Grow your Network using Instagram

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Grow your business on Instagram with these simple strategies.

Transcript of Grow your Network using Instagram

  • 1.Grow your Network using Instagram

2. Here are my 3 Insta-Cool Strategies Use Hashtags Include a Call to Action in your post Share on other platforms! 3. Use #Hashtag Placing a # in front of a word with no space makes the word a hyperlink that becomes searchable on Instagram. Images that use the same hashtag are curated together. 4. Use both general Hashtags (#keynote) and specific Hashtags (#sparkandhustle) to raise the number of people that will see the images. 5. Here you see all the posts curated under one Hashtag. #sparkandhustle 6. Use a Call to Action Ask your followers a question or do to an action to increase engagement on a post. Examples: Please Like this post on Facebook! Share this post with 2 friends. Which is your favorite item?6 7. Whos Gonna come visit me at #SueBDo? 8. Use Instagram to communicate with multiple networks Upload your Instagram posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the more reach. 9. The Social Share buttons are powerful. After you have completed a post, remember to select the Share buttons. This will post your Instagram to the account selected. I recommend posting 1-2 of your Instagrams on other platforms daily. 9 10. Tweet this: Use #Instagram to grow your network and create new leads for your business @suebzimmerman #suebdoesit Visit To download a FREE PDF on How to Use Instagram for your BusinessBuy our #1 Instagram ebook