How to Grow Your Business With Instagram featuring Sue B Zimmerman

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Transcript of How to Grow Your Business With Instagram featuring Sue B Zimmerman

  1. 1. VIRALCHAT#VIRALCHAT WITHHOST @POSTPLANNER ANDSPECIALGUESTTHEINSTAGRAMEXPERT @SUEBZIMMERMAN THURSDAY,JUNE18,2015 HOWTOGROWYOURBUSINESSWITH INSTAGRAM WHYDOYOUTHINK#INSTAGRAMISSO POPULARTHESEDAYS? WHATDEFINESA#INSTASUCCESSFULBRAND ORBUSINESSONINSTAGRAM? WHATARESOMEWAYSBUSINESSESCANGET FOLLOWERSONINSTAGRAM? DOYOUHAVEATHEMEFORYOUR INSTAGRAM?HOW/WHATWOULDYOU DESCRIBEIT? WHATKINDOFCONTENTISEFFECTIVEFOR BUSINESSESTOSHAREONINSTAGRAM? HOWOFTENSHOULDBUSINESSESPOST CONTENTONINSTAGRAMANDWHY? #Instagram is a place to humanize your brand and build trust. Accounts that entertain educate engage and connect to you emotionally. @creativelive @thedrybar @sgsrawkstar Authentically grow #Instagram followers via strong hashtags strategy & collaborating w/ brands who align with your values I have many themes bc I have 6 accts but my reoccurring theme is my high energy fun w/ a nautical vibe Post 2-3 x a day on my personal account @suebzimmerman & 1 day a day on @theinstagramexpert build trust and stay top of mind. Often but not often enough to be spamming. One to two times a day I would say is good. If you have great content post often. Business need to humanize their brand show behind the scenes, celebrate employees, give a sneak peak Content that tells the brand story is what people want to see. Storytelling is where its at! My theme is to serve as a heavy daily dose of inspiration to my very young, entrepreneurial audience. Quotes, lifestyle, etc Instagram is popular because its so visual. We want to see it to believe it when it comes to a lot of brands, restaurants. Instagram is so real time -- you have the ability to share whats happening NOW. Other side -- people like to live vicariously. #Instasuccess is when your brand communicates with the audience through visuals (which are more personalised). An insta-successful brand is consistent. Instead of promoting, they SHOW you the value of their product/services. The content that shows your brand has a personality and connects to the regular person. Keep them involved theyre your brand. The theme every IG account should have. Sharing useful, fun, entertaining, and relevant content that users can enjoy! Brands Can Grow Their Accounts By Building Advocates & Non Self Serving Content That Adds Value. Grow Through. Teach your staff & followers to tag you in their shared IG photos. TheInstagramExpert #viralchat TheInstagramExpert #viralchat TheInstagramExpert #viralchat TheInstagramExpert #viralchat TheInstagramExpert #viralchat Gema Daz #viralchat Aaron Kilby #viralchat Miri Rodriguez #viralchat Marty.B.Trent #viralchat Jack Kosakowski #viralchat Rachel Moore #viralchat Mike Gonzalez #viralchat Nycole Hampton #viralchat LUCYrk #viralchat Hipster Mumbles #viralchat Aaron Lee #viralchat Jeff Higgins #viralchat #VIRALCHATBYTHENUMBERS 1661 TWEETS 3.6M REACH 84.8M IMPRESSIONS @VIRALCHAT