4 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back!

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4 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back!

Transcript of 4 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back!

  • 1. 4 Ways to Get Your Back! oM jo
  • 2. Are You...
  • 3. Bored with your life? Blah...
  • 4. Unmotivated at work? ugh!
  • 5. Feeling down? or Stuck? Sigh...
  • 6. Blah... ugh! Sigh... Life sucks
  • 7. Youve lost your Mojo... You dont feel quite 100% anymore...
  • 8. Passion is long gone... and you may even have direction or meaning in life... lost
  • 9. When we lose our Mojo... Energy goes down Productivity goes down Creativity goes down
  • 10. Its just that...
  • 11. Youve forgotten that you have an Inner Compass
  • 12. that points to you your TRUE RTH The Life that youre meant to have N
  • 13. Ken Robinson When you follow your True North, you create new opportunities, meet different people, have different experiences and create a different life.
  • 14. Losing your Mojo is often a signal
  • 15. thats its time to check your Inner Compass
  • 16. TRUE NORTH to steer you back to your lifes journey to find your
  • 17. heres how
  • 18. Follow Your Inspiration 1
  • 19. Hmm... where does it come from? Inspiration
  • 20. Definitely not from your Logical, Analytical, Linear, Boxed-in, left brain-Thinking
  • 21. No, not from here
  • 22. Inspiration hits you when you engage your Right Brain Visual-Spacial Art & Music Awareness Imagination Intuition Creativity See the Big Picture Holistic Emotion
  • 23. When you are Inspired, you feel alive because it touches the deepest part of you
  • 24. This deepest part is your Soul
  • 25. When we live too much from our left brain, it disconnects us from our own Soul
  • 26. We lose our Mojo or Life Force when we feel disconnected from our Soul
  • 27. So when an Inspiration hits you, follow it! Its the path to your True North!
  • 28. Reignite Your Passion 2
  • 29. We lose our Mojo when we keep doing what we dont like and stop doing what we love to do.
  • 30. Do what you Love to do!
  • 31. Because when youre doing what you Love to do,
  • 32. You are experiencing and Your own Self in the most natural, meaningful, profound wayand expressing
  • 33. You feel connected to Life and You Love Being You
  • 34. Blah... ugh! Sigh... Life sucks So the become...
  • 35. Feels So Good! I love my life! Yes! Wow! Awesome!
  • 36. Gratitude Live in 3
  • 37. We tend to take things for granted
  • 38. When things dont go the way we want, we comp We only see whats lacking, and focus on the negatives. lain
  • 39. Drop this Attitude Right Now! What we focus becomes our reality
  • 40. Instead, Be Grateful! Feel it in your Heart, then show it in words and deeds Thank you!
  • 41. Grateful AppreciateBeing is to
  • 42. In Finance Appreciation means An Increase in the Value of an asset over time.
  • 43. By appreciating everything, you increase the value of every aspect of your Life.
  • 44. Circulation 4 Maintain
  • 45. leads to stagnation numbness Low Energy or
  • 46. The opposite of stagnation is Circulation
  • 47. Move Your Body! Get Oxygen, Energy, Blood, Chi Circulate in your Body
  • 48. And then Shift your focus outside of yourself