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  • Groupon Social Intranet-

  • Dude #1!

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  • Groupon: Who We Are?!LAUNCHED: !November 2008!

    WHAT WE DO: Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in 48 countries, and soon beyond. !

    EMPLOYEES: !about 11,000 employees working across:- our Chicago HQ, Palo Alto, CA, SF, Seattle & NYC - local markets throughout North America and - regional offices in Europe, Latin America, Asia and around the world.!

    COMPANY PHILOSOPHY: we treat our customers the way we like to be treated. That boils down to a few key things:! We sell stuff we want to buy - A great price is only half the battle - it's also got to be a

    great product or service.! No BS - We really want you to love Groupon.! Unbelievable customer service.!

  • Back to the Beginning: Employee survey results and analysis!

    Challenge #1: Expertise Location! "My work relies upon collaboration and communication with GROUPON staff in

    other offices.! 74% of respondents Agreed or Strongly Agreed! Only 37.8% Agree or Strongly Agree that it's easy to do this!

    "I know how to find experts outside of my office location! 77% Strongly Disagreed, Disagreed, or are Neutral!

    !Challenge #2: Whats going on??! "I feel like I know what's going on at GROUPON both internally and externally!

    Nearly 50% of respondents Strongly Disagree, Disagree, or are Neutral ! "I feel like I know our GROUPON senior leaders!

    63% Strongly Disagree, Disagree, or are Neutral!

  • The Stakeholder Shopping List!

    Rich corporate directory! Find the experts / get help! Custom activity streams without the noise! Get people, content and place recommendations based on activity! Timely and relevant corporate updates! Hear from our leaders! Create secure team collaboration environments in 3 seconds! Create, vote on, and comment on ideas! Create & share your own videos! Never miss a company-wide announcement!

  • Going Social: What did we expect?! Leveraging the social graph to propagate ideas, information, expertise,

    communication and much more! Power to the people If they build it, they will come!! Provides a comfortable and familiar environment through which people

    can ask a question, receive a response and share results with the community!

    Improve company communications! Engages us and helps to build community giving every employee a

    face and a voice! Improve productivity via social expertise location and collaboration! Reduce ramp time for new employees via social learning! Reduced support calls, email and time spent searching for answers! Saves Groupon money by increasing employee engagement! Makes people smile and have fun while working!!

  • Vendor Selection: Jive Software!

  • Why Jive?! Leader in the space for Social Business Software according to 3rd party

    research and analysis! People, Process and Platform! We firmly believe Jive has the necessary tools to make for a successful

    partnership with Groupon! Successful Partnership: Only Jive has the proven track record in

    delivering real business value through social intranets, social marketing & sales communities, and social customer service environments with global Fortune 2000 companies, including HP, CSC, NetApp, SAP, T-Mobile, Starbucks, Deutsche Bank, Allstate, Yum! Brands, News Corporation, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, World Bank, Apple, Nike, Kaiser-Permanente, Vodafone and more.!

    Simple integration with existing infrastructure environment! Ability to customize to our own specific needs! Scalable solution!

  • Third-party research on Jive Software!

    More than 500 people from more than 350 companies responded.

    More than 60% of respondents came from

    companies with more than 5,000 employees.

    More than 10% of respondents came from companies with more than 100,000 employees.

    Nearly 1/3 of respondents use Jive for

    both internal and external communities. All statistics are from a survey conducted December 2010 by third-party market research firm MarketTools. The survey was open to all Jive Software customers.

    39% increase in employee connectedness. 25% decrease in onboarding time. 29% increase in executive communication. 34% decrease in time to find information and experts. 27% reduction in email sent. 26% decrease in time needed for meetings. 27% decrease in duplicated tasks. 32% increase in ideas generated within the company. 23% increase in win rate. 32% decrease in time to find answers. 37% increase in project collaboration and productivity. 30% increase in employee satisfaction. 24% decrease in need for travel. 42% increase in communication with customers. 28% decrease in support calls. 33% increase in customer satisfaction. 31% increase in customer retention. 34% increase in feedback and ideas from customers. 34% increase in brand awareness. 27% increase in new customer sales. 27% increase in existing customer sales 34% increase in web site traffic from existing customers. 32% increase in web site traffic from new customers. 26% increase in web site sales. 31% increase in brand advocates. 33% increase in clicks from Google searches. 27% increase in channel sales effectiveness. 26% decrease in channel support costs.

  • Our Deployment Approach!Established Collaboration Team of Groupon, 7Summits and Jive Resources!

    Cross business area representation!

    Social Business expertise from 7Summits!Phased Approach!

    Iterative cycles!

    Launch and evolve!

  • Our Initial Priorities!

    Global Directory! Rich Profiles! Synchronized with company authentication and HR systems!

    Communications! Global!

    Human Resources! Single Repository of Information! Limited to information for that employee location!

    Employee Collaboration! Open Areas for employee discussions!

  • Deployment Schedule!Initial Beta Launch on July 2, 2012!

    North America, Germany and Switzerland!Captured feedback from initial launch that shaped Skynet 2.0!More Recent Release:!

    Enhanced user experience! Further internationalization now live in 48 countries! Group and Team collaboration! Regional and local communications! Groupons One Playbook - Globalize Internal Tools, One global

    technology platform, Global culture, organizational structure, and governance models!

  • Skynet: Landing Page!

  • Skynet: Global Communications!

  • Skynet: Human Resources!

  • Skynet: Global Travel!

  • Skynet: Social Stream!

  • Skynet: Sales!

  • Skynet: Sales Reports!

  • Skynet: Customer Support!

  • What Are The Results?!

    30 day average registered user login: ! Approximately one year ago: 3,219! Skynet 2.0 launch date (April 24, 2013): 6,284! On September 10, 2013: 10,522

    (67% increase from 2.0 launch, 227% from year ago)!

    Adoption statistics by country: ! North America 99% ! Spain 96%! UK 95%! Japan 95% ! Chile 78%!

    Since the launch of Skynet 2.0, we've seen a significant up;ck in the volume of traffic and daily use

  • Action Plan Tasks in Motion!

    NA and 11 major International wiki migration in progress! Continued Skynet platform feature enhancements! Weekly analytics reporting and analysis for all

    International regions! Bi-weekly reporting calls with all International Skynet

    admins! More executive exposure to Skynet adoption statistics

    and resulting increase in executive sponsorship!

  • Action Plan Tasks Pending!

    Complete migration of Wikis and Wiki shutdown in NA! Moving the remaining International Wikis to Skynet and commence

    shutdown! Bunchball strategy planning and rollout! Kaltura video integration! Jive 7 upgrade including additional feature enhancements! Tighter integration for Sales & Engineering! Begin to measure overall impact Skynet has on effectiveness of

    Sales Process, New Hire On-boarding, Employee Retention, Customer Service Time to Resolution & Employee Training among others.!

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    Andrew Mishalove!!

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