Google Apps Integration With Salesforce

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Transcript of Google Apps Integration With Salesforce

  • Combined Benefits

    Google Apps Salesforce+

  • Salesforce App and the benefits of Salesforce1 platform that is

    integrated with the app. As much as that discussion lays

    emphasis on the fact that Salesforce enables you to run your

    business remotely and track almost every aspect of it.

  • If your business uses Gmail, Google Sheet, Google drive or any

    other Google app for ease and efficiency, and you also employ

    the Salesforce platform to good use already, you should look

    towards integrating the two.

  • Benefits And How-To Of The Subject

    The Combined

    Benefit Google

    Apps And


    What Makes a

    Great Open


    Wide Range Of


    App Exchange

    And Google

    Apps For


    Google App

    And Salesforce

    Post Integration


    G o o g l e A p p s I n t e g r a t i o n w i t h S a l e s f o r c e

  • The Combined Benefit Google Apps And Salesforce

  • Google Apps for business have been around for some time

    now and it makes it easy for users to communicate,

    collaborate, and share business information,

    Plug that into the Salesforce platform, and you have

    complete control over your business data.

  • When the app functionality with Salesforce is activated, you can

    Use the Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments or Google Docs &

    Attachments related list on any Salesforce record to create, edit,

    or view Google docs and associate them to a record.

    This helps to prioritize your sales leads (among other things)

    efficiently and fast!

  • Document sharing is more professional and safe (a record is

    maintained of not only what is shared but when and additional

    comments are allowed to accompany the transfer).

    You can evoke the Salesforce CRM content to manage all types

    of data in a centralized location.

    All your Google business apps related data is placed in the

    context of Salesforce business control modus-operandi.

  • What Makes a Great Open API?

  • There are varied platforms and app developers/providers that

    are able to achieve this amalgamation of features and speed

    but what really sets apart the integration paradigm is the

    flexibility coupled with security.

    The APIs used to develop the business apps are open, so

    getting started is really easy.

  • Google apps script is just JavaScript and runs on Google data


    No installing of SDKs or IDEs. The code editing is done in your

    browser which ensures built in security and deployment


  • Wide Range Of Functionalities

  • The list of apps that Salesforce integrates with is ever


    Calendar, charts, Drive, Domain, Gmail, Groups and

    Spreadsheets are only some of the common ones that can

    be integrated.

    The services are spread around Google products,

    Communications, UI and other utilities.

  • App Exchange And Google Apps

    For Businesses

  • The AppExchange is Salesforces one-stop-shop for business

    applications that you can quickly and easily add to your

    Salesforce CRM account for added business functionality.

    This goes along with the integrated Google apps galore so you

    do not have to choose one over the other; that is added

    flexibility and choice.

  • Google App And Salesforce

    Post Integration Ease

  • You can enable the connection between Salesforce and

    Google Apps in just a few minutes.

    In Salesforce, youll need to provide your organizations

    Google Apps domain name (this is obtained by registering

    with Google apps) then enable the services you need.

    To get the various functions mentioned above associated

    with each app, youll want to enable Add Google Docs to, Gmail to Salesforce, and Gmail Buttons

    and Links.

  • Once you Integrate the Google apps with Salesforce, you

    dont have to individually code for every google app.

    Any additional app that you might want to integrate would be

    done with equal ease and speed.

  • The coupled power of Salesforce and Google apps

    is immense.

  • You can actually think of endless possibilities of business

    applications, build then with GAS (google app script), deploy it

    with Salesforce and run your business with the ease of mobile

    while employing Salesforce1 platform.

  • There is more to Salesforce than just apps and content

    management. In the subsequent articles, we explore Social

    media with Salesforce and Analytics. Watch out for more

    articles in this space.

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