolina where they were married in a garden, dressed up as faeries - wings and all. Their daughter, Azalea was born in 2004 and now, at the age of five, helps out the family with her own designs. Cynthia’s brother, Andrew assists Cynthia and Greg at trade shows and is also a jewelry maker, artist, and writer. He gave us this presentation into the wondrous world of Cynthia Thornton and Green Girl Studios.

    She names Anne Choi and Bob Burkett as greatly en- couraging inspirations….she could not have chosen better. She also looks around at her daily life as well as to antiquity for ideas and inspiration. At a museum, she saw an $8,000 antique coin with an owl imprinted on its

    GREEN GIRL STUDIOS AND CYNTHIA THORNTON presented by Andrew Thornton; written by Marilyn Peters


    face, and quickly sketched it into her journal. When she saw the movie, ‘Clash of the Titans’, they both trans- formed the ink and paper in her journals into inspiration for both her owl series as well as the Medusa pieces. There is an old Ozark saying: “If you have any news, tell it to the bees”…that ‘bee in her bon- net’ became pieces with and about bees, honeycomb and all. Their huge tabby cat “Frick” was the inspiration for the sleeping cat styles. At a “Fairy-Con” meeting, she came up with a sketch of a mermaid. The resulting entries sketched in her journal moved through isolat- ing various parts into their eventually resulting new designs.

    The sterling silver and shibuichi pieces are both made by using the lost wax method. The pieces made in sterling silver which is 92.5% silver with copper and tin and the shibuichi, a mixture of copper and silver that doesn’t tarnish and gains a wonderful warm luster with use and aging. Shibuichi was originally used to decorate Japanese sword hilts - such a gentle transformation to the better. The pieces made in fine pewter, made of tin, copper, and silver, are created using a centrifugal high temperature silicone method. Each piece is cast with careful attention to detail so that they can perfectly remake the same design every time. Cynthia and her pieces are featured and sold all over the world and the ever-growing circle of friends encloses her talent with admiration and affection.

    Green Girl Studios Shibu Tree Pendant with the word “knowledge” on the back, cast in the Japanese alloy, shibuichi

  • “Enchanted Adornments” - mixed media, metal clay, wire, resin and more - is her first book ~ a storyteller’s creation that started from the age of 16. It contains 20 projects and over a hundred more techniques and ideas. The following quote was taken from her book Inspira- tion. “The road between an idea and the finished piece is a winding one that starts and stops, changes direc- tions and may not resemble the original thought in the end.”

    This entry was taken from her blog site about a new piece she had just finished, the birth of her soon-to- be-born son and her upcoming new book, Enchanted Adornments: “This piece is the crown jewel of the col- lection! It took me ages and loads of PMC to get this to look exactly the way I wanted it too. Sometimes, being particular can be a nuisance, especially since I like to make detailed renderings before I even open the clay. This is not to say that I’m against spontaneous work or that I’m not capable of experimentation....I just like to think it out in my sketchbook for awhile, before I com- mit to anything. This piece proves that what works on paper doesn’t always work in three dimensions, a good reminder to me to just jump in and do!

    I learned a lot about myself as an artist, writer and col- laborator while working on this book. It was definitely a team effort and sometimes frustrating, but I think the outcome surpasses all my expectations. I have to say, I’m pleased as pie with this book! Which is saying a lot, coming from my biggest critic - me. Anyway, I showed the book to my friends and was happy with the positive feedback, especially delighted to hear they thought it was a good deal for the money ( a very high compliment to me). Now all I have to worry about is promoting it! I will probably be in labor when it hits the shelves Novem- ber 1! Hopefully earlier, as I am getting huge!”

    Their son Max was born on October 31st, Halloween. Now how perfect is that !

    To contact Cynthia, email greengirlstudios@gmail.com and check out her site at www.greengirlstudios.com. She also has a wonderful interview on YouTube.


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