Get Your Mojo Back

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Do you feel like you have lost your spark? Perhaps things aren’t quite going your way. Or you find yourself going through the motions but deep inside are feeling lost and directionless? Or perhaps you have gone through some significant life events and your life as you have known it has changed forever? The old is gone but the new isn’t entirely clear. You have more questions than answers, if you are even clear about what these questions are. It’s quite normal during such times to feel despondent, doubting of your own self and your abilities and experience feelings of anxiety and even unworthiness. This is a stylization of an article by Jasbindar Singh | Executive Coach • Leadership Coach • Speaker • Workshop Facilitator • Business & Coaching Psychologist, "7 tips for when you have lost your mojo" on Linkedin This presentation is designed to stand alone, without having to be presented in person. Enjoy

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