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With the recent launch of the education category of the Google Apps Marketplace, schools can discover, purchase and deploy integrated web-based applications that extend Google Apps. The growing set of innovative apps include learning mangement systems (LMS) like Haiku, learning platforms like DreamBox and BrainPop, and student tools like Digication. Learn more about how the Google Apps Marketplace can improve your classrooms.

Transcript of Google apps customized - Do more with the Google Apps Marketplace

  • 1. Google Apps customizedDo more with the Google Apps MarketplaceClaudio CherubinoGoogle Developer [email protected]
  • 2. A Different Generation
  • 3. With Different Expectations
  • 4. In a Different Country Percent change in total employment, by major occupational group, 2008-2018 (projected)Sources: Bureau for Labor Statistics, "Overview of 2008-2018 projects,"
  • 5. Is this ready for them?
  • 6. Challenges in EducationRealities
  • 7. Uncharted Waters...
  • 8. The Administrator Challenge
  • 9. The Technology Departments Challenge
  • 10. The Educators Challenge Collaboration is essential, yet challenging Information overload
  • 11. Google Apps for EducationTools for Collaboration and Communication
  • 12. Why Google Apps for Education? 10 Million Active Users Save Resources Enable Collaboration Make Information Organized and Accessible
  • 13. 10 Million Active Users and Growing...
  • 14. Google Apps Free for all your users No ads for students, faculty, and staff 7.4GB (and growing) mail quotas Your domain name ([email protected]) 24x7 administrator support Advanced integration capabilities
  • 15. Tools for Teachers and Students GMail Huge inbox with search: keep and find everything. Talk IM and Video as easy as email. Groups Let students easily create and work in teams. Calendar Make sharing calendars and schedules easy. Docs Makes collaborating as easy as creating. Sites Allow students and teachers to manage their own sites. Video Using the power of video to teach. Postini Security and compliance solutions.
  • 16. Our Customers Want More... Education App
  • 17. Google Apps Marketplace
  • 18. The Evolution of the Google Apps Marketplace Marketplace 250+ business-focused apps, 4+ million users accessing Marketplace apps Demand from our 10 million users of Google Apps for Education for educational apps Interest from education-specific developers for a more distribution and a centralized storefront
  • 19. Schools need more apps Google Education Technology Apps in the Cloud
  • 20. New! Google Apps Marketplace - EDU Category More great education-specific apps for schools using Google Apps for Education Schools can now discover, purchase, and deploy integrated web-based education apps Developers can build web apps that integrate with Google Apps to enhance school administration, classroom management, and student learning
  • 21. Benefits to schools: better access & choiceSchools can easily discover, purchase, and deploy web appsdesigned for educational purposes Fast deployment School admins can deploy education specific tools for their classrooms in just 4 clicks Easy access - Faculty and students just sign in once and access all applications using the same links they use to navigate the Apps suite Wide selection - Schools can choose from apps ranging from learning management systems such as Haiku to curriculum tools such as BrainPop Centralized administration School admins manage deployment and access directly from the Google App control panel
  • 22. 20+ education apps from 19 vendors
  • 23. Homepage Slide
  • 24. With plans to expand further
  • 25. Benefits to developers
  • 26. Central management App Here
  • 27. Universal Navigation App Here Video Groups
  • 28. Single Sign-On App Here
  • 29. Secure data access
  • 30. Many integration pointsDomain Users & Calendar Contacts Gmail IMAP+SMTP GroupsDocuments List Sites Spreadsheets Gadgets
  • 31. If a Picture is Worth aThousand Words, Then Is aVideo Worth a Million?
  • 32. Product video
  • 33. Thank you!Questions?